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  1. I was hoping Jesus would have helped me pay for this one. He doesn't answer prayers for car issues. lol Its an OEM part so hopefully there are no surprises.
  2. speedknot

    Battery size difference

    My OEM battery for my 2012 Path Silver is a group 24F. The recommended replacement is a group 35, which is a bit smaller. All the major battery brands point to a group 35 size. The group 35 looks like it will fit. Any one else go from a group 24 to a 35?
  3. The exhaust manifold was replaced. It cost just under $1400. Less than the quoted $2100. Still a ton of labor and they used an OEM part.
  4. Well.... I'm SOL with trying to claim this under the Federal Emissions Warranty. On the 2012 Path, the manifold and cat are two separate pieces, while the V8 models have a one piece manifold/cat assy. I was mistakenly looking at the part for the V8 models, which may have been covered. The issue I have is that the flange separated from the collector pipe on the manifold side. The manifold doesn't look like its one of the covered parts. I just hope and pray that my mechanic doesn't start breaking studs off in the block. I've made that mistake in the past.
  5. The check engine light came on today on my 2012 Pathfinder(62,000miles). Hooked up the code reader and it read bad Oxygen Sensor. No biggie. A few hours later I go to start it and it sounded like a Sherman tank. It looks like its coming from the lower manifold area(passenger side). Cabin fumes are real bad. Took it to two muffler shops who subtlety expressed that they don't want to touch this with a 10' pole. They were pretty certain that the connection between the cat and the header separated. The part is a small fortune and very labor intensive. The cat/manifold looks like its one piece($$). Both advised that this should be covered under the Federal Emissions Warranty 8yr/80,000mi and to take it to the dealer. Can anyone confirm or deny that the dealer would cover something like this. Any others out there with this issue?

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