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  1. I'v seen some pretty sweet spay can camo paint jobs that look good at least they look good on utube lol
  2. your skid plates look great and your how to vid's are a big help I wish I would have seen your lift kit vid's before I bought mine threading the spacers is a very smart idea I will be ordering a set of your skid plates soon
  3. your how to vid's are great for a screw driver mechanic like me they help a lot and I will be getting a set of those skid plates soon I wish I would have seen your lift kits before I bought mine the way you threaded the spacer is fantastic I had a heck of a time putting my pathy back together alone if I had your spacers it would have made it so much easyer cant wait to see what you make next
  4. your trout finder looks great, I really like it. I just got my 2002 pathy 2 weeks ago anjd plan to do some upgrades soon. But your's looks swicked very cool, I'll be happy if I can get mine lifted a bit 2 or 2.5" and mabee get some skidd plates to protect the bottom. I don't want to smash something on a rock way out in the middle of nowere lol. take it easy and keep the shiny side up.
  5. i had a traxxas slash 4x4 with 3 cell lypo battery it went like wow fast crazy fast but the more power you put to them the more they break and were i live finding good spots to use them can be hard to find slash isn't the best for racing but for rippin around and taking a beatin they work well i used to take mine to the skate park and put it in the bowl got some big air lots of fun but it not to cheap if you break it all the time like i did
  6. bill7

    lift or level kit?

    its all about da lift da lift da lift and level I want to lift my 2002 pathy chilkoot but dont have a ton of money and I'm having no luck finding parts from in town parts dealers so befor i install something I wont be happy with I thought I would ask for some advice first. how high and and what to use in an running 31" tires bf good wrench mud&snow ta,s right now the fronts rub if i turn to sharp backing up and well the pasthy looks like something a grandma would drive with out any lift in it i want it to be cool coolcoolcool
  7. I'm in Campbell river, I did live on salt spring form 2001 until 2006 I live on a 25' boat in ganges marina. maybe I will get back there in a few moths and drag Tom Towingbee up mount paul in my 2002pathfinder chilkoot edition I just bought it a few days ago and I'm very happy with it the guy I bought it from rebuilt the suspention to make sure it was safe for his wife and kids. it drives well and feels great no rust or dents. I plan to re wire the headlights with relays for low&high beam and get those light nice and bright the way they should be. and install a 2.5" leveling kit in the front [spring spacer] and see it I can get the 31" tires to stop rubbing on the front inner fenders I don't want to cut them but I will if I have to, It rubs when backing up if I turn to sharp makes a rude noise and chews up the front inner fender . nice to have this npora lots of good info ant tips.
  8. What about useing different rims would toyota rims work insted of useing spacers

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