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  1. St_Kitts_Terrano

    Where to buy a new 4wd Auto/Lock switch?

    I found one on eBay (duh). Actually I bought 2 just in case one was a dud.
  2. My 1997 Terrano seems to randomly choose what drive mode it wants to be in each time I turn it on. The indicator lights will either show 2 wheel drive (2 rear wheels green) or the orange 4wd light will be illuminated. The selector switch is always set to auto, and selecting a different mode only makes the "beep" sound but doesn't change anything. I'm rarely off road. I never engage 4wd Hi/Lo using the shifter. I had an almost dead battery a few weeks ago and learned a cool trick - I could turn the lights on & off and it would change the 4wd mode! New battery fixed that issue. I only noticed this issue after changing the dial from "auto" to "lock" once when I was testing it offroad. My mechanic here says it's a bad switch. I am looking to buy a replacement online but can't seem to find it anywhere. I'm back in the US in about a week so I need to find it soon. Thanks!
  3. St_Kitts_Terrano

    2001 pathfinder stuck in 4x4

    Did you ever find a solution? My 1997 randomly chooses what mode it will be in when I turn it on and I haven't found a solution. Mechanic thinks it's the switch but I haven't been able to find a replacement switch online.

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