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  1. mandersen8

    VQ35DE Engine Differences?

    I have to say that it better to find a MT engine then using a AT as it more time and more to go wrong if not done properly.
  2. mandersen8

    VQ35DE Engine Differences?

    Hey you all just some fun aspect from my end ik this is a old thread but thought I would spark some new conversation. I am needing to replace mt engine. The story is I drove it down to baja put some Mexican gas in it and it scored one of the cylinder walls lol. I have a 02 MT pathy, fun fact did you know that the MT and AT have different engine as the MT doesn't have the power valve so no issue with screws falling out. However, since no one can drive a MT anymore finding a engine is quite difficult. I found a engine on, https://used.remanns.com/quote-details.php I'm wondering if this is what I should be using after reading through this thread I'm a little worried about buying a engine I can't see. Any thoughts?
  3. mandersen8

    3.5L lost compression in cylinder

    Thank you for this. Yeah after throwing ATF the compression went up. If it the rings would it be better to just Chuck a engine in it? I'm just trying to fine the cheapest path.
  4. mandersen8

    3.5L lost compression in cylinder

    So some ATF was thrown down the cylinder and white smoke came out when it was started. Why would you do headwork over just replacing the engine. Unfortunately I am not a good machinist but I can pull the heads lol.
  5. Hi everyone, I have posted this in many places but here so I thought maybe I would see what you all have to say about this topic. I have done lots of research on this but want to know if anyone here has any suggestions here. I have a 02 pathy 5speed manual 4x4. It's the 3.5L V6. Now I have low compression in cylinder 1 only. This usually mean the exhaust valve is wide open. I have been running valve cleaner throw it the last month some improvements but service engine light still blinks. So I have two option I know of. 1. Open the engine and have both head removed and replaced what the issue is. Or 2. Replace the engine. Here is my question. Does anyone know if there is only options then what is above? Or a great place to get a good engine that has a good warranty? I have to make sure the engine came off a manual as the engine for the manaul do not have a power valve. Please send me clarification question or suggestions. Thanks,
  6. mandersen8

    Shocks and Struts

    Yeah every I have looked said the rancho are trash. I was looking at the Bilstein shocks 5100 shocks ..https://www.amazon.com/gp/offer-listing/B00BYNJ7KG/ref=dp_olp_all_mbc?ie=UTF8&condition=all they seem like what I am looking for.
  7. mandersen8

    Shocks and Struts

    Will I need to extend the brake cables or can I just install them with out doing that?
  8. mandersen8

    Shocks and Struts

    So I need to shock and strut. Now I have Flurry's 2" spacer in right now and want to know what is the best after market shock and struts to install? I don't do to much wheeling or at least flexing but would be nice to have the option. I have read everywhere that I might have to replace the break lines to make it fit the new stock. Any thought suggestion would be great.
  9. mandersen8

    Rock sliders

    They are so expensive. It almost seems worth having them custom made
  10. mandersen8

    Rock sliders

    So who got rockslider and what are recommendations? Should I just make my own? Or should I buy them? Well ons or bolt on lets here what you all have to say.
  11. mandersen8

    Lift kit funny

    oh it get even better I thought I got the 2" lift kit but I guess my mother who order the kit for my birthday get me the 3" lift haha so that is why my CV keeps popping out. Oh what an a lovely time. Measure twice install once haha
  12. Hey everyone hope you all have a save and wonderful weekend. To those of you who have served for our country Thank You. You are the reason we get to be here doing this everyday. Feel Free to Post your picture from the weekend here.
  13. mandersen8

    Lift kit funny

    Oh yeah and the new sway bars have zerk fitting going to grease those up all the time lol. The fun of working on truck is the fact that when one thing break it mean you saved yourself from it happening on the trail.
  14. mandersen8


    Not in what I have read. Every where I have looked it eats about 1 quart per 1000miles. My mechanic and his whole shop said the same thing when I went in for my annual check up. They all said it just like the oil and they have never seem a cat or Emission fail because of it.
  15. mandersen8

    Lift kit funny

    So thought Y'all would enjoy my pain. So this last wed I was installing a the space for a 2" lift. I go as far as getting the from driver side strut out and then has a hell of a time getting it back in after having the 2" space on. I then pop out the CV joint and then had the cv gasket cut by the strut with putting it back on. I then realized there was a easier way and felt like a dumbass but I was able to replace both CV axel and sway bars. I will up load before and after pics soon.

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