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  1. d.carver87

    98 pathfinder restoration

    Thanks y'all
  2. d.carver87

    98 pathfinder restoration

    at.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:48 8.4M ax.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:48 625K br.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:48 2.1M bt.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:48 1.1M cl.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:48 347K ec.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 13M el.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 5.5M em.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 1.8M fe.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 256K foldout.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 80K fwd.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 145K gi.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 1.4M ha.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 4.2M idx.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 397K lc.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 476K ma.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 846K mt.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 1.0M pd.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 1.7M rs.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 1.2M sc.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 366K st.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 1.0M su.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:49 623K tf.pdf 05-Feb-2010 17:48 900K Any way to decipher this nonsense.. might as well be ancient greek not trying to print the whole thing just what would be applicable
  3. d.carver87

    Locking Hub Install With Pictures

    https://www.summitracing.com/parts/wrn-29061/overview/ Says this hub will fit on a 1990-2001 Pathy And their warns
  4. Have been running 15s for few years with no issues whatsoever
  5. d.carver87

    98 pathfinder restoration

    Is the Fsm any better than a Chilton?? I have a chilton on hand
  6. Decided i cant let this thing go to the junk yard because I know theres still years of enjoyment left in it. Motors shot as is the Trans so step 1 will be removing both. Have been searching for hours trying to find a how to on these matters but cant find anything does anybody know of one? Thanks for all the help im sure i will get over the next few months
  7. d.carver87

    1998 3.3 wont start

    Appreciate the opinions everyone... going to head up tomorrow and test the cables and all that.. wheres the starter switch?? is it under the steering wheel?
  8. d.carver87

    1998 3.3 wont start

    I brought it into a shop and had them hook it up to their testing machine
  9. d.carver87

    Beginner Trails For Stock R50 (Bc)

    Know this is from years ago but if your looking for good wheeling theres alot down in NW Washington.. Feel free to pm me and i can hook you up with some info
  10. d.carver87

    1998 3.3 wont start

    Have been having issues for a week or so with it not starting.. When i turn i turn the key it just clicks but every time i turn it rapidly a few times it starts. Now i turn it over and it doesnt even click.. All lights and accesories work fuses and relays are good and had the starter tested its good.. Any ideas?? Thanks in advance
  11. The 4x4 link you have posted is a dead link.. brings you nowhere

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