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  1. Well, after the last trip the front shocks are toast. Unsurprising really, given they're the factory originals, have done nearly 200,000 km, and they've had 2" lift springs in them for over 50,000 km now. Fitting a heavier wheel/tyre combo finished them off I think. I shall hopefully be replacing them with this kit... https://www.performancesuspension.com.au/nissan-navara-d40-bilstein-3-lift-kit-long-travel With these rear subframe spacers to match the lift. https://www.performancesuspension.com.au/nissan-pathfinder-r51-rear-crossmember-spacer-lift In the next few months I also plan to fit an XROX bullbar, hopefully some sliders too, and eventually get a custom rear bar made that will replace the OEM rear chassis crossmember and have a tyre carrier and winch incorporated. It will also get a rear locker. Then it will be finished, and damn near unstoppable I think. Should have about 350 mm clearance front and rear with 3" front and 4" rear down travel plus factory uptravel from my calculations. Not a flex monster but should be a beast in muddy ruts.
  2. Weird, I'm really surprised it doesn't have a factory cooler given my petrol nz new one does. Mines a Spanish built MY2007 Ti spec though
  3. Is yours diesel? I assumed you were American but sounds like you might be an aussie. Mine is petrol despite being nz new
  4. That should be fine, it's a bit smaller than the factory external cooler on my NZDM R51 but will do the trick. They're great tow vehicles! Anything under 1000 kg I hardly even notice.
  5. Well, I have now fitted up the BFGs and taken it out for a good weekend trip. Pleased to report it all went well and the truck performed flawlessly. I did have to adjust the front fender liner slightly with the help of an angle grinder but it still looks pretty factory. Only rubbed on the top of the liner when I bottomed it out at the front.
  6. Looks great! The ARB bumper and a little panel will work will have the exterior looking as good as the inside. Your old man would be happy with the improvements so far, and I'm sure your family will enjoy the trail you have planned. They're great wee 4wds, the r50s.
  7. My father and I bypassed the in radiator transmission cooler lines at only 30,000 kms. It has a factory transmission cooler which is a very decent size. Yes I don't expect too many problems. My biggest fear is destroying a CV.
  8. Way faster, smoother, quieter, safer, more spacious and lower mileage than my r50. Only downside really is that it has independent rear suspension. If it proves too limiting I may get a local outfit to swap in the solid rear axle from a d40 navara which should allow me to maintain the stability and traction control.
  9. So some of you guys have probably seen various posts about my old truck, a JDM 1997 Terrano 3.2 diesel. I was about to dump a whole lot of cash into it and spec it up for 4wding, but I've now gone a similar direction with a new vehicle and sold the Terrano My father decided to upgrade his vehicle, and offered me his 2007 R51 V6 for a price I couldn't refuse. So this will be the new 4wd and will also be specced up to do trips with the Canterbury Land Rover Owners Club. During his ownership my father added a 2" lift with King springs, so that's already done. So far I have added the UHF CB and dashcam from the Terrano, bolted on a set of front recovery points, got a rear recovery hitch, fitted a snorkel, made a sump skidplate from 5 mm steel tread plate, transferred all my recovery gear, fitted a 1.5 kg fire extinguisher, snorkel, spark arrestor and lastly, a set of 255/85r16 BFG KM2 tyres on OEM Nissan whpeels. At the moment I'm pretty keen just to get out and drive it on some club trips. I've got one planned over the Waikaia Bush Rd for the 28th. As my father has had it from new I've already put some serious bush miles on it, but it's always good to get out. That's next to a 265/65r17 all terrain, Goodride SL369
  10. Looks good! Could you just reuse the old nuts? So long as they're not stripped they should be fine
  11. It's held on by spot welds. The recovery hooks are bolted on.
  12. Also check out the wrecking yards that are local to you, usually cheaper. I got a fender for 20 bucks and it was a colour match.
  13. Interestingly enough, my 1997 JDM QD32TI diesel also has drive by wire! Along with the early 4 mode 4wd. I have a similar but different criticism. I find that the throttle pedal is extremely sensitive. This leads to good responsiveness on the road, but offroad makes the vehicle very jerky and difficult to drive smoothly. I've got it mastered now, but whenever I let mates drive it they always comment on this. I just wish Nissan had reprogrammed it so that when you put it in low it was less aggressive on the throttle. Would make it much easier to drive. I've never found it lags. Most of the lag in mine is turbo, but even then that's not actually too bad by 90s diesel standards, because at 3.2 litres it's quite a decent displacement and doesn't rely too much on boost for the low end torque.

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