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  1. You don’t need that gasket Sent from my Pathfinder
  2. When I purchased my frontier, they came with original terra tracs. They were decent tires but I wouldn’t buy them. Sent from my Pathfinder
  3. Like PathyDude17 has mentioned, there is little to no proof of failure of kyb parts. I am running kyb and have been for over two years with no problems. Sent from my Pathfinder
  4. You’re better off finding these parts at a junkyard. Shipping will kill you. Sent from my Pathfinder
  5. I believe it is federally prohibited for junkyards to sell airbags. The passenger airbag is still available, but the driver is not. Passenger Air Bag 2 BEIGE K8515-5W59C Driver Air Bag BEIGE Y8E1M-5W902 Lower Tie Bar 62530-0W700
  6. I would honestly recommend you buy the tools to do the work yourself. It will cost less than a shop doing it and you’ll have tools for the future. Sent from my Pathfinder
  7. I didn’t think I had to specify the years since my statement went along the photo I previously posted. Sent from my Pathfinder
  8. Those warn hubs will not fit factory le wheels without modification to the center bore or spacers. Also, I bought the rugged ridge because I had some spare change but the ones on eBay are the exact same thing for less money. https://www.ebay.com/itm/401303481727 Sent from my Pathfinder
  9. A lift will not necessarily allow for larger tire..at least for the front. The lower strut perch is what limits the size. You need different wheel backspacing or spacers. I use the wildpeak at3w aired down to 20psi while driving sandy/rocky in az and socal.
  10. No spacer required! What @Slartibartfast said about vdc and manual hubs is very interesting. My model has vdc which is probably why I have never had a 4wd light come on during long drives.
  11. The at3w size is larger than the same size tire of different brand. So your tire size might be smaller with a ko2. Really, there is no real way of knowing with all manufacturers unless trying the tire you want. Another note is the LT at3w has much deeper tread than SL and XL. Sent from my Pathfinder
  12. You will more than likely need all 4 camber bolts. I had all four installed for a bit but never felt comfortable as the bolt is much smaller and weaker. I got rid of the different spacer configurations I tried and ran only ome hd spring. By far a much better set up with more reliability as my cv shafts are within spec. I still will discourage you from spacer + spring as will the more experienced users on here, unless of course you have a mall crawler. Sent from my Pathfinder
  13. Fantastic write up! Sent from my Pathfinder

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