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  1. Picked up this Scion coupe for a good price and will help when commuting from college, work, and home. The pathfinder was too bad in gas mileage to justify keeping it especially with the amount of time I spend driving. Looking to sell it, but toying with the idea of keeping it in the family. Loved this car as it was my first and glad I found this forum along with everybody that helped! Will update in whether I’m keeping it or not but still undecided. I plan to stay on this forum and communicate with everybody!
  2. The sensor? Is it located around everything else, the carrier and everything?
  3. Totally forgot to update this thread. I changed the transfer oil and the light stopped blinking!
  4. Hoping to come home with a tire carrier this weekend, fingers crossed
  5. I agree, I think with the bug guard above it it’ll make it look real nice
  6. 100%, I also have 3 stickers so all in all I’d say I’m pushing 360 hp give or take a little because of the lift and tires. [emoji23]
  7. Quick picture of the simple delete
  8. A little bit of an update, I thought those two bolts were what connected the catalytic converts, but after closer look they were just resonators so I decided to just cut out Both resonators and weld in pipe in between. That sound mixed with the flow master muffler I already have made the truck sound very good. I’m really happy with the sound of the truck now, I would try to get a video but it’s so hard to get a video of the sound of an exhaust.
  9. The first blinking was when hubs were locked and the truck was in 4wd. Real 4wd, not the auto feature. This morning was unlocked and it stopped blinking soon after
  10. Today when I started it up the 4wd light started blinking for 1 second intervals for 5 mins on the drive to school then stopped right before I pulled into the parking lot... weird
  11. Okay, and I’m going to need to a buy a pump for this because IIRC the fill plug is in an awkward position, right?
  12. I have never changed it and will change it. Do you know what fluid it takes?
  13. I read it earlier very quickly and it said 1 second intervals was overheating and 2 second intervals (what I’m getting) was difference in tire diameter which would make sense because I have bigger tires and that’s what it was doing but it’s not an all the time thing, it’s only when the center differential is locked so not while in the auto mode because I have the all mode dial shifter. I can live with the light and the 2 second intervals sounds like it answers my question but I was just wondering if others had encountered this problem because I had never heard about this besides some people having problems with the light coming on during long highway driving.
  14. It’s weird because everything works fine, I went up on some slippery rocks I knew I would slide on and the front wheels were spinning so everything is working

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