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  1. Yeah the R50 hasn't been my primary vehicle for a couple of years now (I've been rocking a '99 F350). I can pick up the ZJ for less than $2000 & I'd like to build something to take me into the mountains to go camping & such (the F350 isn't so easy on the lil trails & whatnot). The R50 is in the middle of being transferred into my rockcrawler. And of course I'll get some picks up before too long of the ZJ & the R50.
  2. So... I haven't been on here in like 2 or so years but just thought I'd drop that I'm probably gonna buy a '97 ZJ Jeep Grand Cherokee (with the 5.2 V8). Let the hate begin.
  3. I'd go aluminium. I wish I had when I replaced my radiator a couple of years ago
  4. I haven't been out in a while & since this ones already pretty well gonna be a lock & throw in an oldie (to be honest I haven't gotten any new ones in a while) Fukinitupagain
  5. You guys get the TD27i in your R50's, I'm jealous
  6. Last I ever heard was, thats the only way
  7. My username is Fukinitupagain... I think its pretty self explanatory...
  8. Yeah I think its a gameover situation with Heloflyboy's pic. Well done sir
  9. you lucky bastard! My DD is a diesel Ford but I want the TD27i for my R50. Enjoy!
  10. Eh, we drive on the beach some on Topsail Island but mainly I wheel at URE (or Uwharrie). I live in Greensboro. I think we might actually be down at the beach this weekend but I'll be in my daily driver, not the R50
  11. I've got family in Pike & Harlan Co & in Lexington/Whinchester. Oh & a crazy ex-wife in Louisville, wait you're not the sorry sad-sack that she tricked into marrying after me are you?
  12. Yeah I've been wanting to do CC for a while but Gulches is closer I believe. If I can get some extra money & get my sh*t going (The R50 isn't my daily driver anymore) the way I want then I'd be down for all 3 CC, URE & Gulches. Maybe try & get some Pathfinder people here to run around with (I dont give tow-squats-or-piss if people in Zuks or Jeep want to tag along too, the more the merrier). Maybe we need to start a new thread instead of hi-jacking this guys poor thread...
  13. My spare isnt even the same tire or size as the rest...
  14. Rod I forgot to vote but I was going to vote for you anyhow. Well deserved! Best R50 ever!
  15. Yeah, I'm all of like 45 minutes away from URE
  16. You'll know the death wobble when it happens
  17. You're going to have to do some slight modification to your hood to fit this... just sayin, lol
  18. Hey John I tried to send you a PM but it says you can't receive any new messages, any way, are you looking to going to URE anytime in the near future? I know they don't open up for like another month or so & my tires are sh*t right now but I was going to see if you want to make a run.
  19. Get out of here Simon, with you Xterra that you can make badassness!
  20. LOL, I actually thought of putting white ones under my R50 for when I go offroading & its dark. So I can see around me better.

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