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  1. thanks Slartibartfast. I checked out your link, and there is a nissan partnumber and toshiba partnumber i can use for the small bulbs. 14v . thanks. would prefer to open cluster up and fix quickly. lastly, any help on that power shift bulb?
  2. i just looked at the FSM for the 1995 model, mayby your 1990 is different, or mayby i am confused but the way i read it the power shift indicator lamp blinks out codes for the trans codes?
  3. Thanks so much for the posts. just to clarify, the bulb in the cluster for the "o/d off light is likely a 194, correct? and the bulb for the A/T power illuminator is small but should be found under the rocker switch? anyone know what this bulb is? went through the FSM for pulling a trans code, but first one needs to see that A/T illumination upon bringing car up to temp and turning od on and putting key to "on" position which is not happening
  4. Trying to see if there are any codes thrown by AT control unit but i have no AT power light coming on when turning key on. also, as a note, the O/D off light does not appear on dash as well. any ideas? od works fine and the AT power works when rockered on? where the heck is the AT control unit on the 1995?
  5. No need to apologize SpecialWarr , keeps a guy sharp not getting spoon fed. Appreciate any efforts to help me try to get this pathy into a state I like a vehicle to be in. Love this forum, I browse through it now for fun. Turns out the speedo head had some cooked pathways on the circuit board. I found a new speedo, put it in and voila, c'est bon.
  6. thanks adamzan. still not convinced it is the rms. the pathy sat for 4 days and i noticed oil at 3 o''clock zone on the bell housing, again seems to be between the brass gasket and bell housing. it seems odd that it is not weeping out the weep hole but is weeping at 3 oclock. ??? perplexed. i have rubbed my finger under the oil sending unit, not wet. checked around the oil filter, seems ok, no oil coming down back of pan?? tempted to try that black light additive to be precise. hate to pull that trans to find out it is not the problem
  7. Damn this newly acquired 1995 pathy with AT. I put in a bypass cooler 2 weeks ago, Speedo head just replaced alternator went 3 days ago Now have discovered a RMS leak. Definitely leaking between brass gasket and bell housing with no signs of leaks above it. Noticed a week after i had an oil change done. It seems to be getting worse as the days pass. pathy has been parked for 3 days and still getting about 5 drips every 24 hrs. likely going in soon to have it done, should i have anything else done while tranny pulled besides tranny seal? was contemplating torque converter??
  8. Thanks SpecialWarr. By no means would i consider myself knowledgeable in the ways of the pathfinder, however, from what i have been reading on this amazing forum your pathfinder year is a mechanical speedo not an electronic speedo whereas my 95 is. Can anyone confirm this? I just watched the following vid on you tube and decided to order a circuit board solder kit off amazon and have a go at the speedo head. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X8I91AY0CFo
  9. cleaned the maf and installed new tps and all is well for now.
  10. Hi Again NPORA forum. been working out the kinks my 1995 automatic SE. So far success without too much tragedy. Now i am dealing with the classic intermittent speedometer issue. If it goes out i can reset it by pushing the trip odom. This indicates to me that the speedo head is the issue, or the problem lies within its mounting screws into the circuit board. I have read that hairline cracks start in the receivers for these 4 mounting screws.? has anyone dealt with this? I am wondering if anyone is savvy in this area? Is there a conductive grease i could try ? worse case scenario i hunt down a new cluster. Any one know what years of clusters will match mine, are there other models of nissan that used this cluster?
  11. thanks onespiritbrain, I think I will swap a new one in and see if that licks er.
  12. my truck has this "hunting " in certain rpms whereby torque convetor locks and unlocks. it kind of feels like that. required power then less then back again repeatedly unless i move it out of that rpm range( low rpm in third under load). i had a similar issue in my previa , turned out to be tps harness had knicked wire.

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