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  1. Onroad manners are fine without the swaybar. Marginally more prone to understeer but nothing drastic. Removing the front sway bar is what causes dangerous changes in handling. Many vehicles do not have a factory rear sway bar but very few have no front sway bar. I'm also running polyurethane bushes front and rear which really helped roadholding too. Not cheap though.
  2. KiwiTerrano

    Bilstein 33-185552

    It's generally accepted that the correct way to mount a shock is with the body down -- ergo, upside-down is with the body at the top. Only do this with monotubes.
  3. KiwiTerrano

    Bilstein 33-185552

    They will fit but again need to be mounted upside down. However, this is entirely doable. This is because firstly, unlike the KYB, the Bilstein is a monotube shock and will work inverted, instead of having no damping and eventually failing like the KYB will. Secondly, the Bilstein has no steel shaft cover, so will not fill with water/mud. I would still recommend using a rubber cover to avoid grit damaging the seals. Lastly, I actually recommend mounting them upside down on the pre-facelift anyway, as some longer shocks will hit the panhard rod and become damaged if installed with the body down. The altered mounts on the facelift solve this problem by moving the bottom of the shock further out.
  4. Don't feel too disheartened - the LSD is way better than no LSD. One of my mates has a Terrano exactly like mine with no LSD and I can outwheel his with ease. It makes a lot of difference so long as your rear wheels can both touch the ground - it prevents all the power going to one wheel if it momentarily goes onto looser ground. I'd recommend fitting some longer shocks eg Bilstein or Procomp ES326500, and removing the rear sway bar. Cheaper, easier,much nicer to drive onroad and arguably more effective most of the time than just shimming the LSD up.
  5. Yeah, the R50 LSD is good, but if there's no weight on one rear wheel or it's on an exceptionally slippery surface then it won't work as the breakaway torque is lower than that needed to push the vehicle forward. The LSD in my R50 makes some pretty bad clunks & other noises sometimes. I've given up worrying as it hasn't got any worse in the 25,000 km I've owned it. I figure it's the differential as I've replaced every single bush in the rear end, the shocks, and have no sway bar.
  6. I agree with the above posters, I think you've just cross-axled it and are getting diagonal wheelspin. I would be very surprised if there were only one wheel spinning, as there is no way of getting power to only 1 front wheel in any of these vehicles, being primarily rear-wheel drive.
  7. KiwiTerrano

    XENON HID Headlights

    There's actually 2 relays in the in-line fusebox. I only took a picture of one as they're identical.
  8. KiwiTerrano

    XENON HID Headlights

    Yeah, it did originally have the de-icer but it doesn't work now as the truck has had several new windscreens. I don't need it anyway as NZ doesn't get cold enough, although there was that one time the wipers iced to the screen at the skfield... Would have cost me $$$ anyway. I think my truck was factory fitted with a cold weather pack - it's got the de-icer, twin batteries and the rear LSD.
  9. KiwiTerrano

    XENON HID Headlights

    Here's the other fusebox. Nothing HID-related in it. My truck also has factory remote unlocking.
  10. KiwiTerrano

    XENON HID Headlights

    Christchurch New Zealand (although I can be found between Queenstown, Dunedin & Chch usually). If you're ever over here be prepared to see a LOT of R50s - because they're basically all diesels and as such are practically unkillable. The TD/QD series engines are some of the most reliable ever made IMO. Known for doing half a million+ kms on basic maintenance alone. The rest of the R50 usually falls to bits before the engine haha. I've even seen numerous late-model R50s with blown ZD30s that have been QD32 swapped. Fuse box cover Fuse box insides HID relay box cover HID relay And a shot of the factory twin-battery HID-equipped QD32ETI engine bay... It's very busy and actually quite cramped to work on. Changing the HID bulb - nightmarish.
  11. KiwiTerrano

    265/70R16 tires on nonlifted Pathfinder?

    Yeah mine are actually only rated as 30.5" too, goodride SL366
  12. KiwiTerrano

    265/70R16 tires on nonlifted Pathfinder?

    Yes, a wider offset rim will worsen the rubbing by increasing the radius of the turn. My father uses the stock wheels. I'm running 31x10.5r15 muddies on OEM wheels with no rubbing.
  13. KiwiTerrano

    Rear Tire Carrier?

    Interesting to note that the LHD models have the tyre further to the left than the RHD models.
  14. KiwiTerrano

    265/70R16 tires on nonlifted Pathfinder?

    It's doable. My father runs this size on his stock Terrano Regulus RS-R. They only rub on full-lock downhills.
  15. KiwiTerrano

    Asain hubs on 2000 R50?

    Firstly, the hubs are Aisin brand, not Asian. Secondly, these hubs will NOT fit from a Suzuki Vitara (aka Geo whatever they're called in the states) as the stud pattern to bolt onto the hub is completely different, least not due to the fact that the r50 uses six mounting studs (not five like on the Vitara), for both the hubs and wheels. Aisin hubs are OEM on a number of Japanese brands and are very strong, better even than Warn - however I do not know if they make a hub for Nissan.

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