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    Kenwood Stereo, Rockford Fosgate speakers, 2 12” Alpine Subwoofers. 2.5” lift front, 3” back using sfcreation’s spacers. 32x11.5r15 falken wildpeak at3w tires on DX4 Gear Wheels. "Custom" missing link. Mile Marker 435 Manual Hubs. Lumen LED headlights. Interior LED lights, LED approach lighting mod (KC Cyclone), KC C2 Backup Light, Yellow spray-tinted fog lights.
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    Boise, ID
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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    Rarely Go Off-Road
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    Boise, ID
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  1. PathyDude17

    R50 Tire Carrier Mod: Let's settle this!

    For anyone whose geeking out on this tire carrier, me and @Astrorami just figured out this might be the rarest OEM part for pathfinders
  2. PathyDude17

    Xenon HIDs 98’ Pathy

    Do you have a picture of the cutoff line/glare?
  3. PathyDude17

    Land Rover rear lift spring install

    Just to give you a quick answer, when I talked to Micah, he's got a 3/4" spacer up front, and then everything else is like you said.
  4. PathyDude17

    R50 Tire Carrier Mod: Let's settle this!

    Alright, this is crazy, but my dad just showed me a picture of the pathfinder that we owned when I was in elementary school. I kid you not, this is the pathfinder in the junkyard with the new style carrier that I just shipped to @Astrorami. The badging, trim, everything matches, including the fact that it had a tire carrier (looking for more pictures of it), but as of now, I have every reason to believe that my family has twice owned that rear tire carrier assembly. Pretty crazy, lots of history behind this
  5. PathyDude17

    Subwoofer placement ideas

    03 pilot. Have you checked that cubby under the carpet?
  6. PathyDude17

    Subwoofer placement ideas

    My mom had an 03 with that exact subwoofer setup, it was a crappy treated paper one. Terrible sound and no power. But, I bet you could do better on your own. I think they make drop in replacements for that location on 4th gen 4runners, which means something like that must be viable in your scenario too.
  7. PathyDude17

    missing link

    Good deal, you might want to hit those bolts with some WD40 or whatnot before you try it. I had to let them sit a few hours before I finally got it loose with a breaker bar
  8. PathyDude17

    missing link

    Did you buy one already, or are you making your own?
  9. PathyDude17

    missing link

    Holes from center to center are about 22.25, and the bar itself is about 23.5
  10. PathyDude17

    missing link

    Ya that sounds about right. Holes are somewhere just over 22” if I remember correct. I can measure mine if you want.
  11. PathyDude17

    DIY Roof Rack Platform

    Ya, it’s a great place. Lots of hiking and outdoor recreation to be had within an hour of the valley. Hopefully I’ll come back after college.
  12. PathyDude17

    Land Rover rear lift spring install

    Idk how high you can go without one, but I’d guess that’s pretty close to it
  13. PathyDude17

    DIY Roof Rack Platform

    NW. I live just outside of Boise, ID. There’s forest trails and desert trails, depends if you head north or south
  14. PathyDude17

    Land Rover rear lift spring install

    9448’s? Are you gonna do a panhard drop? Could be interested in the OME shocks
  15. PathyDude17

    DIY Roof Rack Platform

    Noted, I hadn’t quite thought about it that way. I’ll add a fairing to help avoid the rack catching things, but I think your point remains valid. Thanks for that

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