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  1. Once you install the snorkel could you please post a picture on how you fastened the snorkel along the windshield? Thanks,
  2. I bought a snorkel for a Jeep Cherokee. Everything looked good, except the mount along the windshield. There is no were to fasten the snorkel. The door overhangs the windshield in this area. I would like to see a solution for this.
  3. Yes. There is a dry bay between the gearbox and the transfer case. A slip coupling connects the two.
  4. I may be jumping ahead but, if you decide to rebuild the gearbox, it is much easier to pull the transfer case out first. The transfer case and transmission as an assembly is about a mile long and very heavy. I had to do it twice...
  5. Does the R51 have the same axle misalignment as the R50 when lifted? Particularly , in the rear?
  6. I have a 2 inch lift in the front of my truck to go with the LR springs.

  7. They are damage multipliers. I had one on my Land Rover and I mainly used it to hold a wreath during the Christmas season.
  8. Have you checked your gas cap? I had to replace mine (don't remember the code) and the one on my Mother's Avalon recently.
  9. I am going to share my folly hoping for some help. I bought a snorkel for a Jeep Cherokee for my 1999 Pathfinder. The loft, windshield angle etc, was pretty close. My stopping point was, I had no place to fasten on the A pillar. The door wraps the A pillar so the project stopped there. How does one get the snorkel fastened to the A pillar?
  10. I have a pair I pulled off my truck you can have for the shipping cost. Which may be substantial since I am in Atlanta, GA. Let me know if interested and I can see what it would take to get them to Vancouver.
  11. I love that rear bumper, simple and easy to fabricate. I am going to steal that design and add a spare carrier. I do not see a winch mount on the front. Am I missing something?
  12. I am on the east coast in GA. I had quotes of $3000 to rebuild mine. This motivated me to do it myself.
  13. $1100 to rebuild an automatic is insanely cheap. I rebuilt my own and had nearly that much in parts. One key to making one of these transmissions to live is adding an external cooler. I also added a thermostat so when cold the external cooler is bypassed. The transmission will not shift correctly when cold. you need to direct the fluid through the radiator to get some warmth first.
  14. I wish I had seen that video before I rebuilt my transmission. The ant rattle clip had be baffled for weeks. When I pulled the clutch pack the clip was just sitting in the bottom of the case and I had no idea where it came from.
  15. Tell me the difference between these two trucks. My tailgate is the same as the one on the left. I have a remote tag holder, will it fit on this gate?

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