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  1. Ha, I haven’t seen those either - I’ll have to keep an eye out.
  2. As an FYI - I believe@R50JR had problems with light scatter from those aftermarket headlights. There is a plethora of aftermarket rears on eBay. I believe I’ve heard of at least one person saying that they didn’t quite fit right though.
  3. That’s a nice lineup! Looks like you guys had fun. Southern MO?
  4. Agreed! Definitely spring lift over spacers. Search the many lift threads & you’ll see this again & again. BTW, AC also gas spacers (metal vs SFC’s HDPE).
  5. Yeah, I’m from KC. Southern MO & Northern AK are beautiful, plus there is NF. I’ll bet there’s something down there. I know Overland Bound has a Central KS Konza Overland group. Check out the Overland Bound Midwest regional group.
  6. Southern Missouri/ Ozarks are probably your closest best bet. While there’s stuff in Southern IL & Kentucky, at that distance, CO is a better bet.
  7. While not a bad idea to upgrade, it’s worth noting I ran 750w of forward lighting with a stock alternator & an Optima Red Top for over a decade with no problems. (I would, however, recommend a deep cycle AGM battery like an Odyssey or Northstar/X2 Power - avoid Optima these days - just not the battery they used to be).
  8. Yep, that sounds like what I remember. Probably worth it if you have to replace your alternator anyway as I imagine it’s about the same price & at least half, if not a third, of those other options.
  9. I only knew of the RRO one above but I think I’ve heard of using other Nissan Alternators as well, I just don’t recall it being a sizeable increase in power.
  10. They make USB outlets with voltage readers that simply plug into your U-Plug. Just one of dozens of examples; https://www.amazon.com/Palumma-Charger-Adapter-Display-Battery/dp/B0773BYS6P
  11. Correct - I looked but couldn’t find your transmission
  12. I wonder if the ticking might have been a loose power valve. They diagnosed that as lifters in mine.
  13. Unknown. The bumper went on before the front suspension was lifted - not my plan but the PNW R50 group couldn’t resist mounting it when the bumper arrived & my sad front end was there looking at it. It actually needs to come off for significant touch up welding, grinding & painting as well as mounting the winch & lights. Even without the bumper, the front would still have been lower than the rear since we put the LR9448s on the rear in anticipation of the SFD. And by we, I mean it wouldn’t have been accomplished without the expertise of [mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] for which I am immensely grateful! Suspension Both with Toyo Open Country A/TII 245/65R17 Lift s SFD Midfender F: D 33" P 33.5" R: D 37" P 38" PreLift (Original Stock OEM@106K miles & 17yrs) MidFender/HubCtr F: D 31.75"/14" P 31.75"/14" R: D 30.75"/14" P 30 7/8"/14"

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