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  1. Wroth

    LED Headlights

    IIRC those H4 units are European, and they have a cutoff on the right side of the vehicle to avoid blinding oncoming traffic. I didn't use them because here the oncoming traffic is on the left, and the deer that sit and wait to jump out in front of my truck are on the right. It's been a while since I looked into it though, and I went with a xenon HID projector setup anyways. Like @edicer2 did, but with the original headlight units and cheaper projectors. Also no angel eyes for me. I thought it looked pretty awesome, but I just wanted to be able to see the ground when people high beam me and have the option for retaliation. Now when I flash my lights at them they switch to low beam right quickly, the silly wankers.
  2. Wroth

    1989 pathy vg33 swap

    I thought so too, but I've never had anything custom machined like that, so it's good to hear someone else say so. This swap has been crazy, and I keep running into problems, but I love my truck and I'll do anything I can to make it run again. It's gotten me through a crazy blizzard on a cracked head on the way back from buying it off Craigslist in Phoenix, a freaking flood in Fayetteville, AR trying to get my little sister to her senior prom with 'fuel injector seats' made of a cut up rubber hose (it took a while to source the right ones and even longer to get them, don't judge me), and many less memorable incidents. When I pulled the engine and started taking it apart I found out that the previous owner had also had it out and partially apart, but hadn't torqued ANYTHING to spec! I can't believe it lasted that long! I drove it a couple of thousand miles without the stabilizer bar hooked up to the passenger side at all! Huge face-palm when I realized that... I got rear ended at 65mph in Oklahoma on the way to Denver (heh, the 2018 Equinox that hit me totally lost the front passenger side wheel, spindle, etc and everything else from the quarter panel to the engine block), continued to Denver, then down to Santa Rosa, then back to Arkansas and all I replaced was the tail light. I'm putting in an entire new exhaust system now, by the way, which I bought with the insurance money before the 3.0 blew. Sorry, I kind of went off on a rant there and I never did get the hang of paragraphs, but I have had several people suggest the truck isn't worth it (the undercoated frame suggests otherwise to me), and there seems to be a general disparaging attitude towards older vehicles prevalent in today's society. The insurance rep I dealt with after being hit was flat out rude, implying constantly that my precious was a beater just because it's 25 years old. She also refused to believe that my XE had LSD until I emailed her a picture of the sticker. I hope to keep driving my Pathfinder for the rest of my life, or until my eyesight fails and I become a danger to others...
  3. Wroth

    1989 pathy vg33 swap

    I had an adapter made. It took about three weeks and cost me $125 at a local shop. I have two extra.
  4. Wroth

    torque converter bolts

    You are brilliant. I never thought to check that section. Thank you so much! It's the 31009, that's exactly what I needed, the part number. I owe you one, @Cuong Nguyen!
  5. Wroth

    torque converter bolts

    That would be great, if had at least two, and could mail them to me. May I PM you about it?
  6. Wroth

    torque converter bolts

    I couldn't find them on either of these sites. Anyone have any other ideas, or a part number, or a link to a listing? Or even just the specs?
  7. Wroth

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    I have TWO extra adapters for putting the Vg30e accessory pulley on a 32mm crankshaft snout on the vg33e. Now I'm FINALLY putting the 33 in the WD21! Note: I've been working on the pathy almost every day for the past couple months. I've painted most of the interior trim, both bumpers, and the roof rack. I painted most of my seats. I modified an Xterra roof rack and painted it (bars coated with bedliner). I installed an oil filter relocation kit. I lost track of all the things I've done, and I really suck at posting my progress.
  8. Wroth

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    (yesterday) I went to a machine shop and ordered three adapters for putting my Vg30e pulley on the VG33E crankshaft, since I cannot source a Mr.510 adapter or part number 1230312G03. I will have two extras in a few weeks, with pictures to follow. I had been researching the swap before my 30 blew but I hadn't realized it was so hard to get the part. Anyone doing this swap, if you want to run your old accessory setup you will need an adapter. I should have taken the pulleys to a shop two weeks ago instead of trying to get one that Mr.510 made. That being said, I much rather would have one of his because I have utmost respect for him and his work with the wd21. I would like to support a fellow wd21 owner and onetime forum member though he evidently went quiet well before I bought a Nissan. I understand he was unwell, and I sincerely hope that he is doing better. Mr.510, wherever you are, I am thinking of you. Respect.
  9. Wroth

