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  1. RainGoat

    Random picture of your R50

    Welcome! She looks to be in great shape. Make sure to get this repair done ASAP as it can cost you an engine. POWER VALVES http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/17104-threadlocker-on-power-valve-screws-pics/page-1
  2. RainGoat

    Daytime Running Lights Again

    The headlights are H4/9004 which are a dual filament Hi/Low beam (60w/55w) in the U.S. Spec. I was unaware of DRLs in any R50s until your post. Our 4Runner just runs its 9005 high at a lower power & our MDX has a dedicated DRL but its also a 9005 at low power. I suppose there’s no reason the high filament in a 9004 couldn’t also be wired with a lower power for a DRL but that’s purely speculation on my part.
  3. RainGoat

    R50 Tire Carrier Mod: Let's settle this!

    Probably not when you can buy them at a JY for less than $20
  4. RainGoat


    I’d say the miles don’t matter as much if you can find a SW Soccer Mom car.
  5. RainGoat

    DIY Roof Rack Platform

    Oh, didn’t realize that. Yep, you qualify as NW. I love Boise. I’ve explored alot around there, N, NE, E, NW, SW of Boise - quite alot now that I think about it. I have a buddy who lived in Meridian & has a cabin in the mountains W of Cascade. I think the Sawtooths are as lovely as the Tetons. Idaho is great country!
  6. RainGoat

    DIY Roof Rack Platform

    Well, you’re in the SW right? Branches aren’t going to be much of an issue for you. In the NW it’s incessant!
  7. RainGoat

    DIY Roof Rack Platform

    Having lived with my truck in the desert I get it but in the woods, it’s the R50’s slender profile & tapering top which are its greatest asset. Be sure to watch for those forward corners catching on branches (up here, I’m definitely considering limb risers once my rack & bumper are done). Definitely look at@hawairish recessed mesh-that was well done. I generally don’t care for those hefty SE side rails but his use of them was perfect & took advantage of those long elevated bars (something you can’t do with the adjustable LE load bars).
  8. RainGoat

    Hello from Lebanon

    Welcome. There sure is ALOT of great InstaGram stuff with R50s from Lebanon. Great to have the diversity. I know we have som body from Indonesia & at least one from New Zealand. I think PCoA gets most of the Australians-that’s a good forum to watch as well.
  9. RainGoat

    04 Build Thread (R50)

    Exactly so! Our ‘02+ LEs mount the spoiler onto a piece that is also the glass hinge. An earlier version mount independently outboard of that location directly to the hatch metal. I would use this system, however the deflector really just gets in the way of stuff on the rack. Especially if you’re putting on a full rack.
  10. RainGoat

    DIY Roof Rack Platform

    Why not just add bars in the slots of the current side rails. It would add functionality but keep the aesthetics & still be cheap. Here is an example on 5th Gen 4Runners. LFD Off Road Ruggedized Crossbar 5th Gen 2" wide x 1" tall http://lfdoffroad.com/catalog/ruggedized-crossbar-5th-gen http://www.toyota-4runner.org/5th-gen-t4rs/250438-alternate-rack-6.html
  11. RainGoat

    R50 Tire Carrier Mod: Let's settle this!

    The license plate relocater is interesting too.@TowndawgR50 &@ferrariowner123 spent an afternoon trying to get one to fit on a face lifted R50 without success - I guess we can see why!
  12. RainGoat

    R50 Tire Carrier Mod: Let's settle this!

    That’s VERY interesting. I have never seen one of those & didn’t know they existed. Here’s a quick shot of the older one for comparison for those on the thread. Weigh it if you get a chance. It would be interesting to compare. I’ll bet it’s lighter as it’s minus one vertical bar & that flat plating.
  13. RainGoat

    2002 R50 Pathy lift questions

    Just make sure to update this info with the recently discovered Land Rover Defender options. Search NPORA for “LR Springs”
  14. RainGoat

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    It’s not “rival”, it’s “complement”. Together we’re the R50 Test Lab: Wet & Dry Divisions, [emoji943] PNW [emoji3587] & [emoji3508] Desert [emoji266]
  15. RainGoat

    R50 tire carrier handle and latch

    We only paid $18 for an entire assembly recently both here in Seattle & in Portland. Our PNW group can keep an eye out for you though I would think AZ & Southern CA are ideal places to find it.

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