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  1. I guess I’m done then. This is confusing. Maybe you could also clear up your dealer installed rear “vacuum” locker, your dealer installed front LSD, and your dealer installed 27 gallon gas tank that you claim to have? Or why you say you have a 99.5 with the off-road package, but no tire carrier or SE Limited badging (My dad owned an ACTUAL 99.5 w/ off-road package when I was in elementary, and it’s been at the local JY for months. It had the tire carrier (which I pulled off and shipped to another R50 owner), SE limited badging, and came with fog lights). Or the tow package that you have? What does the “trailer” button that I’ve seen photos of do? Or maybe you could articulate to everyone how you received a factory installed 1” lift? I’d honestly appreciate evidence and explanation of all of these modifications that you claim to have, you would certainly have the most capable “stock” pathfinder around. It seems like most attempts to hash this out don’t go very far. I really want to understand how you got a dealer to completely modify your front and rear diffs, gas tank, and suspension. I’d also like to know why you have the only 99.5 off-road package without badging, tire carrier, or fog lights. Heres a brush up on the info we’re talking about R50’s like yours were only sold in the west? I’m interested in this one too I’ve heard all about this mean dealer installed machine, and I think everyone would enjoy seeing the inner workings of your lockers, LSD, suspension lift, and oversized gas tank. Have a good one!
  2. In your profile pic, and your account pic, you don’t even have fog lights.....
  3. I got caught 3 wheeling again a few days ago! So, I leave for school in 1.5 weeks. I have the cash for a front locker (The lokka model) already pulled out and ready to go. But it looks like the money’s just gonna sit at home until I come back from school. Maybe a spring break trip for a Spines2Pines install could be in order? I’m really not sure yet. I won’t need the locker while I’m at college so that’s good, but it sucks to be stuck where I am. I’m gonna tidy up a few small maintenance things before I head out (front brakes, oil change, undercoating, tie rod dust boot), and I think that’ll be about it for the year. Thanks for everyone’s help this year, the pathy has come along way. But with homework looming and the paychecks coming to an end, I think this thread is gonna be pretty silent for the next 8 months or so. If I find any trails in Iowa I’ll be sure to update all of you. Thanks again for being such a great community.
  4. That’s a lot of good points! After having the Montana meetup, we felt inclined to try and get a larger group together. I’m mostly trying to garner interest and ideas, but I think you’ll ultimately be right on that it ends up being a regional meetup. A lot of people will have conflicting work schedules or events, but I figured I’d get the word out early. I will have the fortune of being able to go anywhere over spring break, so for those of us who are certain we can plan around that week, and for whoever is willing to drive that far to wherever we end up, I’m down to go wheel and finally meet some of you in person. I think the goal of this thread is to eventually get the word out on where and when an open-to-anyone pathfinder meetup will be. The poll only matters insofar as the people who voted are capable of making the trip, which could end up being arbitrary. Thanks though! And yes, the east coast is not at all represented. I don’t want to go over there, it’s too far
  5. Arizona would be awesome as well. After enduring an Iowa (that’s not a typo) winter, some Arizona weather would be welcome for me!
  6. Micah’s one heck of a photographer! I finally got a wheel in the air
  7. I voted for Moab cause I feel like it’s not a place a lot of us have been, it’s central, and should (correct me if I’m wrong) have somewhat predictable/pleasant weather for the time of year. And if I’m honest, it’s only on this kind of trip that I’m gonna make it down there. I can see Idaho anytime I want, but making it to Utah is a different kind of special. Just my $.02
  8. Also, if you voted, and would be willing to do so, I’d appreciate hearing reasoning for why we should go to one spot or another, and the likelihood that you would be able to attend. Thanks!
  9. It’s official, we have too many pathfinders. Too many pathfinders NOT to coordinate some kind of trail run. I would like to coordinate a pathfinder meetup during March 8-14 (my college spring break), and I’m down to meet anywhere. With the time of year/weather in mind (March), where should we meet? Stock, modified, any generation, I think it would be awesome to have a big NPORA get together!
  10. more photos to come, Montana Trip! @02_Pathy @micahfelker and the clean ‘97 on the left belongs to our good Instagram friend @ no_rumbl
  11. Swapped in used JY CV axles, so no more torn boots and now I have trail spares. Added a 3 gallon rotopax on the roof rack for an upcoming road trip, I don’t really like the look so it may only show up on an as needed basis And I bought I viair air compressor to substitute the harbor freight one. Came in handy inflating tubes and floaties at the lake yesterday
  12. just barely used the sliders today, and found this difficult obstacle, which highlighted my need for a locker. With how the trail approaches this 2-3 foot step at a 90* angle, I couldn’t keep all of either my rear or front end perfectly in traction. I feel like a front locker would’ve pulled me right over. I’ll have the money here to swing one soon, but I’m worried about install-I don’t think I can do it myself
  13. Never checked codes, limp always goes away on its one with no other issues
  14. This is a real shot in the dark, but my vehicle has gone into limp mode 3 times in the 9 months that I’ve had it. Each time that’s happened, it’s been on the same day that I do a sloppy change from Reverse to Drive (put it in drive while the car is still rolling back). But at the same time, without fail, if I properly shift the car, it doesn’t go into limp mode. This could have nothing or everything to do with your problem, but it’s my only frame of reference for dealing with this.
  15. I mean sliders are cool and all, I can see how they might be useful, but are you sure your not just tryna copy me? Looks good dude. Can’t wait to see you get some sliders! And for our rigs to get more similar again
  16. Bro that looks good. What’d You finally settle on for the front end? Also, let’s see you show off that tire carrier lol
  17. Thanks! Shot on iPhone 8 lol. Use “@“ and then start typing the username, click on the suggestions. There’s also a “quote” button at the bottom of each post
  18. AC coils are an option for the front, there’s a brief discussion of OME vs AC springs in my “R50 projects” thread- some people with heavy front bumpers have had good experiences with OME springs, other people prefer or wish they had chosen AC springs. It’s all about what you want, the AC springs will sag less under weight and ride stiffer. I have them and love them. That’s not to say I also didn’t enjoy driving @02_Pathy‘s rig on well-broken (2 years old?) in OME springs
  19. No front diff, no cv axles, no front driveshaft. That’s some real weight reduction
  20. That’s what I like to hear. And you own your music outright as opposed to renting it
  21. I added the pre-facelift bar that attaches to the front diff and front unibody. Im hoping it keeps dirt out of my front end, I’ll probably bolt on some steel to add more coverage (and if I’m lucky it will help me push through snow?). I also now have two CV axles from the local JY, although the one on the right is not OEM. Oh well. I was thinking about rebooting but honestly the boots seem to be in good shape.
  22. @RainGoat $500, not $550 lol. $250 sliders +$30 mounts + $220 weld job. You were right
  23. Thanks! I generously sprayed around, but I’ll double check the frame rails and the hard to reach spots

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