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  1. AlabamaDan

    OEM Transmission Cooler

    Would this work for us? Can I just put the t-fitting closer to the trans cooler and use the rubber hoses?
  2. AlabamaDan

    Backup and Rock lights

    Experience... how does one develop that?
  3. AlabamaDan

    Auto Window Switches

    Just a few thoughts and questions. You know how the driver's window has a function where you press it down once and it auto rolls the window down, but the other three have to be held? Anyone ever tried to mod this so all four work like the driver's window?
  4. AlabamaDan

    OEM Transmission Cooler

    Back to this idea... When I get around to installing the cooler, is there some way to insert a sensor easily to monitor the temperature? Anyone done that?
  5. AlabamaDan

    Transmission dying?

    I had a problem like this in my Mitsubishi Endeavor.... cost $2k to rebuild the tranny.
  6. AlabamaDan

    Underhood Lights!

    Awesome! I'm glad someone found some value in my post. I did it for just that reason. I've learned so much here I felt like sharing. Nice job!
  7. AlabamaDan

    Underhood Lights!

    I'm still loving this. Stumbled across this video that is almost exactly what I did. I bought my set a little more complete, whereas he built his a little more.
  8. AlabamaDan

    Backup and Rock lights

    Great video Nice reference. Now, how do we tell by looking what gauge a wire is?
  9. AlabamaDan

    December 2018 TotM Nominations

    Oh wait, I see the mud. I stand corrected! That's about how much mud I had in my off roading video a week or so ago.
  10. AlabamaDan

    Heated mirrors!

    It works!
  11. AlabamaDan

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Hmmm.... I'll look for that this weekend.
  12. AlabamaDan

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    I've never greased mine. If I have zerk fittings I have no idea where they are.
  13. AlabamaDan

    Newby Introduction

    Welcome to the forum
  14. AlabamaDan

    December 2018 TotM Nominations

    Love you Q Mr. Cox, but that's not a mud pic.
  15. AlabamaDan

    4x4 light came on all of a sudden

    It came on today at lunch when I was running errands. I turned the car off and back on, no more light. So odd. I wonder if the wheel spin and little bit of dirt - maybe it engaged and somehow bound up a little and it needs to spin again to straighten out. (I know next to nothing about how the 4WD system works, but I think I read something about this.)

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