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  1. fitting 32’s on OME MD springs will be pretty much impossible. 32’s would necessitate either 1: AC springs (4x4parts.com) Or 2: OME 2928 HD springs and, after they’ve settled, a 1” strut spacer would be recommended. For the rear, Land Rover springs would work best. Check page 7 of the below thread for the best estimates of lift height and where to order If you add wheel spacers, you might consider only putting them on the front so that your tires in the back still tuck easily inside the wheel well. As far as specific brands to look at, I can’t personally recommend any, nor do I recall they’re being much of a forum consensus. Of the people who do run spacers on stock wheels, I can think of @02_Pathy and @hawairish
  2. Also, searching for VQ35DE parts as opposed to VG35DE might yield better results, as that is the engine you have.
  3. Last Missouri photo @Buttercup for the camera work
  4. One thing I forgot to mention about the trip-For anyone wondering about the ride quality in my pathfinder (AC springs front, LR9449 rear, 29” Bilsteins, KYB struts, all less than a year old). @joshrichard and @Buttercup rode in all 3 pathfinders throughout the weekend, one stock and one on some form of an AC spring setup (different shocks and maybe rear springs, he couldn’t remember). They were both very complementary of my ride quality as more enjoyable than stock or the other rancho/AC setup, and I could regularly pull away from them on the parts of trails that were bumpy but not full of obstacles. All that to say that I guess my pathfinder rides quite ok on AC suspension. It was no direct comparison to an OME, but I still think the input is valid. It also rides way better than a 2013 F150, as that’s another vehicle I’ve pulled away from on trails.
  5. I’ll keep that in mind! Although with the price of gas, this may be my only trip for the semester. I did get an off campus job though, so I can save up for a big spring break trip
  6. Yup! Kansas City and South Dakota are the two closest OHV areas
  7. I should’ve listened to Josh telling me to step on the gas haha
  8. Missouri Trip! @Buttercup did some good photography work and I also made friends with a tree (2nd photo)
  9. Conventional wisdom says boot down, so that the boot drains and the seals are kept in good condition. I have mine mounted boot up cause I like seeing the body, and I’ve seen many Jeeps and trucks that way, but it’s not technically correct.
  10. I’ll defer to @XPLORx4 ‘s review of them
  11. He is, as am I, @micahfelker , and @jg1123, all paired with 9449’s (about 2.5-3” lift) or in Micah’s case 9448’s (about 4” lift) they seem to allow for plenty of articulation https://i.imgur.com/4JQfHaz.jpg
  12. I’m probably gonna end up driving from Iowa up to Bozeman (@micahfelker) and then out to Washington. I’ve got friends I need/want to see on that route, and it allows me to stop at home on the way by

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