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  1. Hi Sorry for the late reply, but I can't be much help. In the end I didn't replace the top bushings as they were fine. The new sleeves came out of another pair of shocks lying around at the shop. I just tried the bolt on a few dead ones till I found the tightest fit.
  2. Hi Guys, thought I'd report back with our findings. We were in the process of putting the energy bushings into the bottom eye holes (of the upside down) 185552 and as is turns out the spacers they originally had in there were about 2mm too big on the inner diameter. I guess they used whatever they could find laying around when putting the shocks in initially. My thoughts are that extra 2mm allowed for too much play and banged the original Bilstein bushing down during our rough play adventures. All is great now with tighter spacers and the new energy bushings. Hope it holds, I have a hunch it will. Will report back to this thread when something breaks again or in a year that it's still holding well. Thanks everyone and be safe! Cheers, Tom
  3. I'm with ya, but just curious, any specific reason? Appreciate the input still learning from you guys!
  4. Copy that makes sense! Probably wore the bushing out when other @!*% was loose / worn. Thought maybe the angle on the shock would be different with lower springs, but as you said, others have had no issues so... Thanks for the $0.02 in these hard economic times hehe. I'll just keep them how they are. Cheers guys!
  5. So I dropped off the bushings with my guys, and discussed maybe cutting the 9447 down. My logic being that guys are using the 9449s (same length but higher tension) with 33-185569 which have 4" more length over the 33-185552! 4" seems like quite allot, so perhaps cutting an inch or so off the 9447 might be a more suitable height for the 33-185552s I have. I know a guy or two here cut their's down and I'll have to scour the threads, but opinions and advise are encouraged! hehe
  6. Roger that! Looking around for bushings apparently the 185552s Upper mount has 5/8 inch hourglass bushing. Will post more specs as I find them. Edit - okay so apparently the Energy Suspension 9.8107G bushing should fit the 5100s. Gonna grab them and report back how it went!
  7. You guys are amazing! (but you already know that haha) Just got off the phone with my mechanic and we decided to replace all four bushings on my existing 185552s. Thinking perhaps the clunking I had in the past just pre maturely wore that bushing out. Since then I've replaced all the other suspension bushings (not noticing the damaged one on the shock as they are new shocks). Now to find some poly bushings and jam them in!
  8. @Zak Looks like you have a post face lift. I wonder if that's a concern with the 185569s on my pre face lift. Looks like they are quite a bit larger than my 185552s.. Obviously no probs with sprigs popping out. Good to know guys, gives me some more options. Much obliged, Cheers! Bilstein 5125 Series Shock Absorber - 33-185569 Collapsed Length (in.): 17.91 Extended Length (in.): 29.7 Travel Length (in.): 11.79 Compression: 700 Rebound: 2550 Lower Mount: 5/8 inch Eye Upper Mount: 5/8 inch Eye Shaft Diameter: 14mm Reservoir: No Finish: Zinc Plated Body Design: 46mm ID Smooth Body (Non-Coilover) Internal Design: Mono tube Boot Included: Yes Bilstein 5100 Series Shock Absorber - 33-185552 Collapsed Length (in.): 15.91 Extended Length (in.): 25.93 Travel Length (IN): 10.02 Lower Mount: Eye 16mm Upper Mount: Eye 16mm Shaft Diameter: 14mm Reservoir: No Finish: Zinc Plated Body Design: 46mm ID Smooth Body (Non-Coilover) Internal Design: Mono tube Boot Included: Yes
  9. Good to know guys, gives me some more options. Much obliged, Cheers!
  10. Ya the rake doesn't bother me much at all but I could go an inch lower in the back when all is loaded. That would still leave me with a bit or rake which is what I like (closer to a factory 1" higher in the back). Also hoping slightly shorter spring will relive pressure on the bushings when extended? Going with the 5165 25-187717 I would need to extend my break lines, so kind-a don't want to go that route. Appreciate the input re 5100's in general. I wonder if some of the clunking I had in the rear end before just prematurely wore that bushing. I'll see if my guy feels like jamming some new bushings in there and cutting the springs at bit. Anyone know if all 5100 bushings are the same size? Are there 3rd party poly options so I can get something stronger? Links would be awesome if anyone has some for bushings! Cheers guys!
  11. Got me thinking... (dangerous I know) .. Maybe the 5125 33-185552 are too short and I should should get the 5165 25-187717 to go with the 9447 springs? Or even worse replace the bushings in the 33-185552 and cut the springs one inch (ducking). (that would help with the rake I have too)
  12. Thinking about it a little more I guess we do slightly more than "normal" off road (whatever that means lol). Maybe they just can't take the beating. The 5100s are low end shocks after all. Perhaps I'll see if my guy can jam stronger bushings in on both sides and see how that holds. Next step might be better shocks? Let me know what makes and models you guys are using with the LR springs (aside from 5100s). Thanks, Tom
  13. Thanks for the quick reply mate! Think it was just something weird / anomaly? Not the end of the world if I need diff / better shocks. Maybe I'll ask if he can just do that and see if it hold? Appreciate your advise! Tom
  14. Hi Guys, I dropped these in to go with my LR springs in the back last summer. They fit upside down and all was good. Took the rig on Whipsaw trail etc as per my previous posts. I had a clunking in the rear right for a while now which was getting worse so I got around to getting it checked out. My mechanic says the (what is now) bottom bushing on the shock is blown out. The other side seems fine. When trying to warranty to shock they told him to bugger off as they are not for my '99 pathfinder. haha What are your thoughts? Did I get the wrong shocks for the LR Spring mod? My mechanic says he's never really seem bushing blow like that and whats to know what to do. Any other shock suggestions to go with the LR Spring mod, or try these again and hope it was an anomaly? Much obliged, Tom
  15. Nice snag! Welcome to this great community!

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