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    Kenwood Stereo, Rockford Fosgate speakers, 2 12” Alpine Subwoofers. 2-2.5" Lift using front AC Coils and Rear Land Rover NRC9449 springs. Bilstein 5125 (33185569) shocks-5" longer than OEM. Extended bump stops and brake lines. 32x11.5r15 falken wildpeak at3w tires on DX4 Gear Wheels. WD21 Transfer Case Skid Plate. "Custom" missing link. DIY EMT Roof Rack. Mile Marker 435 Manual Hubs. Lumen LED headlights. Interior LED lights, LED approach lighting mod (KC Cyclone), KC C2 Backup Light, Yellow spray-tinted fog lights. Black Honeycomb grill swap.
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  1. Is there anywhere we can see this land cruiser? Sounds like a cool project, and I’m always interested in the rides that people are working on. Pathfinder or not it’s the same passion.
  2. Between it being 2WD and having fully independent suspension, I’d give up now and find something else. A decent R50 is in the 3-7k range. Seems like throwing off-road gear in a 2WD with minivan suspension would be a poor investment
  3. Bilstiens are on, part no. 33185569, same as @02_Pathy. Thanks for the help!
  4. It would suck to replace the boots only to have your CV fail anyway, and common consensus is to just replace the the entire axle, which by the way, may take some time to fail. I've been on torn boots for about 5 or 6 months, seeing dust, dirt, snow, and mud, and 4WD still works fine.
  5. Ya, I think they’re a priority if these are the kind of trails I’m going to continue to frequent. I mean, it’s a cheap vehicle and the damage this time was pretty minimal, but I like the protection and functionality of sliders. I also figured out that the roof rack makes for a good place to hang on when getting back in the vehicle on sidehills.
  6. Good news today! I have a FREE OHV park 30 minutes from my house, miles of desert/canyon trails of all difficulties. Lots of motorcycles around, but I saw people with trailered jeeps too. Also, my bilsteins are scheduled to arrive Tuesday. As suspected, the limitations on this vehicle’s capability are now a matter of armor and lockers. Ground clearance and suspension travel were sufficient for what I encountered today, but, as seen above, I had a “rock sliders would sure be nice” moment. I’m also thinking a front locker would be useful. All in all though, a good day, and it looks like there’s a lot more to be explored!
  7. 3rd gen 4runner or another R50. I’ve had both and loved both
  8. Totally understandable. if you had given me 5k dollars last october when i got the vehicle versus 5k now, you'd see two very different pathfinders. Best of luck!
  9. If it where my vehicle in that color, leave it stock for now. That’s a really good color and fine looking paint. Wait until you get new wheels/tires and then decide if you need to change other stuff to complement them, as the wheels are more permanent than is the color of you fenders and bumper.
  10. I didn’t really feel like trying to be an artist with that, would’ve been a little difficult to get that line nailed down. As for the wheels, there in my profile page. DX4 Gear Wheels, 15x8 3.75 BS. I got them before I realized fake beadlocks were a thing, but oh well. Sorry to thread hijack @Buttercup
  11. For reference, here’s how my black plasti dip enhanced with glossifier turned out, I’m definitely a fan of it.
  12. Good to hear if i ever change my mind about running a rear tire carrier haha
  13. I shouldn't have sold you that latch assembly, huh?

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