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    2002 SE, BFG KO2 265/70r16, Warn premium manual locking hubs, Pro comp 16x8 wheels #7069-6883, 1" wheel spacers all around, no lift (yet)
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    Weekend Warrior
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    Skateboarding, wheeling, and more skateboarding
  1. I picked up an aluminum valve cover from a 2001 LE at the local JY, after finding multiple spark plugs soaked . Swapped into my 2002 SE after wire brushing and a new gasket. Runs and fits perfectly and ties in nicely with the manifold! Not sure about changing the cylinder 1 coil pack, it was pretty much plug and play.
  2. I had similar issues with my 2002 SE. It ended up being the POS; rear crankshaft position sensor (the coincidence of this acronym was astounding considering the problems it gave me). I'm not sure if the symptoms would be identical had it been the front (CKP) crankshaft position sensor, but I was experiencing some of the same issues (i.e. shaking and misfiring while starting, something almost sounded clogged; rough idling, fuel covered spark plugs, strong gas smell.) However, I did begin to have starting issues and at one point I was stuck at the top of a mountain with a fully loaded rig because of it. As for the DTC, I'm not sure if it actually threw out a code as my SES light was on before the problem started, and still is on. (I have not yet reset it). After replacing air/fuel filters, spark plugs, an MAF sensor, etc. I was getting frustrated, so I feel where you're coming from on that front. I wish you the best of luck!

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