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  1. I'm averaging about 15mpg but i can have a heavier foot at times
  2. https://www.lrdirect.com/NRC9446-Coil-Spring-90-Fr-Rh/?keep_https=yes
  3. That should be fine, you may have to uncap the nipple by the firewall to get any air out of the system though if you flush it. I learned that when I replaced my radiator and filled it up, my truck would then overheat... I uncapped that and revved until coolant came out. All clear
  4. Will be following your progress I know it's prob a tough job but will be here for moral support and of course pics so I can copy hahah
  5. They'll fit fine using a normal tire, I used that size in a big beefy A/T tire and it rubs slightly, my suspension is a little worn however
  6. Nice work, take your time I'm sure the community here appreciates you trying to pave the way for others like myself, less inclined to pull something like this off
  7. Ouch, move a few hours north here to SC and you won't have that issue anymore! Haha
  8. A 5.3 lifted out of any GM SUV would be a win win, cheap and easy to build for more power
  9. Can't wait to see what this turns in to for perhaps adapting an XJ bumper
  10. Interested buying a house end of March so I couldn't buy until April but I def will once i close and move
  11. I would be in for mounts if I could mount up an aftermarket JY bumper with winch mount to it
  12. Nice, take a pic when you get that all installed
  13. Yes, I keep going back and forth whether or not I wanna do the 2.5 vs 2. Figured worse case scenario ill go through axles eventually. I work at a garage so access to lifts, tools, and master tech's to help me is plentiful so if i have to swap em so be it Camber bolts K5330 Springs 51302 Mounts K90301

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