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  1. thats what i thought too or like my best guess is thye dont want to replace it so they are jsut coming up with things to say its my fault. plus i would think sicne its been in the truck a year if it was put in wrong or what ever i would have seen or heard before now
  2. so i have a 1994 se pathfinder shes dead jim very dead well not true she runs just does not drive. so last year got a new transmission for her. put it in no problem. not in march the line blew off had that fixed. next thing that happened was the pan gasket went on the transmission. they fixed for free under warranty. now here we are that was in augst i had the pan gasket done the transmission came with a 100k 3 year warranty. so now here we are the transmission is dead the reason is they tell me is that the a few bell housing bolts loosed up and that cause the trany to shifted and made the pump hit the torch converter so because the bolts were loss they wont fix it. now its been a long time since i have worked on a car but my question is that even possible. i mean i know that the trany is bolted to a cross member and to the motor they also claimed that the skid plate bolts that were missing cause it too. so the question is can loose bell housing bolts really cause that. and if any oen on here knows this really well any one want come look at mine and see what they think. i am in bothell

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