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  1. nicksatthelake

    wheel bearing issue

    its a dodge ram 1500 2002 i didnt want to identify it at first dont want to get anyone mad because this is a pathy forum but most cars have the same basic idea just in different variants you think a siezed brake caliper would make a wheel bearing noise? and vibration?
  2. nicksatthelake

    wheel bearing issue

    the people that use this forum are usually nice and genuine this is about a different vehicle but alot of you are knowledgeable and or mechanicaly inclined enough to give me some advice or take on the matter. Ive tried posting on other forums and noone comments. so the issue at hand . what i thought was the passenger front wheel bearing has turned into a 3 day experiment trying to figure it out. first i jacked up the truck and checked for play and there is no play in either front tires so i replaced the right front wheel hub assembly with one from a junk yard (tight on money) i spun it many times before i installed it and it sounded ok .still vibrating and making a in and out humming tire sound kinda like a helicopter so i changed both of the rear wheel bearings still humming not vibrating as much so after a test drive i went around and felt the hubs and the drivers side hub and brake caliper were realy hot to the touch so im thinking it might be the drivers side hub assembly. i also replaced the passenger side cv axle and i couldnt get all the way on the spindle so its kinda loose could this also create a wheel bearing noise? im trying to take a ride down to florida to start my insulation job and be with my dog and family but this truck is keeping me still because i dont want to drive 600 miles with a bad wheel bearing thank you. by the way i loved my nissan pathfinder i actually became good friends with the dude i sold it to and its still going.
  3. nicksatthelake

    update on my 1995 pathfinder xe

    so a while back I had some problems with old pathy she even lit on fire at one point lol but I was able to change the timing belt, valve cover gaskets, starter, brake calipers and add a transmission cooler well she still has problems (transmission or rear differential whine,high rpms 4000 rpms at 65 to 70 mph, still leaks oil ive been driving it for the past month the way it is I even took it for a 200 mile drive there and back without breaking down still driving it to work. I recently put it on craigslist im gonna take 1100 for it even tho I put a lot of money in it my boss offered me his dodge ram 1500 recently transmission replaced and engine rebuilt at a shop for 2250 and ill have about 2gs at the end of this week from saving so Im really hoping for this. but I really wish I could've put an exterra motor in it put I just don't have the funds or the know how to do a transmission or engine swap.
  4. nicksatthelake

    xterra vg33e swap to vg30e from my 95 path finder?

    how hard is it to remove this transmission? I know ill need jack stands and a jack or 2 for the transmission and engine so idk im intimidated by removing a transmission i don't have money to pay someone to do this im not a wealthy guy but i do have alot of tools and will but ya... i feel like it would be easier to swap motors than to change the transmissions mybe not i don't really know. im literaly just trying to have a solid ride more power, less power this xterra has lower mileage mybe i could find a replacement motor or possibly fix the issue with the engine or put the vg30e in it. 400 bucks for this xterra knocking motor everything else is good.
  5. I found a 2000 xterra with a knocking motor but a good transmission and I have my 95 pathy with with rear differential and transmission issues (still drivable have been for small trips) but the engine sounds great. would it be possible to swap the vg33e with the vg30e and how difficult of a task would this be? costum work? wiring? would it be easier to just swap the rear end and swap the transmission and keep my pathy?
  6. nicksatthelake

    pathfinder wd21 lit on fire

    so I ended up fixing the positive terminal wire situation. I replaced the starter and I believe the starter solenoid was the culprit and mybe some exposed wire but I reinsulated everything and got ol pathy running and legal have been driving her about a week now and guess what the rear differential is whining and now im looking at fixing the pinion bearing and I don't have the tools or skills for that task I mean ive changed a few timing belts and head gaskets but never played with the suspension or rear or front ends much but I know you need some kind of special tool to take the bearing out and there could possibly already be damage to the spider gear im gonna be driving it lightly but I know this is inevitable doom and Im pretty sure that's exactly what it is because I hear it only when I accelerate and you can hear from the rear inside the car.it kinda looks like theyre could've been a leak there but nothing ever showed up on the ground. on another note its taking 4000 rpms to 65mph to 70mph that cant be normal I know they are underpowered but this thing definitely feels weak. idk guys I defainately got my self f(*cked here I might just drive it till it goes while working my current job and saving money the shops here are pricey.
  7. nicksatthelake

    pathfinder wd21 lit on fire

    and it wasn't transmission fluid that was a misconception from the fire reflecting of the the melted plastic that was dripping down
  8. nicksatthelake

    pathfinder wd21 lit on fire

    also the wiring that went into the starter is what caught on fire the plastic cover for it basically lit up
  9. nicksatthelake

    pathfinder wd21 lit on fire

    I appreciate your response now that you say that and my neighbor also said that it sounded as if someone hot wired it or something at some point or maybe wires are exposed or fried so I think ill take the cover of the ignition and look at the wires in there mybe get an etecrical testing kit. so far im set on replacing the starter the positive terminal and also the ground terminal. it is very strange how it just started up randomly while I was currently driving home I hope I didn't do to much damage to anything besides the starter and wiring connected to it. whats strange is that the horn was working the day before the inspection and when I went to get the inspection the horn just wouldn't make any noise so I pressed a lot of buttons and switches on the dash and where the shifter and ebrake were I don't know if that might've had something to do with it we checked the fuses for the horn they looked ok. also a check engine light came on a few days before all this I thought maybe something irrelevant so I just didn't care maybe that problem may have led to this im not sure but in the next few days I will be doing some investigating and some replacing and I will take some pictures for you guys.
  10. nicksatthelake

    pathfinder wd21 lit on fire

  11. nicksatthelake

    pathfinder wd21 lit on fire

    I took a video if anyones interested in seeing the video Ill post it on youtube and post a link
  12. nicksatthelake

    pathfinder wd21 lit on fire

    so I fixed old pathy up new valve cover gaskets transmission cooler brake calipers. today im driving to go get and inspection well my horn doesn't work so I don't even get to take an inspection so I drive home in her I get literaly a couple yards from my street and pathy starts making a loud noises and screech at first I thought mybe an exhaust leak just got worse well I pull into my drive way and try to turn it off but it kept going it sounded like the starter was keeping the belts and fan moving it just wouldn't turn of so I let it run and finally it turns off and theres a fire under the car starting I luckily put it out very quickly it looked like transmission fluid was the culprit the fire was to the right of the oil filter and oil pressure sensor now it wont turn on at all I just bought this car and put so much work into it and now this I feel fskced.
  13. nicksatthelake

    how do i remove transmission oil pan wd21 4x4?

    lol i went to take the exhaust covers off and 2 bolts broke in the process so it scared me a lil bit i tried using pb blaster but i think ill just let it be screw it
  14. nicksatthelake

    how do i remove transmission oil pan wd21 4x4?

    I installed the after market cooler and i just drained and filled the transmission fluid didn't really flush it but the fluid looked fine honestly no particles or anything but it did smell pretty funny but i think itll be alright im planning on adding a inline filter soon and draining and filling one more time
  15. nicksatthelake

    how do i remove transmission oil pan wd21 4x4?

    and Im not taking the exhaust off its not worth the broken bolts

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