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  1. AlabamaDan

    Any concerns with a 1" spacer lift?

    That's 1.5" over stock? So if I'm I'm sagging 2" from original height it would give me 3.5" of lift from where I am today?
  2. AlabamaDan

    Water Prep

    Here's a great write up from days past:
  3. AlabamaDan

    Water Prep

    It doesn't look like this thread got much traction, but I'm investigating it as well. I've read the rear diff breather hose needs to be extended as it's rather short. However, the front diff, t-case, and tranny run into hard lines that go up the firewall - that's what I've read anyway. I haven't crawled under yet. I was reading that on a Toyota Landcruiser the diff air valves have a flapper that closes when it goes into water or something. The problem with this is that when the breather valve closes it pulls the air/water in through the axle seals causing damage. Are Nissan breather valves the same? Also, I read that the D22 snorkels fit the R50 well. Anyone know more?
  4. Slow acceleration and bad gas mileage. That sums up owning a Pathfinder/QX4. LOL. That's is a good tune up. Can't imagine what more you could do.
  5. AlabamaDan

    In-Channel Window Deflector Vent Visors

    REVIEW: I've had the visors in for a little while now and they're still holding up strong. Today I drove to work, ran errands, and drove home and more errands after work. I drove on the interstate and side roads. With the windows cracked but still within the visors there was good airflow to keep me a little cool, but not enough that I felt like I was in a wind tunnel. There is no additional road noise from the visors. It kept the car significantly cooler. I was actually able to do all my driving today without breaking a sweat. It is supposed to rain tonight so I've parked outside and left the windows cracked. We'll see what happens!
  6. AlabamaDan

    Any concerns with a 1" spacer lift?

    Not to hi-jack, it could be for TroyButler too. If you went with springs that provide a 2" lift you shouldn't need to do any other modifications such as lengthen brake lines, steering shaft, etc. If the answer is true, then I assume a 1" spacer is easier.
  7. AlabamaDan

    New...hello from Redwoods !

  8. AlabamaDan

    From wreck to riches

    Welcome the forum!
  9. AlabamaDan

    Welcome New Members !

    Welcome to all the new members!
  10. AlabamaDan

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    I put all my floor mats after the big shampooing last week. Shopping for some tires tomorrow.
  11. AlabamaDan

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    I fixed a broken headlight. I also shopped around for an HID conversion kit.
  12. AlabamaDan

    Best OEM Replacement Headlights?

    Yeah. I watched a video comparing Halogen, HID, and LED. Those LED bulbs were all over the place, but they did appear to illuminate the road further but they weren't bright. The Halogens were bright and the HIDs were at least as bright.
  13. AlabamaDan

    Best OEM Replacement Headlights?

    LED or HID being returned?
  14. AlabamaDan

    97 QX4 Fixer Upper

    How did you polish the plenum? That looks fantastic. You could do a thread on detailing engines. That looks great.

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