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  1. Thanks - it’s getting there. However, it is definitely a “good from far, far from good” situation! I did a pretty crappy job with the touch up paint...it does what it is supposed to do, though. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Year: 1997 XE 4WDLift: OME MD Springs (after worn out factory springs, so I'm ~1.75-2")Wheels: Trail Master 15x8, 3.75" backspacingTires: Falken Wildpeak AT3W 31"x10.5"x15"Notes: 1) Rubbing when turning sharply, both forward and reverse. Will do some work with a heat gun in the next week or two to see if I can get rid of it. 2) Contrary to some people's experience, I cannot fit a spare 31" tire - it hits the panhard bar and the hitch. An extra 1/2" would probably do it, so perhaps if I swapped hitches it would work. *Edit: There seems to be some metal bracket that guides the spare. I don't see any purpose for it beyond that, so may try bending it back to see if I can get that 1/2"
  3. Thanks for all of the responses. I ended up swapping in remanufactured Cardone axles (got a great price, and ordered just before I saw the Rockford recommendation), TRQ lower ball joints (the rubber on mine were all cracked), and Nissan OEM stabilizer bar links (same...rubber was completely shot, and found a good price on ebay). I was going to try to do the work with a friend, but he flaked and the tire shop gave me a good price for doing all of the work at the same time. I've been taking my time, mostly due to laziness, but think I have taken care of most of the problems with my pathfinder. The last major thing is to figure out the roof rack situation (need to pull the anchors from a vehicle in the junkyard, but haven't looked forward to pulling down TWO roof liners) so I can store the spare, which doesn't fit underneath anymore. Thanks to the forum for help through this process...through lurking and asking questions, I've learned a ton.
  4. Ah - that is an interesting idea. I wonder if the remans are safer in that use scenario. I don't think I have the energy to wrangle those springs on the compressors again...really wish I had just paid to have the struts assembled!
  5. I already have the Mile Markers installed...they have been good thus far, although I know most others have the Warn.
  6. Thanks for the info! Yes - I'm in the same boat with regards to the OEMs. My pathfinder likely sat for a long time unused (only 110K when I picked it up last year), so lots of the rubber had gone bad. I should post a picture of the control arm bushings...I'm amazed they worked at all. The CV boots both ripped in recent months...I should have paid more attention to them when I bought it. I'm not getting any noise or having issues, but don't want to risk getting stuck out somewhere. I'm only going with 31" tires (once I get this problem taken care of) so hopefully that will help them last a bit more.
  7. Hi Dogla - thanks for the response. I appreciate the advice about quality and the information about your experiences with different options. The job looks relatively straightforward, so I guess I can give it a try with remanufactured or new aftermarket, and will only be in the hole for the axles if they don't hold up. Have a great week
  8. Hi all - hope the new year has been treating you right. I finally got my suspension replacements installed with the (serious) help from more handy friends. Swapped out the upper and lower rear control arms, put in OME coils, KYB struts, and OME shocks. Unfortunately, when working on the suspension we found that my driver side CV boot has a serious tear. The stabilizer links were also shot. I was able to find some OEM stabilizer links on ebay for cheap, but found out that the OEM axle assembly is EXPENSIVE. If this were my daily driver it might be worth the money, but I'm having a hard time justifying that cost for a camping car. The aftermarket axles (new and remanufactured) are much cheaper, but as I've scanned through different forums it seems that there is a divide on their quality. Does anyone have strong opinions about new aftermarket or remanufactured axles? Has anyone had positive experiences with the brands on rock auto? Appreciate any advice you have!
  9. That tire carrier is a great solution...I'm upgrading tires after I finish my suspension, so have been trying to think through options. Congrats on getting through that rebuild...great work.
  10. malacandro

    Random picture of your R50

    Some shots from a November trip to Anza-Borrego and the Salton Sea. Great time, but pretty sure it accelerated my control arm bushing disintegration...
  11. malacandro

    Gas mileage...

    In my 1997 manual 4wd I'm getting close to 20 on pure highway driving, but mixing in city/trail driving and it is dropping down to 16-17 mixed. I was surprised at how quickly I had to refill the tank but really on have cars for comparison. I definitely notice a difference when I am driving 65 in the middle lanes vs. riding the fast lanes.
  12. malacandro

    Just venting! Stolen recovery gear

    Ugh...that is even worse. Recovery gear isn't super personal. I'm sure it had taken you a while to get your gear assembled. Hopefully didn't set you back too much.
  13. malacandro

    Just venting! Stolen recovery gear

    Yes - having pulled a few rails from JY vehicles now, they are definitely different than any I have seen. The vehicle history is clearly more interesting than my carfax showed. All good, though. I have a pathfinder with low mileage, smooth driving, no sign of a death wobble, and I can always find it in a parking lot full of jeeps! I'll move the money I was saving for a cargo rack set up into my inevitable suspension and tire upgrade.
  14. malacandro

    Just venting! Stolen recovery gear

    Yeah...must have been a custom job? I can't even get those caps off to see the bolts (or, perhaps it is bolted through the roof, with the nuts under the ceiling liner). I don't know if I can get the weatherstripping back on anymore either...I wasn't gentle with those plastic clips! Perhaps I can find an aftermarket option still, but I'll just pretend I was going for the clean look in the first place for now...
  15. malacandro

    Just venting! Stolen recovery gear

    Okay - I'm ready to give up on the roof rack. Managed to get the weatherstripping rails off (held on by many plastic snaps), only to find that the anchors don't match any of the ones I saw in the junkyard (or in your picture). I can only imagine that they were replaced when the weatherstripping was put on. I don't really feel like pulling down ceiling panels to get replacement anchors or install them, so cargo space storage it is. Thanks for your help on this, @RainGoat - you saved me from another frustrating visit to the JY.

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