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  1. threetoedsloth

    2" sfd possibilities?'s

    Any reason I couldn’t use 2.5”x2.5” hitch steel?
  2. threetoedsloth

    2" sfd possibilities?'s

    Thanks for your help, man!
  3. threetoedsloth

    2" sfd possibilities?'s

    I can’t wait to see what you guys come up with. I’m quite interested in the bumper bracket, so I’ll be watching for that. And I may very well be interested in some strut spacers in the future.
  4. threetoedsloth

    2" sfd possibilities?'s

    I can weld fairly well, and I have the means to whack parts down when the need arises. I even thought about adding bigger strut spacers and rear springs later, maybe going an .5”-1” over my SFD, like 3” or so. Will you guys be coming out with a bumper as well? I’ve been looking at the Coastal kit and really like the way it looks, but wouldn’t mind keeping my money in America
  5. threetoedsloth

    Humming or pulsing from front end on turns

    I’ll be taking a look at those when I pack the bearings. It’s got 150K miles and I bet they’re getting pretty worn out. I also have been avoiding an alignment because I’d like to get as much of the front end rebuilt as possible so as not to waste my money on aligning worn out parts
  6. threetoedsloth

    2" sfd possibilities?'s

    I’m thinking about doing a 2.5” SFD(based on the previous comments about a 2” SFD being a little tricky) just to bring things back into alignment. I already have the 2”-2.5” SFcreation spacers. Do you think there’d be any issue doing the 2.5” SFD without touching the spacers up front? The strut spacers are only 2” but give 2.5” of lift somehow. And I’m assuming I really wouldn’t be lifting anything since I’m not planning on touching the springs or strut spacers. I’m also planning on pulling an accord steering link sometime soon and Im hoping that’ll work with only 2.5” of lift. I’m fully expecting to trim it down since it works with the higher lifts. I’m on a super budget.. One of my concerns is that I’m dropping the subframe 2.5” and I’ve only lifted my struts and springs 2”, do you guys think that’ll be an issue? Has anybody done anything similar? I’m just wondering if I need to wait on the SFD until I can get some lift springs or fab the strut spacers at 2.5”+
  7. threetoedsloth

    Humming or pulsing from front end on turns

    I jacked it up this evening and gave it the prescribed test, there is definitely some slack in the bearings.... looks like I’ll be working on the front-end this weekend! Thanks for the suggestion, man
  8. I’ve got a sound coming from the front end while turning at speed. I just noticed this happening again this afternoon, and it only happened when I was turning going about 40mph. It doesn’t happen at slower speeds or even all the time. The sound could be described almost like a tire rubbing or a compressor motor for about 5 seconds, or the duration of the turn. I also felt something at the pedal like it was pushing it back up. Any ideas? I also changed the brake pads about 6 months ago and I’ve got what feels like warped rotors(the brakes kinda pulse when I’m braking, doesn’t matter what speed) Thanks!
  9. threetoedsloth

    Air Lift 1000 leveling air bags

    Hey, thanks for the replies, guys! I think I assumed because I was running the spacers I’d need that 2” puck for the bags to bump on but turns out I don’t. I pulled them out yesterday and I’ve got almost exactly 1/2” of space above my bags. I’ll probably swap the spacers around when i get a chance but for now this appears to be working just fine. These OEM-weight coils are just a joke, I see heavier ones in my future when I get some more dough to drop on them.
  10. threetoedsloth

    Air Lift 1000 leveling air bags

    They’re new OE springs, so basically worthless. Haha... I wish I’d bought some heavier ones. I’ll probably end up pulling the spacers out and measuring my gap, then shaving down my spacers if needed. The bags were riding up a bit inside the coils, so I’ll probably swap those around as well.
  11. threetoedsloth

    Air Lift 1000 leveling air bags

    Hey @hawairish, sorry to dig up an old post, but this is the only example of a spring/spacer/air lift I’ve seen on the internet. I recently made some spacers like what you have pictured here to replace the bump stops to compensate for my coil spacers, but the bags sit right up against the bump spacer. It’s my understanding that air lift recommends a 1/2” gap but mine is basically riding on the new bumps all the time. Was there a gap between these when everything got reassembled?
  12. threetoedsloth

    Front suspension clunk....

    I just did a spacer lift and new struts on my rig and just knew it’d fix the clunk I was experiencing, but it didn’t. I swapped the sway bar bushings and it fixed the issue. Also they’re super cheap, like $8.50-$12

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