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  1. bstone

    Door interchangeability

    Thanks for the info guys. Appreciate it.
  2. Hi- Just wondering if the power doors and non power doors are interchangeable. My 2 passenger doors are damaged with a dent low across both doors. Was at the pick and pull today and found a 92 with good doors, but it has manual locks and windows. Can I just swap the guts out of mine into the new ones? I know some cars that doesn't work well, but just wondered if anyone can shed some light on the pathys specifically. Thanks- Brady
  3. bstone

    95 Pathfinder stereo issues

    Adamzan- pretty sure I had the blue wires connected correctly, but still didn't get anything from the speakers... Seems like it should be something simple, like either the amp wires or the ground wires. All the speaker wires are straight forward.
  4. bstone

    95 Pathfinder stereo issues

    Hey- thanks for the replies, guys- but I was hoping to find a solution that didn't require soldering, since I suck at it. Was also trying not to re-wire everything- so in essence looking for the lazy-man approach... Also forgot to mention that I have the 8-speaker setup, so not sure how to re-wire those tweeters directly to the new HU- noticed you mentioned something about adding capacitors or something to filter out the bass, but again, solder is not my friend. Actually kinda surprised that this would be so difficult- I've done plenty of HU installs over the years- guess it's mainly the amp setup that is an issue. Wouldn't mind using a stock Nissan unit, but even those are hard to find, especially with the plug setup in mine. Most of the diagrams that I find show 2 square plugs with "ears" on the corners. Mine has 2 plus, but one is square and the larger one has rounder corners on 2 sides. Anyways, thanks for the input.
  5. So my stock stereo works OK, but the display has gone out. Went and bought a cheap deck- basically just a radio with no CD, but media plug ins. Anyway, everything hooks up fine, but no matter what I do, I get no sound from the speakers. Read several posts about the same topic, but regardless of what I do, I can't get it to work. So 2 questions- 1. can anyone walk me through the wiring? I have an adapter I bought in order to avoid cutting the harness. Or 2, can someone suggest a stock Nissan unit that would plug in? My stock one is a single DIN, non-Bose unit radio cassette. In terms of a stock unit, I don't care if it's single or double DIN. Thanks.

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