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  1. Wacky_Pathy

    Ban the person above you...

    Banned for not stabbing more than once and not hitting critical arteries you pleb
  2. Wacky_Pathy

    Soft Rear Window??

    This thing is already loud lol. I'm talking vinyl window basically with canvas surrounding it. I suppose just taking the whole window out for a few decent weather days. Yea it'll be a pita but hey.
  3. Wacky_Pathy

    Soft Rear Window??

    I've had an idea during class today. What if one removes the rear lift window and puts a canvas/vinyl cover over it similar to a Jeep and be able to remove it on nice days just like a 4Runners rear window??
  4. Wacky_Pathy

    How loud is your Pathfinder

    Same here bubba. Parking decks are a great experience for everybody when I'm in there
  5. Wacky_Pathy

    How loud is your Pathfinder

    Loud enough to set off car alarms in a parking deck lol
  6. Wacky_Pathy


    Where my Georgia boys at??
  7. Wacky_Pathy

    LED Headlights

    What all would be the process of installing LED headlight bulbs? Would I need to wire up a relay so they actually produce a decent amount of light?
  8. Wacky_Pathy

    roof rack wd21

    Nicely done good sir
  9. Wacky_Pathy

    What color is your Pathfinder?

    Riviera Blue Pearl to be exact. Pic below
  10. Wacky_Pathy

    Go Ahead and Laugh

    Ya they're all in place. So far that high temp silicone is still holding up for the most part lol. I'm gonna be getting some work done to it dealing with the front end of the exhuast
  11. Looking for some M/T's

    1. mjotrainbrain


      BFG has those new KM3's that look pretty good

    2. RedPath88


      BFG MT's also have great traction!  They may cost a little more than some others, but over the years BFG's have never failed me and I've run a couple generations of MT's on a couple different trucks, including AT's on the Pathy (be wary of wet roads with NON-siped BFG AT's) before moving to BFG MT's.:aok:

    3. Wacky_Pathy


      Haha yea I have 32 k02 at's and they is fun to slide around corners on backroads

  12. Wacky_Pathy

    Go Ahead and Laugh

    I was mainly just screwing around last night and got bored
  13. Wacky_Pathy

    Go Ahead and Laugh

    It worked for a couple hours then it went back to leaking. I took it off so yea, lesson learned, rivets are not good exhaust studs
  14. Wacky_Pathy

    Go Ahead and Laugh

    So I decided to fix a few exhaust leaks last night and used a rivet and nut on an exhaust flange. It works for now. One other thing, high temp silicone sealant is an amazing product.
  15. Wacky_Pathy

    Wanting to Stall

    Ok y'all. It was a vacuum leak kinda. It needed oil bad and some other crap. I topped off the oil with 10W-30 which subsided the idling and power issue tremendously.

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