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Totally forgot to check in for a while, sorry guys. If anyone is still wondering (and still remembers) it turned out the timing belt was pristine. I have no idea why this happened, still, but when I got the oil pan off I found two shattered pistons and rods in cylinders one and two, heavy gouges in said cylinders, and that heavy rail thing (don't know the specific name...) that bolts around the crankshaft is busted up badly. Timing belt looks new. So what I did to my pathfinder today was stare at it with its empty engine compartment and the new 33 in front of it, shake my head sadly, and then go back inside and look for a Mr.510 adapter or a Canadian hardbody 3.0 crankshaft pulley part number 1230312G03 to finish the swap without involving a crankshaft swap. If anyone wants, I think I have pictures of the damage to the old motor, and even though it doesn't matter any more I still wonder why it tore itself apart... I did notice the driver side motor mount was broken, and several of the bell housing bolts were loose when I took it all out.
  10. Wroth

    zombie out break vehicle

    Can you still get one now? His website is down, eBay says his store doesn't exist, and his Facebook page hasn't been updated since 2015. I really need one of these adapters. Sorry for the thread jack, but it looked dead. Hopefully someone will notice the revives I'm doing, the rules said to use old threads for the same topic as opposed to creating a bunch of new ones that say the same thing.
  11. Revive. I'm trying to complete a 3.3 swap into my 93 pathfinder and I'm having problems. I thought the frontier 33 was supposed to fit into my truck with the 33's accessories, but (maybe because the frontier was Japanese right hand drive?) the alternator hits the frame and the power steering pump banjo bolts are only about 1/4 inch from the steering box, with the adjustor bracket off to figure out how to get my oil filter relocation kit in. So I have to swap on my old accessories, which will probably make the wiring easier anyways. I can't find anything about Mr.510 that's later that 2015, I can't find one of his adapters anywhere, and I can't find the Canadian pulley 1230312G03 anywhere either. I bought one from Bay Ridge Nissan last night, but they canceled the order without telling me (thank goodness I checked the status this morning) and when I called said they didn't have one and the refund should be complete already (it still isn't). I would prefer not to bore out my 3.0 harmonic balancer because it looks like the snout bit on the back would be really thin after that and I have seen references to them breaking and taking out the crankshaft after doing that. I really don't want to swap the crankshaft because I like the idea of the bigger snout and I don't want to tear into this beautiful, low-mile JDM 3.3 any further than I have to. So, does anyone have a spare adapter or Canadian pulley, or know definitely where to find one, or know how I should otherwise proceed? I'm still looking for these online but I'm getting desperate to drive my own truck again... So thanks for everything, guys, if not for these forums I don't know what I'd do. I would have no clue about the Canadian pulley or the adapter, for one. I probably wouldn't be putting in a bigger motor, for another.
  12. Wroth

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    I think I threw the timing belt. I have a new one, and a water pump, and the other belts but I've been putting it off because I wanted to put in my altima electric fan shroud at the same time. But i've been waiting for the electric controller. Lesson of the day (and apparently a lot of other days before now) is DO NOT PUT OFF THE TIMING BELT Change. Sorry for yelling. Now I'm looking for a good 33 swap thread.
  13. Wroth

    What did you do to your Pathfinder today?

    Jumped in, started it, drove two miles, wondered why it wasn't shifting after running at 3000rpm for a minute, and threw a rod. Hit neutral, shut down the engine (not quick enough) and pulled over, called roadside assist, hitch hiked to my dad's house. Waited for the tow truck, went to get my truck, brought it back to dad's house, and found a small hole in the oil pan where something was violently shoved almost through it. Found a good VG33E online, and put it in my cart. Buying tomorrow.
  14. Wroth

    Aftermarket trailing arms?

    Thanks for the quick response, djeffrey, that's very interesting. I wonder which is the more durable... Cool. Learn something every day on here.

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