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  1. So what should I ask the seller to confirm for me ? To ensure it’s the proper LSD. The 4.3 as the 48:11 on the ring. What would the supposed “02 xterra lsd 4.6” have on the ring ? @hawairish that is a neat sounding feature on the GM truck option. Also that’s a great explanation on the lunch box lockers being more of a “un locker”
  2. Has a tad bit of rust but I don’t think it’s much to worry about being temporary....
  3. Ok so we can toss the idea of the lock right out maybe some day I’ll get a air locker. [emoji13] And so I should swap this diff out so it don’t explode on me. Then I’ll have to decide either rebuild diff I have. Depending on damage carnage inside. Or buy the one from eBay that is if the item is a 4.6 xterra LSD - and to buy it whole for the full $365 for the whole unit or just get the guts for $300. I suppose $65 might be be worth the possibility and pain of improperly setting gear backlash and such. Plus the pressing in and out of bearings of housing. I do tend to learn the hard way and slowly. Why do it right once. When you can do it wrong TWICE. [emoji12][emoji848][emoji848] Fairly confident it’s that pinion bearing on the inner side. I’d think that’s the one which takes the most load. But it could be the axel shaft side bearings.
  4. Lunch boxes don’t like trailers? I do tow a pair of stand up skis around in the summer. Didn’t consider limiting factors. [emoji848]
  5. So your one the money of the open diff I have sitting here from the time I lost a wheel bearing... I used those axel shafts and 3rd member housing ( correct term?) but just hooked up my diff that was on the truck. (Didn’t wana fight with the drive line bolts at uni) So you kinda went over that fast. So your saying if the parts of the eBay listing are not what is pictured but are what they claim to be (02 terra lsd) they wouldn’t work? Cause I have a 33 spline not a 31 spline ? And the locker is a 31. That was used in newer axels on frontiers ? The locker was just a fun idea I thought of. [mention=36148]hawairish[/mention][mention=37543]TowndawgR50[/mention] You guys rock! I appreciate the support and guidance. But in mean time tossing in this open and obviously not using 4wheel is a decent solution to keep me in the truck commuting to work (7 miles) instead of bicycle ridden. In these terrible Central Valley winters of CA. [emoji2957][emoji2957]
  6. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.com%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F254449966804 Seller offered the internals with out housing for $300 shipped. [emoji848][emoji848][emoji848]
  7. https://www.powertrax.com/traction-systems-product/3142-differential-locker-3220-lr/?crt_viaSearch=path%3Apart%253Adrop-in-locker%3Bposition%3A_ANY_%3Bdifferentialcasedesign%3A_ANY_%3Byear%3A1997%3Bmake%3Anissan%3Bmodelandsubmodel%3Apickup%3Benginesize%3A_ANY_ The above is what I found ? Thoughts ?
  8. Not sure if rebuilding or buying a new (used one) is the way to go. There’s a 02 xttera on eBay for about 300-350 on eBay Pretty sure I have a 4.6 lsd. It’s a 97 SE 4x4 manual. HG 46? Is the 4.6 ratio correct? And as far as gear ratio the higher it is the “lower the ratio” ie is 4.6 representing 4.6 pinion spins to one ring spin? Haven’t ever really dove in to the gears Has any one installed a “lunch box locker” ? Know of any compatibility’s? Looked like a power trax was out there but it didn’t say pathfinder compatibilit. But did list the same axel and spline
  9. Yeah this weekend I am going to toss in this open I had from when my wheel fell off. Since I got a whole axel cheap (different ratio no LSD) few years ago. Some time it pays to keep some junk around.
  10. Made it 1139 or so miles. Made my trip and returned. Then today coming home from work it made a terrible noise and screech for about 30 seconds then slowly went away. .. I am starting to think it’s the in pinion gear bearing. [emoji2957] but she is surely on the wayyys out.
  11. 500 miles down ! Made it. No crazy noises. Thanks for advice. Think 11k miles ago I didn’t put in LSD oil [emoji51] post the wheel falling off. And there was a strange noise when turning that it would make for a little. The pan wAs dirty. The big bits of black crap where there u was just taking about the metal chunks. Thinking more about it I prolly did damage the LSD. There was a lot of fine metal particle in the oil
  12. Video of showing what feels like gear “ engagement” gap
  13. Rear wheels bearings went out 2 years ago at 202k currently at 213k. Aprox 11k miles later. Wheels are fine but wondering what bearings starting to fail. Prolly the input bearings? New to the gears. Interested in learning so those with knowledge please jump in
  14. Drained and checked found a lot of metal fine particle and some larger chunks... I never learn. If the trucks talking try an listen... Decent whine at speed.. How long every one betting. Have a 500 mile drive tomorrow... should I just send it. [emoji848]

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