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  1. Ordered some new headlights and installed them myself yesterday. Took about 45 mins with some broken clips being the only obstacle. Look really nice.
  2. I had this problem but cold, here’s the video. Have you checked your mass airflow sensor? Or your throttle body to make sure they’re clean? My mass airflow sensor was making the engine run rich and it fouled up all of the plugs and injectors.
  3. Went on a little off-road trip today. This Little Rock step is pretty big in person. There are a few more videos on my YouTube of it going back up, it did great!
  4. So I had to so a double take when I saw this album cover and it is definitely a pathfinder. Probably got a little too excited when I noticed this but thought it was sweet.
  5. Kinda, here in Nixa there’s only one dealership for every car brand and car prices are high, sadlt
  6. I had an amazon set, but one flew off on the highway so I ditched them and got the in channel ones. After having both, the extra price for the in channel ones was worth it IMHO. The road noise on the stick on ones were irritating and it didn’t cover all the way down the front part of the front windows so I was still getting wet. The in channel ones sit much more flush and worked much better. Sadly I only had them for a few days before I sold it
  7. Today was the day the pathfinder was sold, definitely really bummed about it. We got a good price out of it but sad to see your first car go. Although when we traded it in we gained a new addition to the family! We got a 2018 TRD Sport Tacoma and man is this thing sweet
  8. Picked up this Scion coupe for a good price and will help when commuting from college, work, and home. The pathfinder was too bad in gas mileage to justify keeping it especially with the amount of time I spend driving. Looking to sell it, but toying with the idea of keeping it in the family. Loved this car as it was my first and glad I found this forum along with everybody that helped! Will update in whether I’m keeping it or not but still undecided. I plan to stay on this forum and communicate with everybody!
  9. Update: Seling my pathfinder now
  10. The sensor? Is it located around everything else, the carrier and everything?
  11. Totally forgot to update this thread. I changed the transfer oil and the light stopped blinking!

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