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  1. I went with some 2" strut and coil spacers from SFCreation/Fleurys (on these forums) a couple of years ago and I'm still using them, they worked a treat. https://sfcreation.com/t/pathfinder-1996-2004-r50-platform You don't really want any more than 2-2.5" lift at the front without a subframe drop as it won't be ideal for your CV angles. Also if you're needing to pass WOFs make sure your usual garage is happy with strut spacers, some places get a bit funny with them. I did give the local vehicle mods certifier a call before getting mine and he was happy that they were part of a suspension lift and not a body lift. Keen to see what other options you find.
  2. Good to see the Terrano is in line to get some loving! I'm keen to see the progress with all the updates you've mentioned above. Have you considered relocating your intercooler with the installation of the bullbar or will it offer sufficient protection you think? Those 255/85R16s will be monstrous vs a set of 31x10.5R15s, I imagine they're a bit pricier?
  3. Nice. I didn't realise it could pick up so much info, I will definitely look into now, cheers! Hopefully it's ECUtalk is compatible with android phones.
  4. Hey man, mine is the same. What information can you get with the consult diagnostic reader? Any live stuff while driving? I've used the metal pin method to diagnose engine fault codes but if we can get more live info using this tool I could be interested in getting one!
  5. For what the offroading I do, the open diff should be fine (for now)... Head into Autolign in Christchurch for the front sway bar bushes. I ended up paying under $30 for Nolathane bushes.
  6. Woah what a breath of fresh air! I never knew that replacing sway bar bushes could increase the enjoyment of driving this car! I replaced the front sway bar bushes over the weekend with new links in the post. Rear sway bar was removed for a few days while I wait for new bushes and links to arrive. I can't believe I put up with all the squeeks and rattles they were causing for 3 years! Anyways I've been trying to tidying up the car in a semi economical way lately: - replaced the mini lamps from the switches on the centre console. - replaced all seats with newer ones from a 2000 R50. - in the process of replacing all sway bar links and bushes. - established that I'm running an open rear diff, was kind of hoping for an LSD as a bonus but ah well... And here's a snap of NZ's South Island's east coast in winter!
  7. Sweet, sounds like we can't really go wrong then... I ended up purchasing a couple of different Raybestos sets, one for the better half and the other for myself! Cheers for the input guys!
  8. Hey dudes & dudettes My front brake pads are getting rather worn and I'm starting to look into some replacement ones. We don't have much in terms of selection in NZ... I'm looking at the options on Rockauto as I was thinking about buying some sway bar links at the same time. Does anyone have experience with the Raybestos Element3 Hybrid pads? They seem quite cheap for 'premium' replacements. Otherwise I'm keen to hear what your go-to pads are.
  9. I'm seriously considering getting a pair of these 9447 for a 2" lift and replace my rear spacers!
  10. Hey man, I drive a QD32 Terrano and always struggle to find information about repairs and mods. However, I managed to find something that could help us ZD30 and QD32 owners, it's a Nissan Elgrand thread! The Elgrand was produced with both of those engines and they also share a few other parts with the R50s. I'm looking at blocking off my EGR pipe at the moment hence why I've been doing all the research. I'll send you a link to those forums privately as I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link on here.
  11. Hey that's my car! The Regulus (QX4 equivalent)! I'm sure there will be a few wreckers in NZ with that bumper/grill guard combo available. However, they won't be cheap. We get properly shafted for car parts here...
  12. There's plenty of wreckers around the country, I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to locate a clean set. Shipping it would be a right pr*ck though...
  13. It was in the bottom left hand corner on the asphalt when I was typing up my post but has somehow disappeared... I would love to get some rock sliders on there, the steps do look a little bulky. Need to see what has been done on here to get some inspiration as there are no off-the-shelf products in NZ...
  14. How many R50s is too many? Dad's, Girlfriend's and mine... Haha I need to put my running boards back on soon too.
  15. Keen to see where you will be mounting them exactly!

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