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  1. What kind of paint did you use for this project. I've been contemplating doing something like this for some time, but haven't pulled that trigger yet.
  2. gamellott

    Puddle on floor, leaking window seal

    I've got the same problem with my rear window. Do you have any part numbers that you can recommend for fitment??
  3. I wouldn't mind seeing the schematic for the timer itself. If I'm thinking of a component level repair, I'll need it so I can figure out how the circuit works and assist in what to replace if necessary. I would guess that there's a 2 page tech manual on how it works somewhere.... But, as you mention, check to make sure that the switch is good as well.
  4. gamellott

    Other Nissan's with swappable interior parts?

    I had a friend tell me that he put WD22 seats into one of his D21. As I understand it, they bolted right in.... Time for me to start looking....
  5. I'm with ya, I don't think the motor is bad. I managed to do a little more research after I posted this and I managed to figure out where the timer was (The Tan Box you mention, that's no longer available from Nissan). I managed to take the timer apart today; No burned resistors or blown capacitors. There is a solid state transistor on it that might be failing. I'm pretty sure that's the culprit, but it's not like I can swap it out with a known good one from the dealer. I'll have to take apart the steering column in order to see if the variable speed control has a bad rheostat, and that's about to fall apart and I'm not so excited to tear into that just yet.... Off to figure out other electrical issues...
  6. gamellott

    transmission swap

    If they're anything like the MT, I don't believe that the transfer case will bolt up to the transmission. The output shaft on the transmission is likely different... But I'm not 100% However.... If you're going to make yours from a 4WD into a 2WD, No biggie. I would keep the drive shaft from the donor in case they're different.
  7. gamellott

    oem Parts Timing Belt

    I've had no issues going with a Gates Timing belt. Having sold Auto Parts in the past, that's what I would recommend. You get what you pay for in that department. When I did that, I goobered up my crankshaft sprocket when I was replacing the seal; I didn't care for the aftermarket pulleys available, so I went to Nissan for that. Some aftermarket parts aren't worth the powder to blow them up, but some are just as good and cheaper than OEM. If you go aftermarket, frequently, what's in the box isn't exactly what is shown in a picture and you're better off going to the store to see what you're getting before you pay for it.
  8. Well... As the subject states, the wipers are random when intermittent. When I initially put it in that position, it does nothing for a few seconds and it may or may not start working, where it used to start right up. It works fine in the other 2 positions. I would think I had "Auto" wipers like in my wife's new beast, but NO!! Has anyone had any experience troubleshooting this in the past or is it just a matter of swapping out the motor? I have done a little bit of looking around and I see where there is some kind of Wiper Amplifier somewhere in the back. Is that something that affects this or is it another random part on the chassis that no one messes with?
  9. gamellott

    water pump leak

    Yea, I'm with Citron. Fix it before you wind up on the side of the road with warped heads. Something else, the thermostat housing is close to the water pump. You could have developed a leak around there that could appear to be from the water pump. Just worth a good stare to see if you can see where it's coming from.
  10. gamellott

    ABS Light Lit

    I didn't know there was any diagnostic for that system. Good to know. I'll see what I can find because it's clearly affecting the hydraulics on mine, even if it is minimal. I'll have to make time to work on this because it's fairly low on my priorities, but I'm getting closer to being able to work on mechanical things vice construction around the house I tend to agree with you on the connector and moisture relation, but now, as discussed, it's turning a tad different than what it was. Before, it was just the light; Now, it's a little more. I'll start tearing into it sometime..... when I make time after it kills me
  11. gamellott

    ABS Light Lit

    The light started lighting intermittently several months ago and it seemed to be when it's wet out. I can clear the light if I turn off the ignition and turn it back on. NOW, that has changed. Under light braking, intermittently, the brake pedal will will feel like it clicks once, pedal resistance goes down and it decelerates less, like something in the hydraulics triggered something and it's braking less. With that recent change, I'm now under the better impression that it's the modulator attached to the frame. Has anyone else experienced this and what was your remedy? I don't really want to spend a crap ton of money to replace the controller, sensor and computer...
  12. Hmmm. It's been a while since I replaced mine. I Youtubed how to get it out after trying, to no avail, to get it out without prying it past the fender. Turns out I had to unmount the idler arm to pull it out the front. Aside from that, it was pretty simple, But mine is a Manual, not an auto magical hydraulic pump.
  13. gamellott

    Timing Belt Broke

    That's why I said 90% Even then, MOST can be avoided if you're paying attention to what other people are doing around you and put yourself at a good enough distance to react That lady that got hit by a tree on the interstate in Seattle a couple of weeks ago was clearly a wrong place at the wrong time scenario.
  14. gamellott

    Timing Belt Broke

    I hold the opinion that 90% of the time No. 1 is preventable as well as long as you're not being a complete Fartwaffle when driving.
  15. gamellott

    Different side mirrors

    I'm pretty sure that the mirrors between the D21 and WD21 are the same, if not the same/similar dimensions. My wife has had the new vehicles and they all have larger mirrors that seem to be positioned higher which create, IMHO, HUGE blind spots in front of you, that the Pathfinder never has. I would rather sacrifice poorer visibility behind me than in front of me. I find myself moving my body around trying to see around the mirrors because I can't see what's behind them. Newer is not always better.

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