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  1. Mythstae

    6.5" Round Speakers - 1995 SE

    Thank you! Adding tweeters cleanly to a door usually goes pretty smoothly... I just hate the look of aftermarket speaker grills.
  2. Mythstae

    6.5" Round Speakers - 1995 SE

    It is worth mentioning, by the way, if your interior panels don't look like mine (XE trim package maybe?) I don't know if the 6.5s will fit. The speaker covers SEEM to be slightly smaller. I don't know for sure if they actually ARE smaller.
  3. Mythstae

    6.5" Round Speakers - 1995 SE

    Thanks, Slartibartfast! I also hope the adhesive holds up. There's a similar issue on Metros, the 1995-1997 (and early 1998) dash plastic turns white and begins degrading. The only way to fix it is to swap the whole dash from a 1998-2001 car.
  4. Mythstae

    1995 Pathfinder Amplifier Bypass Harness

    6.5" round speakers will fit in the doors, under the factory grills. Here's the thread for that: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/44060-65-round-speakers-1995-se/
  5. Mythstae

    6.5" Round Speakers - 1995 SE

    Next up, installation! It mounts just like it should, but we knew that - it's a modified factory mount! ...Well. I ought to have painted those mounts black before installation. Every project needs a little duct tape, right? That's better. While I'm in there, covered up the vent in the door panel. One piece of black duct tape, upside down, stretched taut with the pieces on the end... Covered up with two pieces the other way. Nothing sticky exposed now! And last unrelated side project while I was there, replaced the door handle trim, because mine looked pretty gross.
  6. Here is what I did to fit 6.5" round speakers in my front doors! Take the template for the speaker, and line up the screw holes. Mark the edges of the hole. Everything filled in with black will need removed, for the speaker to properly fit in the mount. Staging a dramatic in-progress selfie is not an integral part of the process. A lot of cleaning up needs to happen, but we're getting there! This tab may or may not have needed to be removed, but I did take it off both speaker mounts. The speaker was just a little too deep to fit in the mount. I discovered this little dot on the backside, which was very helpful for the next step... Hole saw, for magnet clearance! I don't like how close those wires are to the edge of the plastic, if they end up rubbing for some reason they could break. As before, sharpied the area to be removed. Clearance slot! Perfect! As you can see, it does not stick out past the original mount; so you are guaranteed that it will not interfere with your window. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/800/39210823260_074cd5616e_o.jpg I was pleasantly surprised to see this nasty old foam peeled right off. https://farm1.staticflickr.com/792/40310756184_b6b441ae77_o.jpg And everything lines up as it should!
  7. Mythstae

    1995 Pathfinder Amplifier Bypass Harness

    Did you buy ovals, or rounds, though? Because I bought rounds. Like, yes, I know that the factory speakers are oval; I knew before I bought the replacements. I wanted round ones, knowing I'd probably need to mod.
  8. Mythstae

    1995 Pathfinder Amplifier Bypass Harness

    I've bought speakers already, just haven't installed. May need to modify to fit; Crutchfield says they won't. We'll see.
  9. Mythstae

    1995 Pathfinder Amplifier Bypass Harness

    Shockingly decent, considering I'm still using the OEM speakers... Which have dissolved at the edges!
  10. Mythstae

    1995 Pathfinder Amplifier Bypass Harness

    In fact, the funny part about reinstalling the bypass harness in the original amp case, is that, once you put the cases back where they normally go... you can't hardly tell anything has been done!
  11. Mythstae

    1995 Pathfinder Amplifier Bypass Harness

    These are the capacitors I bought. Don't. They're polarized, and every other guide I read says to use non-polarized capacitors in this application. But, wait. More reading says you can connect them in series (attach the negatives) and they become non-polarized. Cool! But, wait. When you connect capacitors in series, they are worth half the value. But, wait. When you connect capacitors in parallel, they're worth double. So if I... connect 2 caps in series... and do that again... and then connect those, in parallel... I effectively have, "one cap", for the original value of a single cap, and now it's non-polarized? Well, I sure hope it works that way, because that's the thing I did! Reinstalling the harness plug in the amp case is not required. It's what I did; you don't have to.
  12. Mythstae

    1995 Pathfinder Amplifier Bypass Harness

    Also, not knowing how the grounding might work, I avoided touching the metal cage with the ends of the terminals. Add your shrink tube... (Can you tell my favorite color is purple?) Pair your wires, according to the diagram, and solder them together. Shrink tube those, too. If you don't want to keep your tweeters, you can do both harnesses this way, and you'll be done.
  13. Mythstae

    1995 Pathfinder Amplifier Bypass Harness

    First thing to do is to carefully remove the plug from your amplifier's circuit board. Next, take the plug off of a harness from something else, to get some wires with terminal ends. What did the plug come from? I dunno. I chopped it off a car in a junkyard. Straighten your pins, probably trim them shorter. They are longer than you need. After you put the donor wires onto your pins, it looks something like this. Get to soldering! It is easier to solder these on than you'd think. They may be open on top and bottom, but the solder likes to cling to the sides, so you just kind of fill in the box...
  14. Yes, that's right! Another amplifier bypass thread! But mine... is different. Kinda. Before we start: I have a 1995 Pathfinder; SE. I have the "8-speaker" system: 2 tweeters in the A-Pillars, 2 speakers in the doors, 2 speakers in the rear roof, and 2 tweeters in the rear roof. This guide was written for mine. If you have different equipment, this guide very probably will not help you. Does some of the wiring have the same application on other models? Maybe, but I don't own any others, so I have no idea. So, I drew inspiration from: The Factory Service Manual Slartibartfast's guide: http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/35837-how-to-bypass-the-factory-amps-step-by-step/ adamzan's guide (which was itself sourced from elsewhere): http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/24612-how-to-bypass-factory-amps-in-your-clarion-equipped-nissan/ Some information on tweeters from NICO club: forums.nicoclub.com/factory-tweeter-mod-t443885.html And here's what I ended up with. First, is the way I did it, the "only" way to do it? No, absolutely not. Secondly, is it the "best" way? No! I'm sure it isn't! Well, then... why did I do it this way? Because I wanted to retain the use of my tweeters (like Slartibartfast did) but not cut the original factory wiring (like adamzan). Therefore, a hybrid solution was in order. For reference, the factory diagram may be useful to some of you. https://farm5.staticflickr.com/4536/27106255909_cd9b180cb5_o.gif It wasn't terribly useful to me; I'm confused by Nissan diagrams. Moving along. Here are the diagrams that I made. They tell you wire colors, wire functions, and which wire to hook to which other wire. You'd be able to use this as a guide if you want to just cut and solder the original wires, instead of taking apart the amps to get the plug. And if that's the way you want to do this, go right ahead! There is more to this guide, but the diagrams are the most important part. I will update this later with reference photos, etc, when my internet stops being so uncooperative.
  15. Mythstae

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Took off the passenger side interior plastics, sighed in disgust at the mouse nest, removed nest, removed amps, put back the little clear box (??) that shared a bracket with the little amp, disassembled amp housings.

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