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  1. agent22

    motor mount

    thank you
  2. agent22

    motor mount

    i think i get what needs done I just need someone that has done the swap to confirm. the brackets off my old wd21 engine(VG30i) can be used on the new engine(VG33E) putting in. they should just bolt to the side of the engine, right?
  3. agent22

    motor mount

    im doing the swap now on my 1988 pathfinder, with an 2000 xterra motor, what motor mounts do you use, because they aren't the same mounts?
  4. agent22

    motor swap questions

    I have been reading up on previous motor swaps and just wanted to clarify some things. I have a 88 WD21 pathfinder with the VG30i motor. I am thinking about swapping it to a VG33e from a xterra I am thinking about swapping the harness and the ECU to keep the EFI system for the extra power. how much of a pain the the rear is it to swap the harness and what issues am I looking at running into? If its too much of a pain I may just swap the whole TBI system onto the VG33 and make it a VG33i.That way I dont have to swap the harness and the ecu. but if I go this route will I have to swap eletrical connecors for the accessories such as the alternator and such? I plan on swapping the whole motor with the accessories and everything on it. please help
  5. agent22

    rear window hinge

    thank you for the reply and looking at the schematics.I really would like a newer or a stronger set that can handle the abuse i put it through when I off road. I did consider pick and pull but the only issue I have with that is that the part you are getting is still 20+ years old.
  6. agent22

    rear window hinge

    my plastic rear window hinges are broken and I have epoxied them together for now. Someone on ebay is selling the 96-04 metal hinges claiming they will fit the 87-04. http://www.ebay.com/itm/87-04-NISSAN-PATHFINDER-INFINITI-QX4-REAR-LIFTGATE-HATCH-GLASS-WINDOW-HINGE-OEM-/142480006751?hash=item212c785e5f:g:qcgAAOSwdtlZlz-5&vxp=mtr can someone please confirm if they can be used? metal hinges would be a nice upgrade from the plastic ones.

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