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  1. Yes, I have been looking everywhere. I am still waiting for a response from that link.
  2. Just seeing if there is anymore luck in finding 2 of these.
  3. I thought you were talking about these
  4. Do you mean the whole cap is chrome? If the center is just chrome, I think that will be fine. If you have two that will be great. The two chrome could be in the front and the other two can be in the back. I think their have a 2000 pathy. Let me know how much you want for them, and the shipping. thanks.
  5. It's for the r50, it for my parents pathy. My lost 2 caps and some how scuffed up or should I say curb rashed one of the wheels.
  6. Yes, the center caps of the stock wheels.
  7. I am looking to see if any one has their stock 6spoke hub caps, laying around. I am looking for two. Thanks
  8. Hopefully, that is the case and that he is not just taking Charlie's(FreedomFry from VA4x4) money and running. Just like he has, to some of the guys on this board.
  9. The Pic of that Pathy is not mine. It is the person in the Original Link. But I think that guy has 305/70 R16. On my Pathy it is 265/75 R16.
  10. Why do we not have rear Cargo covers? How else am I supposed to hide my kids junk ? My wife asked me this question the other day, and was surprised they do not come with one. But in Australia they do. Why? http://www.nissan.com.au/pathfinder/access...y#midpageAnchor Hell of a aftermarket selection, especially from a stealership.
  11. Do you have a link to the Old Man Emu? You can fit 33's in there with a very little trimming in the inside of the fender. Here is the Original Link Another thing to keep in mind is that my 05 SE Off Road, came with 32s. So, its not that far away.

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