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  1. I like the placement of the lights! Looks natural, been considering something similar to that myself
  2. Me and @02_Pathy have been telling him this lol, I’m supposed to get down to the JY and pull some for him next week
  3. Search function, put your searches in quotes
  4. Big lift tiny tires bald tires on a 4x4 exhaust system on a Toyota Yaris 4 door TJ
  5. That’ll come in handy if you go wheeling with any Jeeps
  6. Thanks! The other day I showed someone a bone stock picture of the pathy and they couldn’t believe it was the same vehicle. Definitely happy with how it’s coming along. Hoping for some grad money/better paychecks for a summer job will make that a reality ASAP. My grandpa is gonna teach me how to weld so that’ll be awesome
  7. Another cool color (IMO), is the bright red that came on the R50/3rd gen Pathifnder/4runner. I love the new tundra voodoo blue, but as far as what blue pathy’s look like, you have @Enjoi408 As an example. Also Rick13 was another well built blue pathy. I’m personally not a fan of any of the blues for R50’s but I’m more than willing to see it done and be proven wrong, as blue is otherwise one of my favorite colors. A yellow pathy would sure be something as well, but I’ve only seen it on a WD21 thus far.
  8. Awesome! This has been a long time coming!
  9. not a pathfinder, but here’s my ride to prom tonight. My grandpa’s restores 66 GTO, bored out motor and headers, among other things
  10. Trailer hitch picked up today. In need of some repainting due to rust, but not bad. A little more expensive than I expected but oh well
  11. Ya, just make sure they aim up ok and have a good cutoff
  12. The lower mount is higher up on the axle on pre facelifts, hence @micahfelker losing a coil on the trails whereas i retain my coils at full flex
  13. Those shocks will work fine without extending bumpstops. As for using F250 bumpstops, the perpetrator of that experiment would be me. I don’t know that I’ve quite bottomed out my rear suspesnion since putting those in, but they gave me another 2-3” of bumpstop. Typically, If you go to a shock longer than the 26” ones, you should extend bumpstops, as those shocks tend to compress at a longer length and may be the limiting factor in suspension uptravel, which they are not designed to do. Also worth noting is that the 26” shocks (2” lift shocks) should not require brake line/diff breather extension (from my understanding), but do check that on your own vehicle to make sure of that. It’s also worth noting in this discussion that pre-facelift and post facelift R50’s have different shock mounts. The info I just listed applies to my experience and the experience of others with post-facelift R50’s (1999.5-2004). @micahfelker put in 29” bilsteins and dropped a coil on the trail due to having higher shock mounts than me or @02_Pathy, who also run the 29/16 bilsteins.
  14. Fine in terms of rattling the doors or pillars. only problems I’ve had was with rattle in the oem speaker mounts on the rear doors. Now, that being said, i run two twelve inch subwoofers in a portedd box in the back. That rattles the car at certain volumes, but I don’t think the door speakers or the tweeters have added any rattles. I turn up the volume to full blast and there’s no distortion or rattling. If they do somehow rattle just add a little sound deadening, wether it be cut up cloth in the speaker mount (my rear door lol), or something nice like dynamat
  15. Good choice, this was my first upgrade. For fitment specs, crutchfield.com will be able to give you a list of all the speakers that fit in your car. I do not run an aftermarket amp, just aftermarket stereo. I bypassed the factory amps that come with the bose system. I have a set of rockford fosgate component speakers for my front doors and the tweeters on the pillars. The door and tweeter are connected with a crossover, etc etc. It sounds pretty good imo, although an amp would maybe get the most out of my system. Either way, I'm fine as is- its way better than stock.
  16. It’s awesome that your SFD’s will now be an improvement on the standard design with changeable lift heights! On the topic of ground clearance, I think @deltaR50 has a 1” spacer and 4” strut spacers on a 4” SFD, so there’s clearly a lot of variance to be had in combining suspension lifts with different SFD’s depending on the desired height/affect.
  17. @micahfelker @02_Pathy @hawairish @mjotrainbrain @TowndawgR50 @XPLORx4 @Bax03SE @RainGoat
  18. Alright, we’ll try this one last time. After that someone else is gonna back me up or you can figure this out for yourself. If you already happen to have spacers on top of your struts and put blocks on your subframe, yes, that will change you suspension geometry back to spec. However, an SFD refers to the whole 9 yards- angled strut spacers, extended steering, and subframe blocks, etc. it’s almost impossible to put in a 2” SFD to compliment those spacers for the 2” lift. But, doing an actual SFD (all the blocks and spacers) at once, which is really the only way to do it, will not change any of your suspension. Your strut will be pushed down 4”, but your entire front subframe will be pushed down 4” so that your CV axle doesn’t blow up immediately, and sits exactly the way it did before the SFD. As for springs vs spacers, you need to understand how a MacPherson strut system works, or at the very least be willing to believe the testimonials of all the people with spacers who experience binding and even blowing up CV’s. It appears you’ve decided not to research very extensively, and not surprisingly no one else has been willing to weigh in on basic lift kit questions, because they’ve already been answered a thousand times. Sorry for trying to be helpful.
  19. An SFD does not affect suspension geometry. It will not affect your halfshaft angled at all. It simply drops your strut assembly and subframe by 4” or whatever height your blocks are. As far as the 2” lift make sure you pick shocks and wheels correctly to get your rear suspension travel as long as possible
  20. I swear I just answered all of this somewhere, but here we go again. SFD kits are in the works courtesy of @hawairish and @TowndawgR50, but nothing is for sale yet, it would be custom work for now. Again, an SFD will not fix your binding, a spring lift will. An SFD is a fancy term for a body lift in the front. It doesn’t affect suspension geometry at all.AC springs lift a minimum of 2”, individual results may vary. OME, as I stated above, is not suitable for giving a 2” lift. A spacer is required to attain that, and those spring have been noted to settle to lower lift heights as time progresses. Remember that OME spring are built to handle well, not necessarily lift high, as noted above and in many other threads, including my build thread. On 4x4parts.com, the $167 springs are OME, the $180 are 2” AC lift springs. A shop handled my front suspension install and alignment for $200, I think they cut down my extended length bolts from the spacers.
  21. He does not have wheel spacers or an SFD. Just a .5” spacer in the front as noted above
  22. I talk to Micah every day. He did in fact newly install 9448’s in place of his 9447’s.

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