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  1. I don’t think the time of year is conducive to the NW & especially not ID or MT as that’s even more true there. Our mountains will still be snow bound. CO the same. UT can still be wet & cold that time of year - though not a dealbreaker (@02_Pathy was there about that time of year this year). Frankly, AZ is perfect that time of year as it’s when the Sonoran desert blooms. CA/TX would also be good but Big Bend is far away even if you live in TX.
  2. Wow, what an update! For what it’s worth-to other forum members, the strut simply is more complicated than it looks at the outset. I had the incalculable benefit of immediate advice from@hawairish &@TowndawgR50 (who also did the whole project with me). Also, BTW, that spring compressor in the photos was advised by@hawairish, relayed to me via@TowndawgR50. I think there are now 4 of us who have used one with LR & ARB OME HD springs & everybody loves them. Even a novice like me can use it safely. Another important point is to line up the notches on the struts - the ARB OME struts don’t have the notches so it helps to have an OEM to compare to while doing it (shops have definitely been known to screw this up). Here’s a posting I cut & pasted from the forum: The notches on the bottom spring seat and the top spring seat must be aligned as shown. Note that the side of the strut shown in the photo is the inboard (engine-facing) side. When reinstalling the struts, orient the "L" or "R" on the strut insulator (aka "top hat") so that the "L" lines up with the notches for the left strut, and the "R" lines up with the notches for the right strut. (I can’t recall who posted this so if you let me know, I’ll edit in the credit) Compressors - You can get them for as low as $84 without the plastic spring protectors but for $10 I figured why not. eBay gave me a 2wk expected delivery but it actually showed up 4 business days later. https://www.ebay.com/itm/MacPherson-Interchangable-Fork-Strut-Coil-Spring-Compressor-Extractor-Tool-Set-/273518130882
  3. [mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] found these links on YouTube which seem to confirm[mention=41155]R50JR[/mention] hypothesis that’s it’s the trailer hitch. So I may look into adding a resistor to the brake light line & see if that does it.
  4. Yours is an ‘03 LE right? Hmm, I have the factory hitch harness which works fine itself but maybe you’re right it may not play well with LEDs. Unfortunately, I use a trailer about a dozen times a year so I would kind of like to keep the harness hooked up. I’ll ponder.
  5. My current dash - oh yeah, looking good!
  6. Hmm, yours puzzles me. I figured if@TowndawgR50 did it, so would yours. My LEDs: Stop/Tail #7443 DDM Tuning Red 6xCree LEDs Rear Turn Signal #1156NA DDM Tuning Amber 6xCree LEDs https://www.ddmtuning.com/Products/7443-6xCree LED Relay Novita EP34 LED Relay https://www.amazon.com/Tridon-EP34-Flasher/dp/B00064LQKS
  7. Hmmm, the LED relay does NOT stop the turn signals from disengaging the Cruise Control. I wouldn’t have thought that mattered much as how often does that happen - turns out, quite alot. I think it happened 2-3 DOZEN times on last weekend’s trip on I-90 over the Cascades. I’m seriously going to have to consider putting the incandescents back in the turn signals (hopefully the brake LEDs don’t cause it too).
  8. My wiring is fine. It only appeared after changing out the rear brake & turn signals to LEDs. Cruise cuts out when I activate the turn signal. Same thing with@TowndawgR50. His persists with resistors. I used an LED relay switch so I’ll give a report once I’ve had a chance to test it.
  9. Yep, I left the original & used double sided foam tape to secure the new one to the old (couldn’t find my good 3M tape)

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