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  1. Hopefully this is my issue as well, gonna checky egi as well.
  2. So just a little update, I found a solid thread in the forum and it seems like my distributor and coil could really be the issue! Pump works great, turns out someone stole my whole tank of gas.... But she'll run fine for a minute or two then it's all choppy and wants to die out.. and eventually does stall. I just ordered a remanufactured distributor with a cap and rotor. Found quite a bit of corrosion on my news cap and I'm not sure what it means.. is there anything I'm missing..
  3. So I went through the timing and it's still spot on! Replaced my injectors, engine wiring harness, fuel filter, injector gaskets, intake manifold gaskets, idle air control valve, maf, temp sensors, throttle position sensor, and even the egr stuff is new..... Oh and I replaced the oxygen sensor!!! However I just cracked into it this morning, decided to buy a fuel pump relay! Hooked the new one up, still no start... I tested for fuel pressure and let me tell ya, I can't get any fuel to prime out of the pump... This here tells me clearly there is a fuel issue now. Should I just replace the fuel pump now? Much help appreciated!
  4. Update, installed new injectors! Bad news... My engine wiring harness seems to be trash. I can't for the life of me keep the truck running now.. and if it runs it surge's drastically... I'm at the point now that I can't even get the truck to start... When I initially installed the injectors it ran great! Noticed a slight power surge so I started toying with it and now it runs like poop gonna attempt to replace the engine wiring harness with a junkyard one! Can this really be my issue!? PLEASE HELP!!
  5. Then I shall order a set of OEM injectors! Price is no issue here in my opinion! I just want a healthy running vg so I can supercharge it! I'm going to need a little extra power for the sandy areas I'm going to be living near! I did notice that my temp sensors just recently failed as well, and the injectors look very stock from the factory I think 2 or 3 of them are making funky noises. I currently only drive it maybe 50 miles a week. But it is going to become a daily and toy so really want it tip top! I'm about to install some temporary ebay injectors just to get by! I shall update shortly!
  6. Hey guys I have some questions, my 91 is absolutely gutless after an almost complete tune up... I do have larger tires with 3 inch spacers all the way around. The only things I have not done yet are replace the injectors and spark plugs. Could these two things really be my issues? Runs decent but off the first Initial rev it lacks power before revving up to the limiter! And it takes forever to get up to speed... All gaskets and sensors were replaced not even 200 miles ago..
  7. hello all my nissan junkies! i am doing a vg34ett swap! if you are not familiar with this build then here it is straight forward, the vg34 is a cross breed between a vh45/vk45 and a vg33. by doing a certain bore you can use the pistons in these vg33s! so, here is the beginning of my thread, i will be doing a full video of the swap on youtube and you can follow me at Super_sketchy_time on youtube for that coming soon. otherwise ill just start here for questions and some answers! i recently picked up a low miles xterra 3.3l vge for free, and i pulled the crank pistons and rods made sure the heads were backed off a hair so i could pull the pistons effortlessly. i pulled these so i could check clearance between the crank and main caps as well as check the cylinder walls for any excessive damage. i then pulled the cams because i will be using some old 80s model z31 cams. next i pulled my donor parts from my q45 engine, after doing so i found that stainless rb26det turbo manifolds can be fitted with some fabrication to a vg engine so i will be taking any questions on that. i decided to go with some of the nissan quest parts for accessories as i do use heavy sound equipment in my vehicles. going for power i am using a nissan quest alternator with quest accessory mounts. i bought some fairly cheap gasket kits to do this swap ad ended up having to buy a few gaskets individually because ebay gaskets can be iffeee sometimes. my 91 came stock with a auto trans wich i will now be replacing with a 5 speed 2003 exterra trans! yes i know 5th has a diffrent gear but i like it better than the original beater 5 speeds! i first had to install the pedal assembly from auto to manual in this process you will need a donor clutch pedal with assembly mount. a manual brake pedal, and donor clutch lines from any d21 or wd21 from 86.5 to 1995. i bought a new master and slave cylinder because my older ones that sat for years waiting for this day had seized up and died lol. for cluth i chose a stage 3 sprung 6 puck disc and stage 3 pressure plate since i am doing a twin turbo swap i felt i need the extra grab and i know ill burn the oem clutch right out! i also decided to use the 80s 2 door pathy/d21 vg30 valve covers so i could rid of those stupid oil travel lines in the front of the engine on top of the timing covers. for turbos i decided to go with 2 garret rb26dett stockies i found rebuilt. and bear wit me here i still have a move happening so itll be a few more weeks till i can hit the machine shop for heads and cylinder wall work. any questions or advice would be greatly appreciated! -Keeyinn89pathfinder
  8. Looking to see if the rb26dett split manifolds will fit in a vg34ett build I'm doing so I'll update when I get the gaskets to see fitment
  9. I can start one and take pictures I'll even do a youtube if you want because im doing a vg33ett with an 03 exterra 5 speed in my 1991!
  10. I'll check my local j yard for them! Getting harder to find stuff for these swaps, #kms
  11. Update I need a oil pump that will work is all I'm really wanting... I was going to use the side port oil filter but I don't have the ball and thread installed so I'm wanting to use a vg30 oil pump with the filter at the front... Where can I get one? Made a thread on here about bearing issues as well, help meh pleez
  12. So I have rebuilt just about everything on my vg33de build but I've bought crank bearings and rod bearings and the crank is siezed won't turn freely with the new bearings lubed with assembly lube, but the crank turns with stock bearings... I'm at a 130$ loss here and I just want to figure out where and how to get vg30 bearings that will allow movement for my crank, I've also ran into the issue of an oil pump... What year rings can I use for the vg30 crank because the vg33 had a bigger bore crank but the oil pumps are difficult to find online, what year oil pump should I use??? Been almost a year since my last post where can I also get a 90's d21 hood?
  13. So I fudged up and broke the wires off my tbi system to my 89 pathy left it on my table when I went to work and my brother threw them away i cant find them online besides the wire up ones can I buy the plug and injectors I can't find them anywhere? The injectors and these two two spring plugged type deals with the plug that hooks into the harness! Help meh pleeez!
  14. So I just can't take it anymore I absolutely hate these auto trannys on the wd21's I'm just a 5 speed guy! My auto tranny shifts through all the gears but very roughly and jumps to the next gear at like 7k rpm I've replaced just about everything I could ever! So I'm throwing out this junk tranny and I want to put my old 89 pathy 5 speed in it! Can anyone guide me through it!? Bought a new clutch, throwouth bearing, fork, fork boot, but I want to know how to get this 5 speed in safely without f.cking up anything!!! Any help out there or anyone done it!?
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