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    Its a 1998 nissan pathfinder chilkoot with a 3 inch suspension lift kit with 33 inch tires and wheel spacers. It also has some crazy offset. The tires stick out 4 inches past the fender flares. It also has a light bar in the bumper, a cb radio and a offroad jack mounted in the roof rack.
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    Beer,Girls, Pathfinder, Big ass tires, beer, Mud, Hooning in the snow, and beer.

    I like beer.
  1. In case anyone is interested in how it went, I successfully swapped out the struts for stock ones using the lift springs. Works perfectly and I am quite happy with the results.
  2. Ok. Good to know. I'll order up some new struts today then
  3. So would you suggest buying a new strut assembly (or two) and putting in the larger spring that is currently on my current strut on the new one? This is what I have been considering as my main option, but I'm not 100% sure that is best as the suspension will be limited to how far it can travel. Thanks for the suggestion though. Ideally, I would like to avoid using coil spacers.
  4. So recently my Pathfinder had been making some noise in the front right suspension, and I just found out today that is is being caused by a blown strut. Now of course my pathfinder has a suspension lift on it meaning that the strut is 2 inches bigger that stock. So my question for anyone who knows is, where can i get a replacement lifted strut? I am not sure if a lifted one from a newer pathfinder will fit. I'm also not sure if the strut is maybe out of a different model like a Xterra or something similar, or even if it is a factory strut with just a bigger spring?? Point being I don't really know what the strut is. All i know is that its 2 inches bigger than stock and that its blown. If anyone has any advice on how to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. Just as an update, I did tighten up the cables and there is no longer any slack in the pedal. Any pressure applied to the pedal now gives the engine throttle, as well I find that the cruise control actually is more responsive and accurate. Definetley would recommend tightening up these cables on your pathfinder if you haven't done it already
  6. On my 1998 Pathfiner r50, I noticed that the throttle cable was loose and wanted to tighten it up, only problem is, there's another cable attached to the throttle body. I assume this cable is for the cruise control. I would like to tighten up both of these cables in order to achieve better pedal response, but I am unsure whether I will mess up the cruise control. So question being, am I able to tighten up both these cables and not mess up the cruise control in any way, or if I do this will my cruise control no longer work properly? The image included shows the cables I am referring to. Keep in mind, this is not my engine. Its an image I found online, but it is the same engine as mine and has the same throttle cable.
  7. In my vehicle I have some mad belt squeak and its starting to get annoying. After a bit of research I determined that I don't have enough tension on the belts. Knowing this I looked under the hood and sure enough there pretty loose. I also noticed that there is not automatic belt tensioner's. So with this in mind, How can i adjust the tension on my belts? If anyone knows, that'd be helpful. Visual aids would also be helpful.
  8. I checked it out. The trail does look really easy compared to some I've done, but it looks like it could be fun.
  9. Sounds pretty good. Ill look through that and let you know how it goes when i do it here in the next couple of weeks
  10. I am soon to be replacing inner and outer tie rods as well as ball joints on my pathfinder and am in need of some torque specs. I am unable to find them anywhere and was wondering if anyone knows them from experience, or knows a source where I could find them. Any information on the topic is helpful. Also, if anyone has any tips or tricks on doing this procedure, it would be helpful.
  11. I personally bought a 24 inch light bar that is mounted in my bumper for 75$ on amazon and I've go no complaints. I also got a wiring harness for 18$ which did need a bit of modification. Honestly though for 75$ you cant go too wrong. Compared to price of some other ones I've seen out there, I could buy 6 of these for the same price. Here's a pictures of mine
  12. Thanks for the help. I'll look around.
  13. I have a 1998 r50 and I am looking to upgrade the skid plate. The stock stock skid plate just isn't cutting it for me and I was wondering if anyone has gone so far as to replace it. If anyone has, do they know ​where I can buy one? If not has anyone made one before? And if they have, how'd you do it? The more information the better.
  14. That's helpful. I'll look into it. Thanks

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