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  1. I am a longhaul O/O eh I have always used older CB's due to the fact it is much easier to have they customized. You can really get some range out of them if a skilled tech does the work. Downside I discovered is the bulk of the hi end models and lack of space in Pathy's eh I have an XLR29 Cobra w power mic. Here in southern BC from a mountain top I can skip clearly down to AZ base stations using that little mobile unit. It is centre dash top mounted. Saves on any bad water crossing oop's eh Lots of clubs use them or the VHF radio which have a gazillion times more range. Plus after 32 years on the highway I have a huge group of buddies to relay road and weather reports from their locations eh. Also truckers are eyes and ears relay for emergency help real fast eh We are everywhere looking and listening.
  2. NeilH

    02 tranny swap

    Only on mobile for now and didn't see this post eh I only get a certain range of posts and get rerouted so sorry if I am asking something redundant eh I have a failed reverse in my automatic in my all original stock Pathy with 300k kms eh Can anyone tell me about 5 spd swap posts we have had in here. Interested in factory function issues ie does anything else need replacing to keep factory function eh Thanks and sorry for the likely revisit on this subject.
  3. Hey how's it goin eh My name is Neil, my friend's and co workers know me as Kratos or Beast eh. After this project 2002 50 is done you may understand the Beast reference eh. Just bought this unit from my girlfriend with a nfg reverse in the auto and engine that will not run off idle. This BC Canada Fraser Valley rig will see a 6" lift and a manual 5 spd swap.... It will see some 33"x 10's too eh It is going to be my daily and weekend warrior tool. As the F150 5Litre just got 850 bhp twin turbo pain in the ass designation for winter driving lol. I am a long hauler also Interprovincially certified technician and vehicle inspector. Specializing in the Motorcycle industry and all the equipment related. I will not assume any mastery of 4x4 build ups as I have had to rebuild many bike disasters in my career eh also a big proponent of non smog and non electronics. Currently am starting up my fuel oil plant and intend on a diesel power plant swap whether Nissan or other? Dunno if it work the same as in the rigs but my 1972 Hayes Clipper will beat any model with computer controlled fuel and runs as clean as any smog/def system on the road today eh So my Pathy may have that in its future? Fyi my gf is as redneck as they come.She is a wheeler and fishing/ firearms owning outdoors girl. Glad to have found you guys..and ladies here eh Looking forward to tearing it down and picking some grey cells of the members eh Kratos

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