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  1. Mattman30

    What Is It About Pathfinders

    OK, so here's my pathy story. My grandparents live in a wooded lodge called the Midforest Lodge. It's all dirt trails up there and most of it not taken care of. Now, they've had this pathfinder since before I was born and they use it for cruising those trails. I remember sitting in the front seat next to my grandpa frantically telling him to aim for the mud puddles. I was just so wide-eyed at the time that that truck could get through all of that (with mud splashing over the windshield) in 2 wheel drive! He rarely stuck it in 4wd. I even had a hot wheels car that was an 87 nissan pathfinder which is since...lost. Then I was getting older and was learning how to drive. when we would go up to visit my grandparents, I would beg them to take us for a trip in "the nissan" (to this day we call it "the nissan") and he would now let me drive it. It was the truck I learned how to drive a manual in. then it started leaking coolent into the oil and oil onto the ground. My grandpa was going to haul it to the scrapyard but my grandma offered it to me for $1. I couldn't refuse (being 14 and all) and $1200 later and a new head (it had a cracked head) it was good as new and I drive it everywhere to school and such. I don't know how I will ever part with it. Actually before I got my license I would drive it in the sand pits behind my house and never ever got stuck and that was before I replaced the street tires that were on it with atr's. Anyways, I just thought I'd share my sentimental story with everyone.
  2. Mattman30

    Engine Running Rich/ High Cold Idle

    I have the same problem with an 87 4 cylinder.
  3. Mattman30

    4 Cylinder Pathfinders

    What is it now?
  4. Mattman30

    4 Cylinder Pathfinders

    Oh, yeah I know it's tried and trusted.
  5. Mattman30

    4 Cylinder Pathfinders

    Oh, and yes it is a Z24i with 2 spark plugs for each cylinder and TBI.
  6. Mattman30

    4 Cylinder Pathfinders

    No, I didn't know there were diesel ones until recently. I own an 87 4 cylinder pathfinder and I was just wondering about it. But you're right, it is a very good running engine, it's never given me problems at all except a little high idle, but it doesn't even leak oil or anything. I kinda wish it had a little more power though...
  7. Mattman30

    4 Cylinder Pathfinders

    I was just wondering why 4 cylinder Pathfinders are sought-after. Or am I mistaken about this? Thank you for your time.
  8. Mattman30


    Well, I have questions for you then. How rare are 4 cyl. Pathfinders? cause I've heard that before. How much would you give me for it? And why would you want a 4 cyl. anyways? they run great sure but there's next to no horsepower. Oh, and I don't think I'd sell it for at least a year but I just want to know what kind of price I could get out of it.
  9. Mattman30


    Here she is:
  10. Mattman30


    Hello everyone! I've owned a Nissan Pathfinder for about 3 years now and it is actually my first vehicle. It gets me to school every day and I'm always gunning for mud puddles around town. It is a: 1987 Nissan Pathfinder E with a 4cyl. and manual trans. it has 121,000 miles on it and it still runs strong. It is mostly stock and probably always will be because I have next to no money.

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