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  1. If they truly did buy a 2004, at least it won’t have the ECU issue. Drive by wire, babyyyyy. Not sure if that’s truly a step up, but that system does avoid the IACV/ECU disaster.
  2. @RainGoat thanks for the screen capture on that. The video poster is looking more the problem now. If Ironman did eventually offer to let him return the coils, then I suppose that settles that, and we’ll never get to the bottom of what the heck that was about Here’s the other example of IM4x4 springs that I’ve seen, which appear to be working properly. 33’s with a 1” strut spacer and IM4x4 front springs. It looks visually far better than what that QX4 was getting:
  3. I mean, this forum built up our Land Rover specs on ground to fender height measurements..... its not uncommon. He had to add the 1.5” spacer with those tires to make it driveable. The fender gap on that vehicle is almost nothing even after the spacer. The 1.5” spacer should add ~2” of lift, which means about 3.5” of lift total. There are plenty of AC and 1” spacer setups on Facebook (imagine that) to examine, and his axle angles aren’t anything near as severe as what those setups look like. Those things should look maxed, and there would be plenty of room for the tires. Even looking at how close the coils are together inside the strut, it just looks wrong. To sum it all up, I can’t say I’d put Ironman at the top of my list for R50 springs
  4. Not sure The video uploaded provided them with before and after measurements from fender to ground, factored in tire size, and they wouldn’t budge. Ironman claimed they needed before and after fender to hub (not ground) measurements. it is very clear that the coils are netting him no lift. Theres another R50 on Instagram the has a 1” (not 1.5”) spacer, Ironman coils, and 33’s (not 32’s) and clearly has more fender gap.
  5. No, but everyone whose installed them thats talked to me about it ( ~ 3 people?) like them. They’re a reputable brand, bigger in the Toyota world.
  6. Finally got a chance to watch this recent video on the Ironman coils, props to the channel for getting out their experience on these coils. Video It's pretty apparent that the coils aren't providing him any lift. Defective or not is a little hard to say, since we don't have many community members using them. Sounds like he can't get a replacement from Ironman4x4, which is a bummer. It seems like OME and Dobinson's would be better, less risky options for coils that give decent lift height and ride performance.
  7. Coils only, get OEM units if you’re gonna replace them, or chance some EBay ones
  8. I'm 6'1" and have done it. You have to fold the seat cushions up, and then the back seats will fold down flat. With a pillow right up against the back of the front seats, i fit kinda... sleeping diagonally across the trunl, I can stretch all the way out. At my height its not prefect, but its easily doable. at 5'8" it should be even easier
  9. Your 98 has the all-mode transfer case? That doesn’t exactly sound right, should be a floor shift in all R50’s until about 2001. even if you have it, when the hubs are locked it’s the same as stock. But in the summer / good weather / long trips you can just unlock the hubs and save some mpg. You can leave them locked all winter if you want. the missing link is not a fix for bad suspension handling, start swapping out bushings/struts/shocks/springs if it’s handling poorly. The missing link will fit on any lifted or stock vehicle
  10. Before modifying ANYTHING, go drive it around, and try the off roading that you think you’d enjoy! If you feel like it doesn’t meet your needs, then it’s time to start modifying! manaul hubs are an easy add on that will improve MPG in most cases
  11. I’m one of the few/only other active members from Idaho, I spend a lot of time in the owyhees with my R50, what part of the state are you in?
  12. Yup, this popped up on Facebook two days ago I think. a Russian member is installing that unit- it just came out and apparently has a few kinks (although some of the information gets lost in translation, it was hard to understand what he was getting at.) the company (IZH-Techno) looks pretty legit. They have a great website, nice Instagram page and even a well recurved youtube channel. This is supposed to be made precisely for our rears- 2 pinion open diffs with 33 spline axle shafts. 2 US owners (one whose on here + Dan) have purchased it so far
  13. Perfect. ya, I’ve had it in for about 8 months now. It’s a good unit, I’d definitely pick it over an open rear. Snow/ice driving in 2WD can be a little squirrelly with both wheels pushing forward all the time. The few times I’ve been able to get Offroad since, I try and add some left foot brake and sometimes I can keep both wheels pulling in the rear. It’s nice to have. But here’s the thing: it doesn’t hold a candle to my front lokka. Having the front unit pull and always doing 50% or more of the workload is awesome, especially in rutty uphill situations where the front is most likely to break free (IFS, weight leaning back, etc). With the front maintaining traction like that, it makes it easier to keep the rear from breaking loose, which might actually make the LSD unit look like it’s over performing for me. Obviously, a super packed LSD would be better than what I have, but I’d still put the lokka ahead of any other gear/locker mod available to me.
  14. Jeep coils are an outdated option that used to be used in the rear (with an adapter) to complement a subframe drop. Not worth your time compared to LR coils or other options. There are about 6 spring options for the front suspension: Dobinson, Ironman 4x4, OME, AC, TJM, and King springs. All the research that I've amassed on those coils can be found here with links in the description as well (AC lifts the highest): Living in Florida would be nice. Shipping to Idaho was about 70-80 dollars USD, which is insane. From what I remember, they really screw people over on shipping to Canada. I think Dobinsons can be found in Canada - They for sure won't lift as high and will (probably) sag more under weight compared to AC. But, its worth noting that the spring rate and ride quality of AC coils keeps a fair amount of people away from them, making OME an equally popular front spring. From what I can tell, the Ironman 4x4 and Dobinson springs will probably perform similar to OME. I would generally opt for a land rover option in the rear (lots of info readily available on those). If you go with a land rover spring option, the vehicle will have a rake of 1-2" depending on your specific spring choices. More info on Land rover springs (rear R50 application only):
  15. Bummer on the front- I had mine out and working on snowy/slushy/wet highways and surface streets today and was fairly happy. Ya, I remember discussing this with you...... wonder if that shop is still burned to the ground. It really seems like their company structure is outdated. Replying to few to none customer enquiries (I'm one for two on getting replies) is a bad idea. Having a policy of only emailing you when your order ships (but not updating on lead times etc) is also bad. Roaming Facebook groups, there are people who go 2-3 months from order to arrival. In march, I got in on a big batch of new orders, and received mine the week I ordered it, and that same week other people who had been waiting for two months finally got theirs. To be fair (and a little anecdotal), most of the complaints I come across are based around lead times, as opposed to anything that's wrong with the product. I definitely agree they should work on their customer service. Ya, would be a real bummer if they put it out for "4 pinion" open 33 spline rears...... @ lowrangeoffroad / Powertrax

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