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  1. That's a valid point, but I wouldn't know where to get one, atleast not without paying a hefty price for it... I guess Ill keep an eye on my local scrap yard and see what comes through. I've missed the chance to get one already that I know of :/
  2. A while back I swapped my engine and 5 speed into a 96 body due to mine being rusted out. I have been driving it for a while, and I just had to tear the intake manifold off to replace injectors, knock sensor, and driver side valve cover gasket (the last two I have been putting off for atleast 8 years). Yes, I know some of these codes need to be addressed, but I'm interested in solutions to the fuel temperature sensor, baraoetric pressure, and Evap control stuff. Its running better than ever now, and the rough idle I was dealing with for a while is 100% cleared up. However, I noticed that the 96 doesn't have a few sensors that the 97 had. (see ECU pinout below) I don't live in an area where I HAVE to get the sensors fixed, but I would still like to clear up the check engine light incase I move in the future, as the counties around me aren't quite as lax on emissions. Any suggestions? 300,000 miles, and I plan to get atleast another 50k out of it If the wiring harness has the leads for the sensors, Ill just pull them off of my rusty pathy, but if not I guess I'm going to have to get some resistors and 'fix' it... Just wondering if anyone here has experience with such things before I jump in. Here is the 97 pinout: Here's the 96 pinout:
  3. I'm on the road! getting the exhaust put on tomorrow. Pictures to come.... Does anyone know the pinout for the transmission plug? The one on the manual is not the same as the automatic... it wasn't too clear which is which in this guide: http://www.primewire.ag/watch-2799435-The-Orville-online-free
  4. Yea, I guess they didn't pay attention... it was leaking oil from the driver side valve cover gasket, same as mine. I just kept dumping oil in mine for like 3 years LOL
  5. Just use a compression fitting. My previous pathfinder spent most of its life on salty roads, and all the rear brake lines rusted out. I got new ones and used compression fittings to splice everything back together. I know its not good practice to do this..... but sometimes, you gotto do what you gotto do. It held for almost 4 years until last week when I parked it for good and pulled the engine and trans out to put in a body with less rust.
  6. I have a rusted out 97 r50, and just picked up a garage kept 96 on Craigslist for dirt cheap because someone didn't check their oil and locked up the engine. I'm swapping my engine and manual transmission into it since I hate automatics xD The engine (vg33e) has 280,000 on it, but still sounds great. I have done: Water pump Timing belt Oil pump gasket + front crank seal Rear main seal Oil pan gasket Valve cover gaskets Plenum upper and lower gaskets oh, and knock sensor LOL I'm thinking about removing the EGR crap, but I'm not sure what all is involved with that on the electronics side of things... I got a stage 1 clutch (mine had over 200,000 on it) I'm also planning to do shifter bushings, and change the tranny oil. Can anyone tell me what else I should do while I'm in here? Here's some pics of the new beast! Ill be sure to post pics after I'm done with everything, and I have a few more of the process so far. Hoping to drop the engine and tranny in this next week before it gets too cold.

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