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  1. mechanic58

    Help me out with your knowledge of axles

    If you're just running a stock or near stock Nissan powerplant there would be no need to use a 60. Those are dumptruck parts. A Dana 44 is more than sufficient for this application.
  2. mechanic58

    92 MT 5th Gear Whine/Loud ass intake noise?

    Bearings. It's fixin to sh!t the bed. Good luck.
  3. I bought a plain black nylon one with a drawstring on it on eBay for like $4, shipped to the house.
  4. mechanic58

    Soft Rear Window??

    Hell, just get a sawzall and cut the whole roof off while you're at it!
  5. mechanic58

    help speed sensor adapter?

    As much work as it is to R&R one of these transmissions - I cannot imagine in a million years putting a different, used one in place. Why would you do that? What a waste of time and effort. Shoulda just rebuilt the one that was in it. Or at least removed it and took it somewhere to have it rebuilt if you can't do it yourself. Now you got a pretty significant issue. Good luck!
  6. mechanic58

    wheel bearing issue

    I went to a race one time that was ALL Dodges and nobody won.
  7. mechanic58

    1995 Pathfinder XE electrical problems

    Ignition coil failures are very rare, especially this style.
  8. mechanic58

    Max offset? -27 doable?

  9. mechanic58

    Max offset? -27 doable?

    I just put a set of 15x8 Ultras on mine, they have a +19 offest (5.184" backspace) and they fit perfectly. The Ultra p/n for this wheel is 051-5883K. I put 31x10.50's on em. They do not stick out at all. -27's are going to stick out and look like hot vomit. These wheels were $80 ea, shipped, on eBay.
  10. mechanic58

    a/c compressor fan clutch grinding noise

    You had to google that, didn't ya? Amateur. lmao
  11. mechanic58

    95 Pathfinder Interchangeable parts?

    Common failure with these. I just overhauled mine. Ended up having to replace the front pump (due to a severely worn stator) and the reverse drum. Those parts are not commercially available anymore either btw...I got lucky and found some good used parts on eBay. All total it ended up costing me $500 to fix the transmission - myself. New converter, good used front pump, good used reverse drum and a full rebuild kit. And FIVE days of my time. I was crippled for 10 days afterwards too. GOOD LUCK.
  12. Probably the reluctor or magnetic pickup as some refer to it as. It's inside the distributor. They commonly go bad with old age or high miles (lots of heat cycles). Generally a very cheap part if you can just buy the part. Not sure what you'll get into on this though. May have to buy a whole distributor to get it.
  13. mechanic58

    a/c compressor fan clutch grinding noise

    Hi. A/S/L?
  14. mechanic58

    Headers - time to bite the bullet

    Also - I'm dreading dealing with the EGR tube. :|
  15. mechanic58

    Headers - time to bite the bullet

    Anytime you have to do work at the exhaust manifold level you run the risk of breaking studs. No amount of penetrating oil can prevent it either, in most cases. Really, the only correct way to to get them apart is via heating them with a torch, which isn't always an option either. Mine is leaking like a stuck pig from about 10 different locations between both exhaust manifolds. I have decided to leave it alone for now. I want to put headers on it, but I just can't muster the gumption to dive into that train wreck waiting to happen. I've recently had my y-pipe off, so not really anticipating a collector stud problem. What I'm worried about is the cylinder head studs. I have at least 3 either broken off or missing already. I'm hoping they just backed out and are missing.

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