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  1. Me and my big mouth. No clue how to post pictures!! Any help?? Using iPhone
  2. about 4 months ago I bought a 1990 2 door pathfinder.. burgundy color, 5 speed transmission. bought it with no start issue... after sometime fiddling with it I found the fusible links the fuel injectors were melted.plus it had a dented right fender and bad tires..I paid $400 for it. 2 weeks later I bought another pathfinder this one a 93...also had a no start issue $300... took me 2 minutes to find the melted links again.. it was too good to dismantle so I sold it 2 days later for more than double what I paid. now onto purchase number 3... same color 93 in FANTASTIC condition except a bad auto transmission....I had tranny shop check it before I used it for parts.. fender... chrome bumbers seats various other things.... when all is said and done my pathfinder costs me a grand total of $300...I have pictures if any body would like to check them out....I LOVE THE RIG!!
  3. Thank you for the information. It was correct. I replaced the little box and all is working as designed!
  4. If I unlock the doors without switch all doors unlock If I lock the doors without the switch only the door I'm at locks
  5. I thought it was a stretch. My power door lock switch works to unlock the doors but it won't lock the doors. Do I need a new switch? Also does the switch light up when lights are on?
  6. New here , probably not in the right spot but... does a 1990 Pathfinder ever come with remote enter key FOB?
  7. Including the price of the rig I'm under $1000 into it. Of course you would think it's a real heap at that price but actually it's a very nice rig. Good paint clean and complete interior plus I cant forget I bought brand new tires all the way around all in that price. I did read somewhere that this is a rare model being it's a 2 door and a 90. I'm having a good time with it now that I've worked the bugs out.
  8. Did it sell? I'm located one state north of you and also close to state lines
  9. Finally got it running as it should. Step one was a general tune up. No change. Thankfully I've spent next to nothing to get it to this point. After reading through those forum and the many publications I all of the sudden came out of the fog and was able to get the idle set to correct spec's followed by correct timing. So far just a few hundred dollars including purchase and I have a fantastic runny pathfinder. Next? Front brakes and replacement track bar.
  10. Yes like a true 90 . 2 door 5 Speed MPFI. Why do you ask? I know for 90 the 2 door is a bit rare..
  11. Recently purchased very first pathfinder. Even though I bought it with a no start issue. Turned out to be fusable link to Fuel injectors. Once that was fixed it runs rough. Not sure what to do next. It's a 90 2door 5 speed although I've had it for nearly a month and only driven it less than 50 miles I LOVE IT. I would like to find a parts rig in my area Oregon.

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