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  1. Hey that's my car! The Regulus (QX4 equivalent)! I'm sure there will be a few wreckers in NZ with that bumper/grill guard combo available. However, they won't be cheap. We get properly shafted for car parts here...
  2. There's plenty of wreckers around the country, I'm sure it wouldn't be difficult to locate a clean set. Shipping it would be a right pr*ck though...
  3. It was in the bottom left hand corner on the asphalt when I was typing up my post but has somehow disappeared... I would love to get some rock sliders on there, the steps do look a little bulky. Need to see what has been done on here to get some inspiration as there are no off-the-shelf products in NZ...
  4. How many R50s is too many? Dad's, Girlfriend's and mine... Haha I need to put my running boards back on soon too.
  5. Keen to see where you will be mounting them exactly!
  6. Awesome to read all these positive replies. Looks like everything is falling into place nicely for you!
  7. Looking forward to see how the 2" spring lift goes along with the Bilstein shocks.
  8. Hey mate, you might be sorted now but I've just landed on a gold mine a few days ago. Megazip.net. It's super handy to locate OEM part numbers for our Terranos. This link might be handy to you, it'll show you the assembly of your HID headlights along with the OEM part numbers. You can then use google to find alternate buying options. Megazip seems to be alright though, I've just bought 4x OEM strut bearings from them and they've turned up without any issues. On another note, we should meet up and talk Terrano stuff!
  9. Hey guys, Out of curiosity, how much do you pay for your strut bearings from your Nissan dealer? I've went and checked it out here in NZ and they cost around US$75, each... Is that similar to what you would pay?
  10. That sounds rewarding man. All those calcs and research are paying off! I'd be keen to know what you've spent in NZD to get your ride handling like a new vehicle again... At the moment I'm rocking Fleury's 2" spacers both front and rear, (oldish) KYB Struts up front and some black shocks at the back (possibly KYBs as well). They were all on the car when I bought it. It handles alright at the moment, just bottoms out if the road dips sharply when I have passengers plus ski gear in the back. I've just purchased a pair of unused standard length H/D Cobra springs on Trademe for NZ$160. Keen to see how the ride will handle after we put them in. Where do you recommend getting new shocks/struts from? Local or overseas? Do all these bushes you've replaced make a big difference? If you have some links for them, I'd be keen to check them out. The only bushes I've replaced on my previous Terrano were trailing arm bushes, I got them from the dealership. They weren't cheap but definitely stopped the 'death wobble' haha.
  11. Keen to follow the progress you make with this truck. Did you end up doing anything to the engine in the end? Final question, what sort of mileage do you get from a tank with your QD32?
  12. Nice man, what are you running suspension wise? QD32, TD27 or petrol engine?
  13. Fair enough. No obvious fix for it other than covering it with black marker pen haha. Mine's pretty random, comes on during my drive to work ~15 mins sometimes and on longer drives it comes on much later. I'd be keen to find out what sensor actually activates it... Now another question for the R50 community: Coils. I think mine are still stock. They are great when I'm alone driving everyday. But as soon as I have another 3 people in the car + ski gear, the car does seem to sag a little. More importantly, the bump stops get smashed pretty hard when the angle of the road changes abruptly (not common but there's 2-3 bad spots on the way to the mountain). I was looking at possibly replacing all 4 of my coils and my question was, do you recommend going with Heavy duty coils (Hard I imagine) or standards (Medium)? If so, where on the vehicle (front, back or both)? In terms of ride comfort, I'm not sure how my everyday drive will be affected so I'm keen to get some input from everyone. I am also running the spacer kit from SFcreations, so will only be looking at stock length coils.
  14. Hey man, what spacer kit are you looking at using? I did a fair bit of research before actually going ahead with the lift, but most of the information was very vague. All I got from it was that Suspension lift (up to 50mm) = no cert required and Body lift = cert required. So I rang up the guy who does certs in Christchurch and asked him which category the spacer lift fell into. Suspension lift was his answer. Went for a WOF (not at VTNZ) not long ago and there were no issues nor comments made about them, so it's fair to assume that it's all legit. What shocks are you running in the rear by the way? To the Warn manual hubs users, do you guys still get the 4WD light flashing orange on your dashboard? From all the browsing and reading, I never managed to see if there was a fix for it...
  15. Beware of the ZD30 engines which tend to crap themselves and cost a fortune to fix. TD27 and QD32 engines are the preferred ones here in New Zealand.

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