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  1. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    1989 pathy vg33 swap

    So I've ran into a small issue on my VG 33 swap! I've just about got it ready to drop in my 89 rebuild but I have come across a fskc up I never thought would happen, so the harmonic balancer from the vg30 does not fit the VG 33 and its a 96 motor which meaning the different belt system, should I just send my old harmonic to a machine shop or is there a new setup for the swap!? Any answers!?
  2. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    Help please tbi issue

    So I fudged up and broke the wires off my tbi system to my 89 pathy left it on my table when I went to work and my brother threw them away i cant find them online besides the wire up ones can I buy the plug and injectors I can't find them anywhere? The injectors and these two two spring plugged type deals with the plug that hooks into the harness! Help meh pleeez!
  3. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    95 pathy auto tranny to manual tranny swap

    So I just can't take it anymore I absolutely hate these auto trannys on the wd21's I'm just a 5 speed guy! My auto tranny shifts through all the gears but very roughly and jumps to the next gear at like 7k rpm I've replaced just about everything I could ever! So I'm throwing out this junk tranny and I want to put my old 89 pathy 5 speed in it! Can anyone guide me through it!? Bought a new clutch, throwouth bearing, fork, fork boot, but I want to know how to get this 5 speed in safely without f.cking up anything!!! Any help out there or anyone done it!?
  4. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    95 pathy shift problem

    So I have a 95 pathy with a stock vg30 and it starts for about 10 seconds then turns over but the odometer goes straight to 4 thousand rpm and that's what it stays at when revved up, IDL s rich at 1.5k it shifts hard from 1st to 3rd and no 4th gear only engages for like 2 seconds then shifts back to 3rd? Any ideas? I've replaced so many sensors under the hood and even got a new computer... Running out of time and money for my project anyone have a solution!?
  5. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    1989 pathy vg33 swap

    Update i just got my machine cleaned vg 30 crank succesfully installed into the vg 33! Keeping the front pump and am about to time it up and start dealing everything!!!! I am a bit scared that Im gonna start this motor and its going to throw the crank... Didnt have the money for bearings, rings, etc but there was almost no wear fue to the engine only having around 90k! Can anyone tell me if they have stick a 30 crank into a 33 and had a succesfull outcome! Gotta keep everything as original as posible so no parts have to be messed with!
  6. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    Small Block Chevy Swap worth it?

    Would love to see/hear the progresa on this!
  7. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    95 pathy shift problem

    Would preffer to fix but not sure what to fix! No eléctrica issues and it doesnt throw any coses? But shifts slow but not too hard?
  8. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    95 pathy shift problem

    I will check!
  9. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    1989 pathy vg33 swap

    So I just happen to have my original VG 30 heads and they are almost spotless for the use they've been through..(375k miles) My vg33 was in a rollover so oil came out the top end and the exaughst and it has 160k miles, should I swap the crank and heads from vg30 to the vg33? Should I swap the bearings as well? And will there be a timing issue?
  10. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    95 pathy shift problem

    I have replaced the mafs, egr, computer under the seat, the o2, and almost all the relays! It will idle at 1.5k but as soon as you touch the gas it goes straight to 4k till you let off then it re assumes 1.5k, still can't quite figure it out
  11. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    89 pathy

    Does anyone know of susPension kits or tubular control arms for the wd21? Internet or local
  12. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    Timing issues 89 pathfinder

    Found a bad issue bad carb.... so my original carb is toast... its froze up and ive tried everything... I cant find a carb anywhere for less than 150... anyone on here have one for sale? Ill pay immediately!
  13. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    Timing issues 89 pathfinder

    So ive recently decided to buy my old pathfinder off an old friend and I can't seem to get the timing right? The only timing marks I have are two one is missing on one of the camshaft gears? What do I do? I took an old block from a 96 hardbody and put my vg30 heads on it
  14. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    Timing issues 89 pathfinder

    So timing is set! But still won't turn over? How much of an angle do I need to set my distributor? Also could there be another issue to my no start situation? Kinda sounds like only three cylinders are compressing
  15. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    Timing issues 89 pathfinder

    Engine was recently rebuilt and bolted back up to the tranny! Is there a way to time the gear without removing it!?
  16. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    Timing issues 89 pathfinder

    I would believe so but I can't get the sprocket off
  17. Keeyinn89pathfinder

    Hard start and stalling.

    I actually had this problem myself. .. my alternator had just gone bad so itd drain my battery while turned over, replaced it and never had another problem besides a blow up

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