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  1. 5.5 inches times 25.4mm/inch = 139.7mm. It’s the same thing, they’ll fit. 15x8 -19mm is 3.75 backspace. 15x8 -38 is 3.0 backspacing
  2. Junkyard bump stops, or consider Old Man Emu rear springs, which will handle load well while only lifting the vehicle a little (0.5-1”)
  3. I searched “pathfinder lowering coils 4x4parts” and it was the 2nd result
  4. These are what you’re looking for: https://www.4x4parts.com/i-18981107-pathfinder-lowering-coils.html
  5. thanks! the lokka has definitely opened up trails and obstacles for me, and made the tough ones simple.
  6. More footage from a trail day yesterday, conquered some obstacles that I couldn’t before the lokka.
  7. Wow. Same exact spot indeed.Thanks for the photos + advice. Replacement is sitting in the garage, just gotta work on some kind of extended link situation (and see if that creates a need for coil retainers) now!
  8. Next time I’m at the ultra R50-populated JY I’ll try and check the CV shafts. If we could find enough “notched” axle shafts, perhaps we would be comfortable with deeming those the OEM axles? At the very least, it would seem the notched shaft + carved (not round) differential flanges is a good indicator of quality, as you and I have both had good success in Offroad/4x4/Front locker usage w/o spacers.
  9. Awesome! It’s always good to get math and crowdsourcing info on this topic, I know it’s been speculated before that different axles have worse tolerances. First Experience: CV Brand/PN: OEM I Assume. See pic Markings: BCM1085 on the shaft/differential side band of the outer boot (as opposed to the hub facing side of the outer boot) T82FA on inner boot. Strut Brand/PN: KYB. Couldn’t find a stamped part number, I assume they’re the facelift part number. Spacers: 2” Spacers Binding: I’d speculate 2-3. Sorry, Never tested by hand at full droop. However, the passenger side shaft would bind at full lock in parking lot scenarios and such. I occasionally could also feel the axles bind when under heavy acceleration and the front end would lift slightly. This, combined with the knowledge that my axles would have beyond-stock downtravel at full droop, made me switch to springs before going off road. 2nd Experience: By then, I had manual hubs, so I had much less time w/ axles engaged, no “by hand” testing: CV Brand/PN: Aforementioned Axles Markings: Aforementioned Axles Strut Brand/PN: Same KYB’s Spacers: None, just 2” AC coils Binding: 0. None observed under legitimate, wheel lifting type off road usage. I tend to be light on the throttle as I lose traction, but still, I never observed binding. 3rd experience: CV Brand/PN: Driver side- Unknown, pulled from JY. Passenger- same as previous 2 axles, assumed OEM. Markings: Driver- 7037 on snap ring of outer boot differential side. BT114 on inner boot. BT110 on outer boot. No distinguishable markings anywhere else. Passenger- GSP on outer boot hub side snap ring. CS-P on inner boot diff side snap ring. No other distinguishable markings, see pics. Strut Brand/PN: Same struts as before, KYB OEM spec Spacers: none, just 2” AC coils up front now Binding: 0. Tested off road, including use of a lokka, and just now in my driveway- No binding, full droop, full lock, both ways, forward and reverse. PICS The first two presumably OEM axles: Current Driver side Axle, Notice the entirely round inner flange: Current Passenger Side axle. The shaft isn’t notched the way the first two axles I had were, so it’s possibly just an OEM look alike or an earlier production model:
  10. I pulled axles from a JY R50- saves me some money, and I like having OEM ones if possible. That’s a personal preference though, there’s little to no evidence of difference in performance. i didn’t pay attention to year when pulling them, and they worked fine. They certainly all bolt up to the same differential regardless of year within the R50 generation, and since all manual hubs work with all model year R50’s (provided you have the right rims), I’d have a tough time imagining any actual difference in the axles from year to year. If you’re unsure, buying new is a perfectly fine option. That’s my $.02
  11. He said it snapped in the same spot too, oddly enough. I think the plan will be to replace it and see if I can’t space the links lower down or get longer links to maybe take some stress off of it. I won’t gain anything useful by taking it off.
  12. This is a new one. I assume that sometime last weekend my rear sway bar snapped. It certainly happened sometime after the 4.6 swap. It doesn’t look visibly scratched or damaged, and all the links are attached and in working shape. The axle and shock mounts have some scratches but that’s it. I never noticed a difference highway driving or anything, so I’m not in a huge hurry to replace unless that changes. I’m pretty surprised that the bar snapped before the links, and I can’t say I’ve seen this anywhere on the forum before. I know for almost certain that the sway bar was my travel limiter with the Bilstein 5125’s (29.7” extended length).
  13. Thanks! I have a Canon T5, a sweet Craigslist find. I have multiple lenses, but shoot almost exclusively on a 50mm lense, these included. I edit almost all my photos with photoshop express on my phone (free) or some free software on my computer.
  14. Oh, quick other little update- I got rid of my 4 front facing lights in the lower bumper. They weren't improving light output, and I wasn't in love with the look. Here's a look at the "updated" front end from a fun little trail run yesterday evening. And a cool picture of the jeep and the terrain for good measure.

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