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  1. Some pics from my last trip out in August with a mate in his lifted Forester
  2. Nice. With a 2.5" turboback exhaust my flatmates td27 r50 is just as fast as my qd32 r50, and has much better performance above 3000 rpm where mine tails off.
  3. Might have a go for the first time. Winter trip up the Carricktown track in Central Otago, NZ, in my JDM diesel r50 with a mate in his lifted JDM Forester XT. We were stopped by that big drift, was about a metre deep in the middle and just couldn't get through.
  4. Would a JDM Subaru Momo airbag wheel work you reckon? There's heaps of those in NZ. Had one on my Forester and loved it. They look identical to the above.
  5. My 3.2 diesel tows beautifully. It's rated to tow 750 kg unbraked or 1800 kg braked. I imagine the v6 wouldn't be as great for towing heavy loads with less low end torque.
  6. Nice! I definitely need to replace my sway bar bushes on the front. Rear bar is permanently off. I think only the limited spec had the lsd. Mine's a limited and it has one.
  7. In theory a v8 would fit as they use both an IL4 diesel and a v6 petrol. Tricky part would be transmission mating + wiring. & legalities.
  8. I just fitted the cheapest pads I could find at Supercheap (50 bucks for 4 pads) and they're still going strong 35,000 km later.
  9. I run Nolathane red bushes front and Superpro purple rear. Best mod I've done. Really improved handling. Still get great articulation.
  10. I do 10-13 L/100 km in my QD32 diesel
  11. It probably is one tooth off. I put a new engine in my 1989 Subaru Omega (NZ equivalent of a Loyale) and had to swap the dizzy over, meaning my distributor was off. Not by much, but it wouldn't start. Just had to keep taking it in and out until I could get it timed to 8 deg BTDC (factory spec for the EA82 carby motor). Then it started first pop.
  12. Unfortunately the zd30 is one of the worst diesels Nissan ever made, a far cry from the earlier TD series diesels. I deliberately bought an earlier qd32 powered terrano not a zd30 for that reason. The zd30 is known for melting piston 3 and blowing turbos. It's regarded as a matter of when, not if, it will give you major grief, usually around 170,000 kms or so. Unfortunately this is not a cheap fix and I have seen several NZ Terranos with blown zd30 diesels that have been retrofitted with a qd32 or td27 diesel. If your boost pressure is fluctuating I'd be worried about the turbo. Could be worth taking the intake side to pieces and checking nothings loose. Does it blow any smoke? Also try offroadexpress.kiwi for more info.
  13. Go on trademe.co.nz and find one off a grey import jdm terrano. They're on every other r50 in New Zealand.

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