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    4.63 Gear Swap. Front Lokka. '00 Xterra Rear LSD. Kenwood Stereo, Rockford Fosgate speakers, 2 12” Alpine Subwoofers. 67” Trail Gear Rock sliders. 2-2.5" Lift using front AC Coils and Rear Land Rover NRC9449 springs. Bilstein 5125 (33185569)-30” extended/18” collapsed. Extended bump stops and brake lines. 32x11.5r15 falken wildpeak at3w tires on DX4 Gear Wheels. WD21 Transfer Case Skid Plate. "Custom" missing link. DIY EMT Roof Rack. Mile Marker 435 Manual Hubs. Uniden CB w/ 4 ft firestik. BX Built Bi-LED Headlight Retrofits. Interior LED lights, LED approach lighting mod (KC Cyclone), KC/Nilight backup lighting, Yellow spray-tinted fog lights. Black Honeycomb grill swap.
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    Boise, ID
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  1. It was on Boise craigslist from 7/30 to 7/31.... it sold in less than 24 hours.
  2. On another note, my pathfinder is officially sold: Got 3500 out of it, which is what we bought it for. Sold it to a nice guy who wants to go camping and shooting with it. By the time all the parts were off, all that was really left was the lift and tires.
  3. More parts fun last weekend. @Ravens794, better known as ricksha_r50 on Instagram, stopped by for some parts. We got him hooked up with my old 4.6/lokka front differential as well as some other odds and ends. Extra roof rack parts and an OEM hitch were also in order. And he dropped off some parts so that I can pass them along to another owner this coming weekend. It really is an R50 junkyard growing in my own garage. He's one of my favorite R50's to get the Pines to Spines treatment. His build is really coming together, you can see more on his rig here: Or on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ricksha_r50/ Super nice guy who was a lot of fun to meet! I'm glad the lokka will be getting put to good use.
  4. It's good to see some of my old, favorite parts get a second life: @ferrariowner123's, now @micahfelker's pathfinder stopped by this weekend to swap me headlights and grilles. Arguably, the BX Built lights and my Honeycomb grill both look better on his facelift swapped '96 than they ever did on my 03.
  5. Well, there it is. With the un-ceasing oil consumption of my R50, I have decided to move onto a different platform while the pathfinder is still worth something. I have alot of love for this community, and will continue to stay in touch, especially on youtube and instagram. But, I started on NPORA, and I'm grateful for the resource that this forum is. It's put me in touch with alot of great people. I'll miss you guys This is my replacement, a single owner 2001 4x4 V8 Tundra. I suppose I've joined @mjotrainbrain by hopping from the R50 to a toyota 4.7.
  6. Additional companies that make rear springs for 1-2” of lift: Dobinson, King Springs (EBay), Ironman4x4, and you may be able to get TJM springs in the US market
  7. Besides having to change your username to Unibodiez, probably not. Most of the 01 VQ issues (mainly power valve screws and IACV gasket) happen at 100k-200k mile range. You’ll want to check the oil regularly in case it burns some or if it springs a leak- oil cooler, valve covers, rear main seal are some of the top culprits. Keep premium fuel in it. These are coil on plug engines as well, but the coil packs tend to stay in good shape for over 150k +. It’s a good idea to keep fresh fluid in the tranny, they don’t take well to abuse. these vehicles don’t typically have overheating issues. Just take it easy. If it’s been somewhat regularly run and maintained, it should be a smooth journey home. I’m sure other people will have something to add to the aforementioned.
  8. They’re not popular at all. Most people want higher lift and load capacity
  9. Something like OME 2922 might do, it’s basically just a load spring that will provide a little lift over true stock height. Link: https://www.desertrat.com/i-23326228-old-man-emu-by-arb-2922-coil-spring.html
  10. Yes. They have no idea what they’re talking about. Most 4x4 shops just do Jeep and Toyota stuff, and will be clueless on what works with R50’s.
  11. I’ve had 15x8 -19mm 3.75 backspace wheels for over 2 years. No problems. In fact, without that extreme of a backspacing, my wheels would rub the calipers, as later model year R50’s have bigger front brakes. Also, you need to do some research on backspacing math- offset and backspacing are different measurements, and their relationship varies with wheel width. Any number of YouTube videos can explain how to calculate it. also, tiresize.com has a backspacing calculator, which is handy for checking math. Use the “offset converter” in this link: https://tiresize.com/wheel-offset-calculator/ There’s a short math explanation here along with how it applies to R50’s :
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