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  1. Just used ours tonight - my Mom couldn’t have seen her winch controls, clutch, power switch, remote plug in or the drum if it weren’t for that light. In fact, I might put a 12” or some small LEDs under the grill cowl to better light it up for her.
  2. Yeah, I totally agree you got the wrong color & it’s totally wrong they didn’t refund or send a replacement. Hopefully either eBay or PayPal can rectify it. That said, all eBay purchases are a crap shoot and LED strip quality & adhesive quality are hard to find - this product is excellent. I do think I’ll consider buying my 3 separately as a hedge that I don’t get one order that’s 3 blue. Now if I get 2 out of 3, I guess I’ll consider myself a winner. On the other hand, if anybody has one they’ve used for a year or two & is still sticking well & functioning in that hot environment, I’m open to alternatives. The other strips I’ve bought from Amazon in the past have all been junk.
  3. Hmm, that does look like the same link. I’ve known other people who bought that on my recommendation and had no problem. To be honest, at $19 for it, given how well it’s held up, I’m probably buying another 3 (one for each of my vehicles). I’ll try & follow up on how that goes.
  4. I couldn’t get the link to work. I bought this one for our T4R. It’s been on there 18mo in a truck that sits out in Kansas hot summers & cold winters & I’m very impressed with how bright it is and how well the adhesive has held up. https://www.ebay.com/itm/291157773341
  5. How about touching on your method if cleaning the sunroof drain. I undoubtedly need to do that. I’m also going to consider a rug doctor - my carpets are clean but yours are amazing. Knockout job btw, that truck is going to be incredibly mint when you’re done. Also, I expect you already have done it but I didn’t see it so - don’t forget to fix the power valves. It would be a shame to lose the engine on that beauty.
  6. 4x4Parts is also a notorious Pathfinder aftermarket supplier. Definitely check the shipping - it’s unreasonably expensive in the US, I shudder to think what it will be to Canada.
  7. Those are two great looking trucks!
  8. Was the problem with the running board mounts rust? Was it the whole mounting area or just the bolts? Personally, I’m an advocate as I think the truck looks unfinished without running boards or sliders. The low profile LE sliders offer some protection, are useful for accessing a rack up front, are a necessity for women & kids & just add a nice complementary line across the bottom. I would think spare bolts or even running boards should be a dime a dozen. So the fenders are going back on? Honestly, CB is really dated. Some people run them but GMRS & Ham have largely replaced it. I bought a fancy new CB but it’s still in it’s box because myself & those I travel with have all come to prefer GMRS. I regret buying my CB & will likely never mount it. On the other hand, I’m buying additional GMRS units for my kids & wife & anyone who joins us without one. The hand units have impressive reach & allow easy communication with spotters on foot. They can also talk with both Ham & FRS which increases their versatility (non-licensed can be on FRS channels). Ham has many of the same benefits but requires a test for licensure & that license doesn’t cover family members (GMRS is simply pay & your whole family is included).
  9. I’ve carried one for decades “just in case” but I think you’re the first that I know of other than a recovery instructor that has actually used the HiLift as a winch. Pictures?
  10. Interesting note on the Warn hubs - did you do that? If so, pictures please. I think you’ll find the running boards useful over time, especially with kids, women or a roof rack. They are fairly stout & provide some measure of protection. Personally, while I don’t care for the “nerf bar” look of the tubular ones, I think those low profile ones give the truck a more finished look than when they’re off. They were well styled to fit the trucks aesthetics.
  11. Coming down from Colockum Pass on the old wagon road that connected Ellensburg & Wenatchee, WA. That’s the Columbia River Gorge in the distance there. It was a lovely day & a great little daytrip with the kids & friends. One of the best things about living here is that little adventures like this are doable, door to door, in 12 hours or less.
  12. Since AZ has cacti spines & razor sharp volcanic rock, sidewall thickness will be more important there than anywhere else in the U.S. I’ve never had work done by Desert Rat but they are otherwise pretty reliable place. I still often buy from them despite having left PHX 16 years ago.
  13. DesertRat out of Phoenix, Arizona is another good supply source - definitely better than AC, cheaper than Summit usually & as cheap as 4Wheel Parts. Tax & shipping free in the US (unsure re BC). KYBs are well respected front struts (OME probably better but not cost effective). AC front shocks or OME from just about anywhere (i.e. Desert Rat). Generally full 2” on AC springs, less but variably sol, with OME - might add a small 0.5-1” spacer. AC stiff, OME smoother ride. LR for the rear, hands down. I don’t think anybody is advocating AC for the rear once the LR became a known option. I’m unaware of anyone who doesn’t like them. MileMarkers should be fine but not all hubs fit through all OEM wheels. @hawarish has a great breakdown on hubs - you can rely on anything he puts out.
  14. Welcome! That’s definitely an unusual find.

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