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  1. Hey mate, 31s should fit with the stock suspension setup. Had them on both my previous and current R50s. Looks like the Regulus you're looking at has 16" rims so you'll need to get the equivalent of 31s as they're only available for 15" rims. In terms of suspension changes between models, I think they only change between the 96-99 and 00-04 was the orientation of the rear shock mount. The others will correct me if I'm wrong though.
  2. Those 9449's will surely give you a decent amount of rake even if you get true 2" lift front coils. Keen to see the outcome though. Could you please measure the uncompressed length of the Pedders coils when you get them? As well as the coil thickness.
  3. Keen to see how you go with pedders mate. I recently went with some EFS front coils but I reckon they don't quite provide a true 2" lift... I've also heard from KiwiTerrano that his cobra springs sagged after not too long...
  4. I re-used mine even though it was split. On another note, keep up the photo updates, they're great!
  5. I had a look to see how much shipping the AC Coils to NZ would be, the total cost was 500+ USD... I don't think I'll ever be able to justify that purchase. I'm sure if they had a reseller here they would be selling a few, quite a few R50s on our roads still.
  6. Classy looking ride, what size tyres are you running by the way?
  7. Those Falken Wildpeaks look beastly! Do you have any any spacers up front or just the AC coils? Any weight in the boot? There looks to be very little rake and I'm jealous haha!
  8. I got the struts from Rockauto, coils from Australia and the strut mount assembly from Japan and all were shipped to NZ as parts are way overpriced here. Below is the breakdown of what I paid in NZ$ including the OEM part numbers for the strut mount parts, note that the strut bearings aren't on this list as I had purchased them earlier. So should be a lot cheaper for you since your dollar is stronger and OEM parts are cheaper in the states. Hope this helps!
  9. I just bit the bullet and replaced the whole strut mount assembly with OEM parts, well worth it.
  10. Hey @KiwiTerrano, do you still happen to have the photos of these recovery hooks? If so could you please upload them again? I'm keen to look at fabricating some but I'm a visual kinda person haha. I'm sure others would benefit from seeing them too!
  11. Niggly wait... But it will all be worth it, that bumper looks good on both R51 & R50 pathfinders! Only issue with the diesel R50's is the location of the intercooler and washer bottles/pump... You getting it from Opposite Lock? You'll probably need to certify the lift kit since it's greater than 2", keen to see what he says though.
  12. Looking forward to seeing that installed. What's the ETA with lockdown and all?
  13. Check your front sway bar bushes. I had some clunking which was driving me insane and it disappeared after replacing the shot stock bushes with some Nolathane ones! Cheap and easy.

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