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    1993 XE-V6 4x4 Traded my little drift car (s13) for this beauty and never looked back! Currently stock but I have plans once I have the money...
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  1. SWatkins186


    Greetings everyone! I figure I'll just start from the beginning lol I'm 17 years old and got my first vehicle in August of 2016. I had been looking for a small truck/suv for a while but I came across a cool little Japanese luxury car with some issues and that's how I gained most of my car knowledge. I had to do a ton of work on it all the time and I really started to enjoy fixing it and being able to look at it and see that I put a lot of effort into bringing it to where it was. After that car I bought a '92 240sx, keeping with the speedy little car theme. It turns out, I'm still an outdoors guy at heart, and after only eight days of owning the 240, I traded my car straight across and in the short time I've had this pathy I've totally gone back around to the outdoorsy fun stuff I was interested in at the beginning. I'm getting SOOOO much more out of a vehicle like this and I think I'm in love haha. Surprisingly this car is nearly mint, all I've got to do is a couple ball joints and I'm set for some awesome adventures! I joined this forum to find a group of people with similar interests, maybe gain some more knowledge about my car and how to take care of it, and to maybe even contribute to an already great community. I don't have a lot of pics right now but I'll come back and post some later Cheers, Sam

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