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  1. Same as@TowndawgR50 as well & I believe both@hawairish & Myself have those with the OME struts.
  2. The O2 sensors are probably the most common failure on these trucks. Luckily, it’s a 15-30” fix. Unplug the old one up top, zip tie the new one to the old one’s line, drop the sensor from above, & once you’ve attached the new one below, clip off the ends of the old one. I’ve done it a handful of times. BTW, don’t forget Bank 1 is the passenger side on these trucks.
  3. You are correct, I thought he recognized it or deduced it - Sherlock like!
  4. I don’t know how he got that? I’m a native Kansas Citian & also grew up in Dallas. I’ve filled with gas many times there and even looked at doing some of my training there.
  5. Ohh, I LOVE the LEGO wheels - truly a unique wheel & tough looking too!
  6. Craigslist is usually pretty good for that
  7. Now how did you figure that out? I’m even one of the people who kind of know Oke City. (You can put it in the PNW or our chat if you want)
  8. Ditto on all of the above.[mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] gave me mechanical & psychologic counseling to get me through my Power Valve catastrophe. Given the CA Class action lawsuit (now expired & CA only anyway) plus the Altima TSB (& possibly Sentra TSBs), but no R50 TSB, I feel it’s safe to say that Nissan is not a reliable or trustworthy partner on this topic. I would probably use someone you trust or do it yourself. http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/17104-threadlocker-on-power-valve-screws-pics/page-1
  9. Welcome! Are from WA? If so, drop a line when you get back, we’ve got a great little PNW community up here. Those O2 sensors are probably the most common issue on that era R50 - luckily it doesn’t disable the vehicle. I’ve even cleared them & gone thousands of miles before it came on again. Just remember Bank 1 is Passenger side NOT Driver side like you’d think. You’ll find a great community here with expertise and a willingness to help. (Disclaimer, the NPORA FaceBook Group is not really affiliated & is a Wild West - lots of unreliable, crazy stuff goes on in that venue).
  10. Welcome! Entertaining write up. What city are you in?
  11. Canadian R50s have their own variations, often different than the U.S. versions.
  12. Ditto! I have lifted my whole rear end with a Hi-Lift in my hitch shackle. I have the OEM hitch which is significantly more robust than the aftermarket ones as it has extensions that extend up the unibody underneath. It was emergent/urgent & it was sketchy but I’ve done some of that kind of thing in non-automotive settings. I would NOT use the running boards as a jack point. I will consider my sliders once they are welded on but that would still be a last resort as there is significant risk of damage to the vehicle - either from the lift or from the Jack misbehaving & hitting the doors. I now have a steel front bumper & would consider lifting off that; however, I have reservations there as well - both stability if the jack & some lack of faith in how the bumper mounts to the unibody. You can use a Lift-mate to lift a wheel and help with building up or shoveling our with obstructions. With a wheel change you would then need to put something under the body & lower & remove the wheel - obviously not ideal. Another advantage of a Hi-Lift is acting as a come-along (basically a manual winch) for recovery or for moving obstacles. I carry my OEM scissor jack & a 5T bottle jack all the time. I’m looking at the Safe-Jack accessories for my bottle jack & I have a 1cm thick poly foot for the jacks by Reese. I also have had an ARB Bushranger exhaust jack for >15 years. It’s a pain to pack. I’ve never used it & I stopped bringing it. It’s been hanging in my garage 11 years. My Mom does usually pack hers but I don’t think she’s needed it. In 17 years, I think I’ve only lifted the truck 2-3 times at most - my primary reason for carrying the Hi-Lift was emergency extraction as I was typically remote & solo. Hi-Lifts are a pain to mount & sketchy to put up & down on your roof (I always fear losing control & smashing up my metal or popping a window) I generally consider jacks as insurance for emergencies & bad luck. With reliable tires and judicious driving you should hopefully never need one.

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