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    Kenwood Stereo, Rockford Fosgate speakers, 2 12” Alpine Subwoofers. 2-2.5" Lift using front AC Coils and Rear Land Rover NRC9449 springs. Bilstein 5125 (33185569)-29” extended/16” collapsed. Extended bump stops and brake lines. 32x11.5r15 falken wildpeak at3w tires on DX4 Gear Wheels. WD21 Transfer Case Skid Plate. "Custom" missing link. DIY EMT Roof Rack. Mile Marker 435 Manual Hubs. Lumen LED headlights. Interior LED lights, LED approach lighting mod (KC Cyclone), KC C2 Backup Light, Yellow spray-tinted fog lights. Black Honeycomb grill swap.
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    Boise, ID
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    Wrench And Socket Set Mechanic
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    I Go When I Can
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  1. AC coils in the front, Land Rover NRC9449 Coils, 32x11.5 tires, 15x8 rims with 3.75 backspacing. Front trimming required, tire fully tucks in the rear.
  2. Ish. It’ll be a tube bumper design. I’m fine with it turning out to be a little more. I’ve got some designs I like, but I’m thinking a front locker may come before a bumper. It’s a little ways out before I’ll pull the trigger on either
  3. Sliders go on July 1, local fab shop is two weeks out. Gusset kit arrived yesterday. I could also see them making me a front bumper here soon, I was quoted about $350. Also working towards getting my own mid skid plate made.
  4. Purchased mounts for the sliders, going to have a local shop do the job. Cleaned my throttle body and MAF, which took care of a recent warm start stalling issue I had, same as @Bax03SE. Also may have tightened up my shifting? That or placebo effects got the best of me. Next up Power valve screws and CV axles (torn boots). I also have a sleeve on my rack and pinions that is torn, which @02_Pathy is highly recommending that I fix.
  5. You’ll love it here don’t worry.
  6. I guess it’s all about what you want. Some of the Toyota guys I know avoid body lifts as much as they can and just cut cut cut. Throw in a diff drop and cut some more. I think they’re trying to keep their centers of gravity as low as possible, they’re mostly worried about suspension clearance and then let their armor take care of their body clearance issues. But if it’s about nailing down the correct look than ya you’re gonna have to throw on an SFD. SFD equipped pathfinders are the best looking rigs around
  7. It doesn’t take 6” of lift to fit 33’s
  8. Tub the firewalls and throw on 33’s. Your suspension lift is maxed out.
  9. Extend brake lines if you’re adding shocks that are over 26”. The longer shocks are what will stretch your brake lines, as they are the main limiting factor in axle droop. You should get longer shocks with your lift, the common 5100’s are 26”, but me, @02_Pathy and @micahfelker are on the 29.7” 5100’s and all use or are going to use (Micah) extended brake lines.
  10. @02_Pathy let me lead the way and probably ate dust. He’s a trooper alright. So much fun meeting people in real life. Him and Micah are great guys
  11. look who stopped by! We’ll be going wheeling Saturday as well
  12. No, but I’ll gladly video the carnage instead
  13. Haven’t purchased yet, still trying to decide
  14. sliders showed up, think I’m gonna mount them with the inner tube flush to the rocker panel (vertically flush), and then angle just enough to clear the door. They’re a perfect fit!

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