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  1. TerraWt

    Terrano On 33's

    Nice looking pathy there aries. Thx for the info to the rest of u guys but im thinking now of just leaving it on 31's, maybe 32/11.5's when i get some new rims and using it as a daily, then getting a patrol on 35's Or should i follow along the pathy route ??
  2. TerraWt

    Terrano On 33's

    Thx for the info Simon thats exactly the kinda info i was looking 4.Im thinking maybe the 3 and 3 wouldnt be that bad as there already a low truck when compared to say a Rol..lux. How tippy is it with 33's and 3body and 3suspension lift ?
  3. TerraWt

    Terrano On 33's

    I did read 3 plus 3 to fit this size tyre, I should have said that im not really interested in this route.Gettin away with the suspension its already got (has been suspension lifted already im thinking 2 maybe older 3inchs) then just body lift or cut or both that would would be better 4 what i wheel, which is mainly beachs and dunes. Super soft suspension that flexs heaps isnt very desirable when trying to get along on serious side slopes. I want the 33's for the soft summer sand, its winter now which makes the dunes harder. The 31's at about 10 or 12 pound r doin good, but in summer im thinking its not gonna be enough. Something a bit bigger let right down will help with the summer powder sand im hoppin. Thx for the info on the steering it does make some pretty aweful noises sometimes when at full lock. I remember reading somewhere about the noise being worn something or other, cant remember what it was now or where to find it again. Is this the steering u r talking about. Is there anything else that i should be worried about like wheel bearings, the IFS ? I havnt wheeled IFS before so not sure how well it would hold up.
  4. TerraWt

    Terrano On 33's

    Im just wondering if there are any dramas with a terrano on 33 inch tires. Like excessive wear of anything, and will the auto hold up to it ? Its already on 31's with no rubbing anywhere at full flex with a cpl of inchs to spear, so im thinking maybe i could get away with cutting the guards back a little or a body lift or both. It looks like its already got a 1inch body lift which looks very stock, im not sure if they came out that way or its been done. Im guessing it wouldnt be that big a drama to add a little more to it or should i just stay on 31's thx
  5. TerraWt

    Terrano Newbie

    Hey thx 4 the welcome iv already learned a trick or 2 from all the reading iv done. Its good to learn from others who have already been there and broken it. Im hoping the trans holds out as i do like the beach and dunes, but iv been pretty gentle with it so far (the $3000 fix bill in the back of the mind makes the thrill of whipin it up the big hill a little less apealin) so slow and steady let the diesel torque work its magic has been the go. Its been working as long as im down around 10 pound anyway thx 4 the welcome.
  6. TerraWt

    We Need More From Oz

    How are ya goin perth here just thought id join the fight back from the ozzies and go the Wallabies by the way hope we give it to those bloody All blacks in the up comin game anyway just siding with the best side there may be less of us but quality is the key. :tonguefinger:
  7. TerraWt

    Terrano Newbie

    just thought id say hi joined this gr8 site the other day so that i could learn as much about this cool little 4wd as i can. It kinda suprised me, its a better 4wd than i expected. I only got it as a w/end get away car (im a bank robber) lol but have taken it on a few tracks and along a few beachs and am plesently suprised. Just had to let the 31's right down. anyway just thought id introduce myself and thx in advance 4 the info im sure to get here oh and here is my little beast

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