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  1. joshrichard

    Random picture of your R50

    That looks awesome!
  2. joshrichard

    My 2002 R50 SE

    Funny story actually... we actually both have Reece outdoor racks and took the sticker off of it and put a Yakima sticker, fake it till you make it right?? [emoji23]
  3. joshrichard

    My 2002 R50 SE

    I see myself
  4. joshrichard

    04 Build Thread (R50)

    Haha [emoji38] I plan to keep mine until it dies. I had a buddy look at the red one on the bottom earlier today and it was perfect. No door dings and didn’t even have a lick of rust. Old couple who really cared about it, very impressed.
  5. joshrichard

    04 Build Thread (R50)

    I’m not sure he doesn’t even mention the lift in the description, the truck intrigues me because I saw it over the past summer and we waved at each other at the mall. The truck is extremely clean and well maintained.
  6. joshrichard

    04 Build Thread (R50)

    Saw these beauties for sale in my town
  7. Congratulations!!!! You and I have talked about both your Q, 4Runner and more!! The information you give is very easy to understand for many of us who aren’t as knowledgeably inclined about cars and very detailed! Your build thread is a huge inspiration and glad to see that you’re gonna be sticking around for awhile. Hopefully we will see you back on here one day making a thread about a whole new pathfinder [emoji6]
  8. joshrichard

    Random picture of your R50

    I always wondered if there was more to that story than what was told in your build thread!! I never even thought about it, having an Infiniti would add a who new level of threat to jeep guys and what the hell is this guy driving! For people who don’t know cars
  9. joshrichard

    Random picture of your R50

    Don’t forget your adjustable headlights [emoji849][emoji23] your Infiniti headlights looked so much better than the pathfinders
  10. joshrichard

    R50 acceleration problems

    Gonna do this with my next paycheck, was it easy?
  11. joshrichard

    Random picture of your R50

    I’m 99% sure it is and it also pushes more heat when it’s on the high position
  12. joshrichard

    Random picture of your R50

    Weird? Mine takes about 2-3 minutes from a cold start to warm up and usually have from change it from back and the bottom to just the bottom because it gets so waem and it always makes me and passengers sweat
  13. joshrichard

    Stinger Bars

    If you got into a front end collision would the bar crush the grill and hood?
  14. joshrichard

    Stinger Bars

    In my opinion, I’m not the biggest fan of them only because it really has no real life application
  15. joshrichard

    Stinger Bars

    I think this picture will help give a better idea

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