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  1. Hi. I had my AT rebuilt a few months ago before Covid-19 visited the world. My rig worked fine until my engine rpm gauge no longer worked. The transmission also started shifting incorrectly. I checked my manual and advised to check the engine revolution sensor. There is no resistance on both terminals. Made additional test and found to have disconnected terminals. Is there somebody who have tried converting a sensor used by the new models to the old one like mine or did someone repaired their damaged sensor? I have a 1993 TD27 Turbo Diesel Terrano/Pathfinder. Tried looking for parts online but was not successful. I saw some online store from Russia and UK but I am not sure if they are legit. Thanks for the help. I have attached a copy of the sensor and the part# below:



    1. Slartibartfast


      I don't know the TD27 but I'd be surprised if Nissan didn't use a similar sensor on something else. If you've got the resistance specs for what the sensor should be, you may be able to match it to a sensor from something else that might be close enough to keep the computer happy. If the old sensor's junk, you're not gonna make it any less useful by pulling it apart to look for a broken solder joint or something.

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