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  1. RainGoat

    new from argentina with r50

    What he said! But seriously most of our Spanish is pretty poor & your English is fine. Nice looking rig. You’ll find people here friendly, knowledgeable & happy to help [Astrorami-you show off ; ) ]
  2. RainGoat

    2004 Nissan Pathfinder Lift

    Great write up. I might just add that over the last year it has been discovered that Land Rover D90 front springs work well in the rear of the R50 & are very reasonably priced. You’ll want to find that thread (search LR Springs). The one thing I’m not sure of though is if anyone has only achieved 2-2.5” of lift. Micah used the ones we thought would do that but reported getting more like 3.5-4” of lift in the rear.
  3. RainGoat

    Roof Rack Cross bar replacement?

    Not sure it’s easier but I can accept them here in Seattle & you could pick up at your leisure. I would bring them up next visit but that likely won’t be until next year. Surely they’re around some junkyard in the PNW.
  4. RainGoat

    Blown/Seeping Head Gasket?

    Yeahh!!! I’ll bet that’s a relief!
  5. My silver ‘02 LE is color matched. I would consider graphite/charcoal wheels as well. Frankly, aluminum alloy looks fine too. Perhaps, consider what your other accents are going to be.
  6. KYBs are well regarded & should be reasonably priced. You might end up wanting AirLift 1000s for the rear if you do a fair amount of towing easy install &
  7. RainGoat

    Roof Rack Cross bar replacement?

    I would 2nd this. I have carried an incredible amount of lumber on my ‘02 load bars, no problem. Not recommending it but I have significantly exceeded my weight limits &!even emergency stopped with something like six 5/8” 4x8’ subflooring up there.
  8. Ain’t that the truth. I evangelize every late model R50 I come across these days.....kind of annoys my wife. Honestly thinking about printing up little cards to just hand out. FU Nissan! (See what he means)
  9. RainGoat

    R50's are getting cheap - advice

    Owned my 2002 LE since new. For the R50 years, the QX4 was really only cosmetically different than the Pathfinder. The interior of the LE Pathfinders is nearly identical & even has the rear glass release as of 2003. The exterior of the QX4 has alot more plastic cladding and can be more difficult to work with for an off road rig. For example, the reverse lights are on the center rear of the QX4 which can be problematic. Also, the front bumper is a little less workable if you are going to keep it. The one thing I'm not sure of is if you get HID lows with the QX4. Personally, I'd go for a 2003 or 2004 and decide if you want the tx14 AWD option Transfer Case - I love mine for wet, snow & easy sand but the tx10 is undoubtedly more bulletproof. R50 Pathfinder Hx by Year (after Facelift): 2001 model year updated spring 2000 XE=Base SE=Sport, Manual Transmission available LE=Luxury Shared design & V6 engine with Infiniti QX4 New twincam 3.5L V6-Prior single-cam 3.3L V6(170hp/200#ft Torque) Auto 240hp (265#ft Torque) Manual 250hp (240#ft Torque) LE's adopted QX4 tx14 Transmission/4WD system=On-Demand All-Mode setup (2WD, automatic 4WD & locked center differential in 4WD High & 4WD Low settings) 2001 Dashboard & Console restyled 2002 XE Dropped SE grill restyled, body-color bumpers & fender flares LE 17" alloys wheels in place of 16" Interior trim revisions incl. new steering wheel with audio controls 2003 Dynamic Control option-antiskid/traction-control system Front side airbags and curtain-style airbags (LE Standard, SE Option) Navigation option dropped LATCH child-seat anchors, Redesigned steering wheel & center dashboard Electronic tailgate release LE gained standard heated front seats 2004 No major changes
  10. RainGoat

    My new 2001 LE 4x4

    Nice Pics! I could use that Bear Notice in my neighborhood!
  11. RainGoat

    Labor day weekend 2018 PNW NPORA Expedition trip

    We are going on a 3d camping trip the week before followed by a couple days at Lake Chelan so I'm not sure the family is going to be up for it. That said, I might be able to escape for part of the weekend or come along with just one kid. I can feel the summer slipping by....
  12. RainGoat

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Love the Tofino & Ucluelet area so much I proposed to my wife at Half Moon Bay in between them, down the Willowbrae trail which I believe still has remnants of the old corduroy road. (http://tofinohiatus.com/tofinohikes/willowbrae-trail-a-halfmoon-bay-.html) With the broken Islands to your South you have to go back to Port Albierni to head West & South again. Are you going to head North along the Western coast?
  13. RainGoat

    Front Brakes and Rear Shock Advice

    Great note. You are not alone on the A/C vs OME springs & why I’m ultimately using OME up front. For the OP be aware that there is a whole thread on NPORA regarding using Land Rover Defender 90 Springs for the rear. It’s a big thread but I think I have a recent summary towards the end. Your brake job notes were very thorough & have disuaded me from doing it any time soon. For the OP, doing just the pads in the front is as easy as a passenger car (I’m often too lazy to turn my rotors if they look good but it’s definitely preferable).
  14. RainGoat

    Front Brakes and Rear Shock Advice

    I 2nd this, NPORA is my preferred forum. Here’s an excerpt from a recent thread Astrorami & I had regarding drilled &/or slotted rotors on off road vehicles. Pros & Cons so just for your consideration. “I’m a fan for street cars & actually have them on my wife’s MDX (though that was a gift from my brother for helping him put them on his car). They certainly don’t hurt street performance (though they probably eat pads a little quicker-a trade off I can accept). Over the years, I’ve had small rocks & grit get caught up on rotors in several different rigs. Often they will clear on their own but more than once I’ve seen a stone significantly mar up a rotor. If you catch it quick enough, I first try reversing then with a light brake application. If that fails, I’ve taken my brakes apart to extract them before. There’s nothing more grating than a long drive with the sound of a rock continually digging into your rotor. I think this is worst in the desert, which I believe is where most of mine have happened. The AZ desert is particularly bad because the igneous rocks that litter AZ are hard as can be & often can have glass like edges-they cut through everything-tires, boots, paws, feet, etc. Even the dust in AZ can scratch your windows & plastic (my main dials have a haze from me not properly rolling my cloth up as I wiped my car down after trips when I first moved there). That said.....[drille/slotted rotors]...will undoubtedly have better road performance &, given that no matter who you are, our trucks still spend more time on road than off, you should have a net gain.

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