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  1. Does anybody have any blueprints to fabricate the blocks for the SFD. Could anybody confirm that the pictures that I have are correct and can be used?
  2. do you think i would be fine with only 1 inch spacers with the hd springs. I have the creations spacers so I can take an inch off. Do you think I would have any issues there? (at one inch spacer plus HD springs.
  3. does anybody know how to view these images?
  4. I have lifted two inches in the front, and put heavy duty coils up there also and now my passenger side cv axles clicks and pops a lot. Is it lifted too much. I will post a picture of the cv angle later. But with knowing that i have two inches and heavy duty coils (with weight up front) do you think between the lift is the reason for this cv problem. Oh and I replaced both cv axles yesterday.
  5. If i do camber bolts for now will the alignment shop align them for me?
  6. would you mind posting pictures of what you've cut?
  7. I'm running these exact tires right now on my daily driver. They are amazing on rocks and hard dirt, and they are actually decent in the mud and snow. They seem super grippy for the dry Utah trails that I ride and I can rely on them to get me through the mud when I need to. I only run them in the summer for I have snow tires for the winter. They are wearing evenly and slowly, but I will be going with more aggressive tires this next summer. Hope this helps at all.
  8. And will the SFD kits come with parts to correct the steering linkages?
  9. You guys should sell your blueprints for the DIYer. Just a thought though.
  10. You can delete this thread.
  11. Ok thanks, now I need to find where to get those strut spacers...
  12. Would it be possible to do the 4 in subframe drop with 4 inches of sf creations spacers for the struts?

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