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  1. RainGoat

    LED headlights

    No, someone had to remind me. Plus, if you live in AZ, Southern Cal, etc. that condition never happens. In their case, all LED doesn’t really present this concern. I’ve been convinced the best set up for me is HID low & LED high - but that doesn’t really work for a 9004 (I’m putting in JDM Terrano lights where it will). If you actually lived IN the Mtns, say of CO, you might not want LED at all. That & Midwest freezing rain are the only places I’ve ever had to stop to decrust my lights (when they were 9004 PIAA halogens). Also, I used to run a front light set up with over 750w of Halogen power (primarily for desert driving) - that front end was toasty (my brother once said that as he watched me climb the foothills outside CO Springs, it looked like a Lighthouse was coming!) [emoji16]
  2. RainGoat

    Backup and Rock lights

    Watched your YT video today. Always impressed when somebody takes the time to film something like that. Nice job. As a NWer though, that gravelly ground definitely marks you as East of the Cascades. My street grows here on the West side & I think@TowndawgR50 place may make mine look dry.
  3. RainGoat

    Backup and Rock lights

    Hmm... wire nuts + electrical tape=better or worse? [emoji51] I do love my Klein wiring tool though - love that thing!
  4. RainGoat

    Backup and Rock lights

    Just don't use electrical wire nuts; that's ghetto.[@hawairish] Coming from a home improvement/remodeling background, I’ve definitely been guilty of that....(he red facedly reflects on the Jeep Grand Cherokee reverse camera install he did for his Mom)
  5. RainGoat

    Backup and Rock lights

    For what it’s worth, I’ve run 3 different LED set ups in my dome & cargo light without any dim lighting of the LEDs (I have this effect in the driver door light of my wife’s MDX - though not the other 3 doors [emoji1744][emoji3603]) It sounds like your goal is really puddle lights. Rock lights are usually undercarriage so you can see in front of your wheel in the dark, & sometimes behind & inside under the truck with the right placement. Upper fender mounting just causes shadow where the rubber hits the ground, which is counter productive. Once my major stuff is done, I’d like to install some. I’ve needed to spot rocks & obstacles in the dark countless times. Once I do that I might even put an undercarriage camera as my new radio has 2 camera inputs & I’ll often have to spot myself.
  6. Just to show how annoying Nissan can be. I too have an ‘02 LE (2/23/02 Manufacture date), however, unlike[mention=40509]Pathy_02[/mention] grill, mine is more than one piece. Ugh!
  7. RainGoat

    Random picture of your R50

    We only have one option here & it’s mounting system isn’t that great. I own them but I’m waiting on hawairish as he is working on a better mount system due to his dissatisfaction with his own. Oh yeah & they’re expensive!
  8. RainGoat

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Given that you just did it, you don’t happen to know off hand where that is in the FSM do you?
  9. RainGoat

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    Excellent, though it raises another question. It says vehicles with ABS will need an ABS bracket (ARB#SMP638). Anybody know anything about that? This was s the first I’ve heard of it but I thought I’d read several OME front setups done (though admittedly usually springs & not necessarily the OME struts too).
  10. RainGoat

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    2928 is definitely the Front Heavy Duty Coils. I tried to pull the ARB catalog link but ARB appears to have redone their web access & blocked the old “paper like” version.
  11. RainGoat

    Rear Tire Carrier?

    Oh, you should definitely harvest that! They paint up real pretty.
  12. RainGoat

    Anyone Use a CB Radio

    When I was a kid, my Mom used to run a CB on our drives between KC & Dallas or Denver. It was a ton of fun, especially all the lingo. My Mom was a former racer & has a heavy foot so it was a lot of fun to see the truckers take care of “Mother Goose”(she drove a white Thunderbird). When I put a CB in my truck in 2003, I learned the cell phone had largely killed the CB. It was occasionally usefull in highway slowdowns/roadwork, but rarely & now Waze alone knocks it out of the park due to real time crowd sourcing regarding slowdowns, accidents, roadside vehicles & police.
  13. RainGoat

    2000 R50 new to PNW from AK

    Those are the heavy duty front coils & should be fine. I have a pair waiting to go on my truck but many have used them without problem & ARB actually lists them for the R50.
  14. RainGoat

    LED headlights

    Essentially yes & yes. If they are not DOT street legal approved you can always get a ticket if a police officer investigates. That said, they rarely do. However, for on road use, it is in your and others best interest not to blind oncoming traffic. A head on because a driver couldn’t see would be bad for everybody & a post accident analysis would likely label you as at least partially, if not entirely, liable-particularly if the other driver is alive to testify that your lights blinded him. (BTW, tinted tailights pose similar, if less lethal, risks). Best way to compare is to put your halogens in one lens & the LED in the other then park on level ground against a large blank wall at night. This is the method I used to arrange my auxiliary light setup. Some have found significant difference in light projection by rotating the LED 90* so that the 2 LEDs (if it’s that style) are in horizontal vs vertical orientation. Also, be aware that some LEDs do not warm the light housing enough to melt off snow & ice in cold climes.
  15. Based on the license plate trim it is a facelifted R50

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