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  1. The bilsteins can be mounted upside down to suit pre vs post facelift. Nissan swapped the upper and lower mounts over halfway through the production run. Being a monotube shock, the bilstein can be run inverted with no problems. On the pre facelift, it is advisable to run it inverted with the body at the too to avoid the pan hard bar end hitting the shock body. I ran procomp shocks, which you couldn't invert, and had that problem.
  2. Fitted up my 33" spare - 255/75r17 to match my 255/85r16 tyres. Also a BFG MT. Only JUST fitted - very tight. Had to let it down to about 4 PSI. Would have gone in more easily if the towbar was just a little further out. I think my bar must differ from US spec ones as some here have fitted 33" spares no worries. In case you're wondering, the factory Nissan towbar is incredibly strong. I broke a Toyota towbar in half at the tongue weld when doing a moderate recovery with an 8 ton snatch strap... and yes, I removed the ball and replaced it with a shackle. Also went on a fun evening trip with the Land Rover club down at the Ashley River. 18 vehicles. I was the only Nissan. Lots of slippery mud and a few nice off camber bits and ruts.
  3. I think the SF creations is a spacer suspension lift, not a body lift per se. Would still look good though!
  4. Well, it did get a little hot going up the remarkables but I have since realised that the radiator was half covered in mud so that probably contributed...
  5. I'm running 255/85r16 BFG KM2 on mine. The skinny tyre is great for 4wding but does compromise road handling. The wider 285/75r16 tyre would be better onroad. I also wouldn't recommend the KM2 unless you really want to go 4wding as they're very noisy. KO2 would be a much better compromise, or even a more road biased AT like the AT3. I wouldn't mind a V8 (couldn't use much more fuel than v6) but they never sold them here.
  6. 265/70r16 is the perfect size for the 16" wheels. I would recommend getting the QD32 over the TD27, more power and better economy as the gearing is better on the open road. Loved my old r50. Stay away from the petrol versions, the QD32 has nearly as much power and way more torque. Check the intake hose from the airbox to the turbo isn't cracked, mine was. $60 off trademe for a new one. Also look for one that's had the electronically controlled injector pump rebuilt if you can Stay away from any that jerk taking off from a stop as this can indicate the injector pump is on the way out. This doesn't apply to the wd21 as it has a mechanical injector pump.
  7. I agree. The cables will be fine. It will be the internal mechanism in the drums that needs tightening. Have had to do this on mine. Make sure you back off the cable in the cab first. Get a copy of the sevice manual and read the defiron on adjusting the handbrake.
  8. Pics time! Got the bullbar, winch, driving lights, foglights and new UHF antenna installed. My other car (Subaru Omega touring wagon, or the NZ version of the GL/Loyale with the rear raised roof) Don't mind the dent in the fender... that was part of the carnage from Lake Daniels... along with ripping off both bumpers, destroying the right side step, and cutting the fuel pump wire getting towed off a root... remind me why I go 4wding again...
  9. Went for a proper run on some private land out at Thomson's Flat with the Land Rover club this weekend. Pathfinder went fairly well on the 33s, better than my old terrano on the same ground. Much like the terrano though, I caught the rear bumper on the exact same obstacle and had to remove it. Not much holding it onto the r51! Just two bolts and a few screws plus clips down the sides. I also got a bit brave and completely destroyed the right side step on a big tree root. Unfortunately I got stuck on it and had to get towed off backwards. This cause the front mount on the side step to get rotated, which in turn damaged the wiring loom to the back of the truck. It completely cut the wire to the fuel pump, and blew the fuse too. Had to do some Bush wiring to get the truck going again! And replace the fuse. Thankfully it drove home as it would have been a long slow tow down the river out (several kms down a rough riverbed) and then a trailer home from there. So, a few mods to come. Bullbar and winch are here, just need to fit them. Then I need sliders and a new rear bar too. And front suspension. Also need to do the dual battery setup and fit a new airbox. Time and money...
  10. Rear springs, fit some of those land rover ones with the procomp es326500 shocks off Summitracing.com. 11" travel. Take the rear sway bar out and you'll out flex solid front axle trucks. My terrano had better ramp travel than a solid front prado with those rear shocks and no sway bar.
  11. My springs were standard rate for a v6 and I had them in a twin battery diesel so maybe a bit unfair. I would recommend efs shocks, I had kyb fronts and they were a bit under damped. Springs I would say cobra extra heavy duty off trademe if you have bar and winch. Otherwise just go with matched efs ones. Efs suspension is very high quality and is equal with OME in my opinion. Better than dobison tough dog all that crap.
  12. Having upgraded from my r50 to an r51, on the whole the r51 is a better vehicle. The main thing I miss from the r50, is the insane rear end flex it had. I had mine set up very nicely, with flexy lift coils and 11" travel Procomp shocks with no RSB. The r51 just doesn't have that same feel offroad. What I propose, is to swap the solid rear axle from a D40 Navara, and use a 4-link suspension design with triangulated upper links. This should give me a vehicle with a nice flexy rear end, at the tradeoff of some diff clearance VS the IRS. By using a d40 rear axle I also hope that the ABS, TC etc will still work. I also plan on fitting the front diff from a navara too, as the diesels have a slightly better diff ratio for the 33" tyres I'm running on my petrol pathy. Thoughts?

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