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  1. Works for me on safari and chrome (mobile/laptop), but ive noticed mobile can have issues if I'm using the "Dark" theme setting
  2. I am by no means a fabricating expert, but from seeing other rear bumpers in person, and consulting about it with the professional who welded my sliders, why would you not take off the rear bumper cover and hitch, and weld or bolt the rear bumper onto the plate where the hitch is currently bolted in? This would save weight and departure angle on your bumper design, and then the weight of the bumper wouldn’t be leveraging onto the end of the tow hitch, but would be directly mounted to the body.
  3. Dang, I like the color. You chose the right forum to post on, welcome to the club!
  4. If you have Instagram, look up midohio_nissan_organization, that’s where I got the video from. Also try changing your browser or if you’re in dark theme then change that too
  5. Do worry about stuff getting into the intake, especially if you’re adding a cone filter that’s not getting boxed in in any way. Or if you have fender wells that are modified or removed. I have seen 2 nissans hydrolocked in very shallow water in the last 6 months. Take water crossings very slowly. 1 was a stock intake with missing fender wells trying to bog through mid-rim deep mud, the other was an open cone filter rallying through a similar depth puddle of mud
  6. To keep the discussion concise, this topic was discussed in this thread a few pages back. I should have replied with this initially
  7. Yikes. While this thread started with good intentions, getting people together all at the same time is difficult. I didn’t fully realize that when I first undertook this thread. I do in fact have to attend a golf trip during spring break, so I’m continuing to communicate and look at different times with various members of the PNW. Looking at coming up to washington in early May after I finish up the semester and head home
  8. Taking some of the hard lines with some local Toyota’s and a sweet Xterra 2x locked on 35’s. Interesting to see how the wheelbases and drivetrains played out. An open/open double cab made it up this waterfall but the 4runner (1x locked) and my borrowed 2dr Jeep (2x locked, although the front locker seemed to not be engaging) couldn’t. The green truck was attempting a different obstacle that stumped everyone who tried it save one other tacoma. Fun day overall. I got a camera for Christmas and have been enjoying using it.
  9. If something in the front drivetrain were to break or get damaged, being able to disconnect the front drivetrain at the hubs is very useful. It’s not a likely or common occurrence, but it is a possibility. And manual hubs make it easier to run an auto locker in the front
  10. The mpg savings eventually pays for themselves, and you don’t have to go all the way up to warn hubs, Mike marker 435’s are $100 and usually 15-20% on advance auto
  11. Changing shocks is optional, but you may or may not notice them reaching maximum extension more on speed bumps or off road terrain. They will definitely limit the articulation if the 9447’s. A 26” bilstein shock (OEM is 24”) is pretty cheap if you do end up wanting to get new shocks.
  12. Thanks for the feedback! It’s good to hear that you’ve had such awesome results with your spring lift over such a long period of use! Hopefully this video isn’t too late to help a lot of people out.

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