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  1. Why not just measure it out? For reference I have a 120lb 7’ long hard shell tent on mine and it’s great. I would recommend mounting it as low profile as possible for stability reasons.
  2. Nice! I’ve got a similar build I’ll have to check it out soon
  3. Many chance you can fix your pics? I’ve never made it out to that trail but I’d love to take a look. How built up is your pathy?
  4. Smittybilt makes a totally decent/cheap soft RTT. As far as mounting using those points, see my post in this thread:
  5. May i ask where you ordered your OME HD front coils from..im in Vancouver as well and im gonna do same setup trying to stay away from spacers. Thank u

  6. Post up some pics once you're done! Would love to see how you ended up mounting.
  7. Love hearing the updates! Are you guys working on any other products simultaneously or just focusing on the SFD to start? Very interested in a better rack solution for my RTT as well as Molle racks etc
  8. One thing to note: Depending on the width of your tent, you might run into issues with the bolts that come up through the load bar interfering with the base. Luckily my tent had grooves in it that I was able to line up the bolts to as my tent is very wide.
  9. You could definitely do a cleaner job than me, I was doing mine in a rush before a trip with very limited tools/metal working knowledge
  10. As far as I know, no one makes a proper roof rack for the R50 other than some simple cross bar setups. I made low profile cross bars out of old Thule square load bars using the method that Stioc listed here: I had to put around an inch of aluminum between the bottom of the bar and the mounting feet to allow enough room to fit my hand under the bars to tighten the tents bolts (it was still pretty tight!). I had a Thule roof rack setup with the correct podium mounts for the crossbars but I found this method to be much more secure, plus it looks better and lowers my center of gravity. I can snap some photos if you're interested in seeing my final result.
  11. Jeez that’s rough, thanks for the heads up man
  12. Just to clarify, these are the adhesive ones not the in channel ones? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. For those of you who have extended your bump stops, how did you go about doing that? Just washers and longer bolts or?
  14. Retro photoshoot while on a camping trip last weekend
  15. Hey all, Anybody have experience with these wheel spacers? They seem to be of decent quality and they currently have a sale for 12% off. https://supremesuspensions.com/collections/all/products/1985-2004-nissan-pathfinder-wheel-spacers-w-o-lip-2wd-4wd?variant=21398727884880 Anybody have any other brands they can recommend? Seems like quite a few people are running spacers but don't mention what brand.

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