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  1. Still actually loving the mod. I haven't dealt with my liner so i still rub on that, but ive yet to have a clearance issue off road. I like the look, and it doesnt look trashy at all. I'm surprised how many compliments i get now. Even my mom told me how good it looked last time she saw me, and not like she's a car person.
  2. That modular strut spacer system made my jaw drop. Really impressive looking. Very looking forward to things to come.
  3. Info is in my profile http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/profile/41893-mhand52/
  4. Cut the bumpers up today, long overdue
  5. Oh wow, yeah that may have been priority if that were the case. No just a little rub, im more concerned about the liner still. Now where it is, in reverse it could catch a tread and ham upward. So that's where im gonna stick it back with something.
  6. You just cut out that whole piece there huh? I barely get rub there at full lock. Was hoping to leave that alone and it will go away when the tires wear. It's a smooth area so won't cause any damage
  7. And driver side... Went much smoother and almost in 1 continuous cut so I think it came out a smidge better I'm going to use some 3m body tape to keep the liner taut, as I get a tiny sub still right at the edge That's some decent approach! Ended up a little anticlimactic in the looks dept. Looks clean and I doubt will catch anyone's eye. Not sure if pathfinders have the same issue, but there will always be the little rub on the rear bottom of the fender corner. Is to me the real restriction of 32s on a pre-refresh QX4 with only 2 inches of lift.
  8. Its going down! I took the tape to it and gave myself some options of least to most drastic, and slept it. I went least aggressive and I'll see how I think about crazier angles later. Here's the photo dump of the first side completed I'll post more when the other side is complete
  9. At least where I need the clearance, the fog light isn't really an obstacle. Its more to the outside of the fog light where the fender flare wraps back towards the tire. I could just hack the fender edge forward a little fwiw, but I kind like the idea of giving the bumper some additional style if im gonna do that!
  10. Wow thanks for the link! Agreed, that looks awesome. Perfect inspiration, more outside the box. I'll get out there with the tape (after the blizzard rolls through) and see what angles work. There isnt much under the fog light, but lets see how creative we can get without it looking ugly
  11. That's my speed here with the cost! Not a bad option honestly if I wanted to keep the bumper intact. Any idea on where I would anchor those to in the bumper from the liner? The liner I'm cool putting holes in but I don't want to run those through the actual bumper. I saw that one the referenced kits had plates to fill that gap. The other kit and the DIY version of the article said to either remove the liner itself or modify the liner to the new bumper. The one I saw on the road just cut the liner and left the inards exposed. I have looked at both wam and coastal bumpers. They both look like good options to me, although cost would get close to getting a bumper custom made (with a winch would be nice). That current cost would cut into necessary parts of "Phase 1" list. Still need manual hubs, a full size spare and tire, and roof rack to haul the tire. That's pretty much exactly what a bumper would cost me. I will for sure have to keep an eye on what hawairish and Towndawg are working on. I'm happy to be patient to see what they will be coming out with, as Phase 2 will include a swing gate, bumper, and more optimal suspension setup. Cheap is the name of the game for now. To be as capable as possible for as little money as I can get away with.
  12. Thats a really good thought. My local JY gets us for 40 bucks for the bumper cover though, which may just be more than im willing to spend for testing purposes. I will make liberal use of painters tape though to figure out the angles. If I am unsure, I will just start bottom-up on the bumper and keep cutting more off. Should totally be feasible though. The only thing I have yet to work out is how to attach the liner to the new bumper edge. The 4runner I saw just cut it and left it, but I want to retain as much as i can to keep mud and snow out of the bumper
  13. Has anyone done something similar to what the people with newer gen 4runners are doing with the high clearance bumper mod? https://trail4runner.com/2019/01/08/high-clearance-bumper-cut-5th-gen-4runner/ Subject, my 98 QX4 with 32s and 2" spacers. I have heat-gunned the bottom edges of my QX4s bumper to make it drivable. It's not rub-free, so I plan on taking only 1 more stab at bumper mod before I resort to waiting an eternity to build a tube bumper. However, keeping in the spirit of my ride, I didnt but it cheap for it to be expensive and nice! I bought it cheap so I could do things i would never do to my other cars... Like take a saw to the bodywork. Different kind of fun, right? My thought is same in principle to the 4runner; cut the bumper at an angle following a bumper contour, re-anchor the liner, add edge trim to cover the cut edge. I dont plan on the cut being as drastic, but should look cool and give ample clearance I was next to a new-ish runner with this mod last week. It looked nice, but I couldn't imagine cutting a $40k truck. The Q'y seems a prime candidate though
  14. Man these tires will throw some snow! In seriousness though, I am really impressed with the traction on snow and ice. Officially feels like a tank
  15. Update! Year: 1998 QX4 Lift: SF Creations 2" all around spacers Wheels: AR Outlaw 15x8 et-19(3.75"BS) Tires: 32x11.5r15 Falken Wildpeak AT3W Notes: I removed the useless and very rusty running boards. It rubbed on the front corner of the bumper at about 2/3 turn. Was able to get around for a couple days but used a heat gun on that corner and the raised liner areas. Needs more or trimming for off road clearance.

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