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  1. To comment to all, Yes, I understand the risk of building this out for pple. It not cheap I have easily dropped 2K into this adventure. However, I bought the pathy bc I did not spend alot on it and could through money into it. Question does any one know for woodward steering link how long the shaft will need to be between the Ujoints?
  2. Oh ok. Do you have a picture of this? I just need to visually see what needs to happen. Also is there anything else that you feel I should know with the 6" SFD?
  3. I will provide a full write up once I have finished. I have started a 6" SFD with a 6" lift Items used: AC coils 2" lift OME struts F250 pro comp shock WJ coils for rear SFD blocks and spacer Have some question for those of you who have done this anyone run into transmission cross member hitting? What brand of break line have you used?\\ Who would want a SFD 4" or 6" taking a poll to see what the need is maybe building and sell them soon Will post picture shortly.
  4. Hi, So I am in the middle of replacing my engine good time to do the clutch as well. Did you end up using the Exedy clutch kit? did you like it. How has it been holding up?
  5. Is there a different when it come to engine on a 4x4 vs 2wd?
  6. Yeah at the moment I'm looking got a decent replacement. I have a engine in the R50 now I but it has lost compression in cylinder #1 and I think it's a scorn cylinder wall. It just seems cheaper to do a replacement then a rebuild.
  7. Hi, I need a working nothing wrong 3.5L engine that was from a manual trans, Please message me if you have this will figure out how to get it.
  8. Will do that. At least I did a bit nothing bad as of now. I got compression # it was 40psi at first, then after the ATF was thrown down the cylinder it jumped to 90psi.
  9. I've been throwing seafoam in the gas. Will try putting it in #1. I found a engine here (https://used.remanns.com/quote-details.php) Any oppion of this would be great. I think it looks good but it could be sh**. I have never used them before
  10. I have to say that it better to find a MT engine then using a AT as it more time and more to go wrong if not done properly.
  11. Hey you all just some fun aspect from my end ik this is a old thread but thought I would spark some new conversation. I am needing to replace mt engine. The story is I drove it down to baja put some Mexican gas in it and it scored one of the cylinder walls lol. I have a 02 MT pathy, fun fact did you know that the MT and AT have different engine as the MT doesn't have the power valve so no issue with screws falling out. However, since no one can drive a MT anymore finding a engine is quite difficult. I found a engine on, https://used.remanns.com/quote-details.php I'm wondering if this is what I should be using after reading through this thread I'm a little worried about buying a engine I can't see. Any thoughts?
  12. Thank you for this. Yeah after throwing ATF the compression went up. If it the rings would it be better to just Chuck a engine in it? I'm just trying to fine the cheapest path.
  13. So some ATF was thrown down the cylinder and white smoke came out when it was started. Why would you do headwork over just replacing the engine. Unfortunately I am not a good machinist but I can pull the heads lol.
  14. Hi everyone, I have posted this in many places but here so I thought maybe I would see what you all have to say about this topic. I have done lots of research on this but want to know if anyone here has any suggestions here. I have a 02 pathy 5speed manual 4x4. It's the 3.5L V6. Now I have low compression in cylinder 1 only. This usually mean the exhaust valve is wide open. I have been running valve cleaner throw it the last month some improvements but service engine light still blinks. So I have two option I know of. 1. Open the engine and have both head removed and replaced what the issue is. Or 2. Replace the engine. Here is my question. Does anyone know if there is only options then what is above? Or a great place to get a good engine that has a good warranty? I have to make sure the engine came off a manual as the engine for the manaul do not have a power valve. Please send me clarification question or suggestions. Thanks,

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