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  1. Well, just finished changing the coil packs. I was heading down south for a club trip when I noticed a hesitation. Thought it might have been a road imperfection, drove on. About 1 km later it happened again and flashed the CEL. Disappeared for another 2 kms, then came back constantly. Definitely a misfire at this point and the light kept flashing. Pulled over. Stupidly I didn't take my OBD2 scanner, so called the AA for a tow home. Put her on the scanner - P0301 (misfire, cylinder 1). Bugger. Swapped coil 1 & 2 - still misfiring but now P0302. Bad coil. Nissan dealer wanted $300 for genuine, #350 for their "aftermarket" option. Repco & Supercheap were similar. Good old Rockauto delivered me 6 x Denso coils for $330 shipped haha. Just finished replacing them. My God cylinder 1 is a prick and a half of a job, took me 1 hour to swap that coil and about ten minutes combined for the rest... Very glad I paid a workshop to do the plugs last time as no way I would attempt those without taking off the manifold. I replaced all 6 as I do some very rural driving in NZ and didn't want to be doing cylinder 1 as a roadside jobbie 1000 kms in the middle of nowhere. Very glad it didn't die 500 kms earlier as I was up the top of the Molesworth road, about as far from civilisation as you can get in the South Island (especially as it's washed out at the Blenheim end so no access that way at the moment. Have thrown one of the good old coils in my spares kit, and put my scanner back in the truck lol.
  2. Good questions there. No, due to the design of the hubs you can't fit manual hubs. The front bearing and axle setup is more like a Subaru style hub than the previous gen Nissans. Lift - I'm running king springs and Bilstein shocks off rockauto. OME is again good. Tyres - I'm running 255/85r16 BFG KM2 (33.2") on OEM 16X7" alloys, no spacers. Requires a small trim to rear of front guards but otherwise no rubbing. See my thread below for pics.
  3. I'd check out rockauto. Can get replacement springs, shocks, bearing assemblies off there for good value. If you need CVs, I would recommend sourcing OEM replacement boots from a dealer and keeping the original axles - aftermarket CVs just don't last. For shocks I would highly recommend Bilstein off rockauto, they are really good value and ride very nicely indeed. Good luck!
  4. Looks like it could be the AC drain pipe but it's missing the lower flexy section?
  5. Got sent a few photos of a club trip into Lake Daniels last year. This is why I now have a bullbar and sliders... Got hung up on the sidestep on a log, when it got pulled off backwards it bent the front right step mount and cut the wiring loom to the fuel pump. That was a fun trail fix in West Coast Rain and mud. Also ripped the front bumper off on the same log. Rear bumper happened on the flat. Made it to the far hut though! There's a video somewhere of me ripping off the rear bumper, will have to find it.
  6. Nice! They're a very popular bar here in NZ and IMO are the best looking bar you can get for the R50. I actually prefer them to the ARB bar. Are you going to put a winch in it? I'd recommend the RUNVA brand in a 9500 lb. Great quality at a good price.
  7. The ABS in the r50 isn't particularly smart. I wouldn't bother adding it. Personally I actually found it more dangerous than useful as I only ever triggered it on loose surfaces where locking the brakes would have been more beneficial.
  8. Here's a video of it in action. Apologies for the potato cam.
  9. Here's a video of it in action. Apologies for the potato cam. https://youtu.be/gI-t2VFoyBw
  10. Thought I'd upload a few pics from my trips over the past few months. Have done a few with the club and solo, including Omarama Saddle, Forks Stream and of course Macauley hut. All great drives though not terribly challenging (doable in a stock vehicle). She's been running well with no mechanical issues other than having to replace the rear brake pads.
  11. While this is true when you have a wheel lifted, I always found the LSD to be quite effective in my R50 when both wheels had some ground contact. It was especially noticeable when 4wding with a mate in an otherwise identical R50 - mine was substantially better at climbing rutted and crossaxled hills than his, and did skids much better too. The LSD is a good thing to have.
  12. I'm running King lifted springs with Bilstein shocks from Rockauto on mine. Rides really nicely.
  13. All R51 are built in Spain, whereas some D40 (usually later models) are built in Thailand. The front of the chassis differs slightly between build locations, so you need a bar that fits a Spanish D40. Easiest way for you is probably just to pull the front bumper and see if the mounts are correct or not. Good luck!
  14. Well, truck is ticking along nicely. Have fitted a set of rock sliders and extended upper ball joints. Front flex is better and no more bangs from the upper arm hitting the tower. Have left out he rear sway bar, honestly can't tell the difference onroad but it's much better off. Have done a few more trips with the club, she's pretty good. Next mods will be PSR rear subframe spacer kit and a rear locker.
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