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  1. WD21 Terrano have a disc/caliper setup on the rear....they're not too hard to find in Australia, but not as common as WD21 Pathfinders...Terranos are imported from Japan and have TD27s I'm not sure what else you'd need to pinch off the Terrano to make it work, obviously the calipers, rotors, master cylinder, lines, maybe the wheel hubs but I don't think you'd need to change the entire rear end The handbrake cables might be different also. I have some brand new Z24 parts in storage here from an abandoned Pathfinder build, if you're keen, send me a message.
  2. I'm in the process of replacing alot of ancillaries at the moment, and want to get a new distributor. I can only find single spark Z24 distributors on eBay, but I've also found twin spark model distributor caps. Is there any reason why I can't buy a single spark dizzy and put a new twin spark cap onto it ?
  3. http://www.nissanpartswebstore.com/a/Nissan_1987_Pathfinder24L-MTE/_51505_6452137/SUNROOF/3615105.html According to this it's included with the glass panel itself but it does list the part number #7387201G10 Dunno about over there in the states but here in Aus' some dealerships parts departments are better or worse than others for selling stuff like that, or even bothering to look it up for you, so I've had luck in the past by just going to another Nissan Parts at a different dealership. If you still have no luck, maybe try a autoglass/windshield replacement business?
  4. Nope, Z24 for now. Has a Weber carby, possible aftermarket cam, and Genie headers...still seems rather gutless especially uphill, but it is running like @!*%, so I'll play around with it and see what more I can get out of it, but mentally I'm prepared to ditch it and do a TD27 conversion if it comes to that. First question I've got is, can someone identify these hubs? I thought all WD21s came with auto locking hubs, and I've searched around and can't seem to figure out what these are. It's a 1990 model with options (power windows, power mirrors, etc), were manual hubs an option on these ?
  5. Hey guys, Long time car enthusiast but new to off-road. Have been throwing wages into the import money pit for about 8 years, sort of taking a break from that for a while. Had been keen for a while to find a 2-door WD21 project and get into the 4x4 scene. After eyeing off a few that were for sale, I recently pounced on this one. Made the long trip home with it today (700+km), had a few minor problems along the way but nothing I couldn't handle. Needs a fair bit of work, which I'm kind of looking foward to funny enough. I have a bunch of questions about it, is it best to post them in here or start a build thread and ask in there? (some aftermarket parts I can't identify, where to buy certain parts, etc) Cheers Looking forward to asking about 10'000 dumb questions in the near future.

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