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  1. AC is Automotive Customizers out of Florida. They have an undisclosed spring set they offer - 2” of lift but generally acknowledged to be a bit harsher than the ARB OME stuff. AC is oft despised for hiding their brands & charging outrageous shipping. Land Rover (LR) springs have become the product of choice for lifting the rear - just search the forum. The NPORA forum is, quite honestly, the gold standard information source on R50s -[mention=36148]hawairish[/mention] is one of the gurus. Welcome! (Also - I’m the self proclaimed Power Valve Evangelist - if you’ve got an Auto tranny & especially if your ‘01-‘03 ish, you need to secure your power valves to avoid a potential engine failure - a 2-3 hr job http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/17104-threadlocker-on-power-valve-screws-pics/page-1
  2. Those are some beautiful places. When I traveled through the area decades ago m, I was struck by the surprising (to me) beauty of the mountains of North Carolina & Georgia. It was not a place I’d expected to find such raw wilderness.
  3. I wonder if this isn’t a good mission for some of those temporary preps like FilmFluid?
  4. @hawairish I just wish you’d be more precise & specific [emoji16]. Always a pleasure to read!
  5. The security system can throw a code as well. When I’ve accidentally started it with the key without the chip it gives a code I can read with my generic OBDII readers
  6. I’ve only had to replace that one once in 106K but I’ve replaced the lower ones about twice each. Easily my most common repair.
  7. Pictures don’t do it justice. I’ve been behind & in front of all iterations - especially as we’ve started to make it our practice to run with lights on for safety due to the congestion on trails these days & the occasional idiot tearing down a trail in a Side by Side (SxS). This last version turned out great. It’s really rich & full. It was also economical - I’ll be following suit.
  8. Well, at least you won’t have lake effect snow. You’ll probably have to go to Western PA, WV or KY for off-road opportunities.
  9. Having lived in Cleveland for 4+years in the late ‘90s, the salt there will eat a car alive. Look 2014+ facelifted models (also when they switch from calling it the Trail Edition to the much more cumbersome & marketing influenced TRD Off-Road). It has the much better looking front chin & better headlights. I would also try & get one with KDSS though that’s going to be much harder. KDSS is like magic - stabilizes on road at speed & increases off-road articulation 10cm. Rarely a failure problem. Rust is much more of an issue on 4Runners than Pathfinders so I wouldn’t even bother looking in the rust belt. Another great option are the GXs. They depreciate much faster than 4Runners but are essentially a combo of 4Runner & FJ underneath. GX470(Prado 120)-2009/2010+GX460(Prado 150).
  10. Since the 4Runner Pro is actually the wrong choice (added cosmetics but can’t get KDSS & comes with a suspension you’ll want to change anyway - all for ~$5,000 more), you’ll find lots & lots of people putting Pro wheels on Off-Roads (the actual Pro wheel us 7” & you’re better off getting a custom 7.5-8” from the same manufacturer for the same or less). Anyway, it gluts the used market with Off-Road trim wheels. As you’ve said, way more so in places like CO, UT, WA, OR. I actually troll the KC & Asheville NC Craigslist market & the supply there is virtually non-existent. Used Toyota wheels are still the easiest to find but beware they take Mag Lugs, not Acorns & Toyota uses a different pitch than Nissan so expect to buy Nissan threaded Mag lugs.
  11. Yeah, I thought they all looked pretty good. The 5th Gen T4R TRD Off-Road wheels (7 spokes) are a dime a dozen around here as everyone replaces them with the TRD Pro wheels. I picked up a 4pack with new stock Dunlop ATs for $250.
  12. Mine was exquisitely cared for but I didn’t know about this. Lost my 5th screw & the 2nd on one of the butterfly valves before it cost me an engine at 15yrs & 102,000. For 2-3* work or labor cost, I wish I would have known.
  13. Mine was exquisitely cared for but I didn’t know about this. Lost my 5th screw & the 2nd on one of the butterfly valves before it cost me an engine at 15yrs & 102,000. For 2-3* work or labor cost, I wish I would have known.

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