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    92 se with a mere 255,000 miles. Stock. VG30E with manual transmission. Bought in spring of 2016. Pulled all the nasty carpet out and rhino lined the inside. Many upgrades planned.
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  1. Citron

    New Thread Test

    Okay, another question. Is there a way to turn off email notification when you receive messages? On my settings page it is grayed out. I visit often enough that I don't need email, the in forum notification is enough.
  2. Citron

    New Thread Test

    You Sir, are a scholar and a gentleman. Thanks for the tip, works great.
  3. Citron

    New Thread Test

    On mobile, it no longer takes me to the new comments when I click on a thread in the new content section. It always starts me at the beginning of the thread. Didn't catch that on the test because there were never enough comments to have multiple pages.
  4. Citron

    mjotrainbrain's Build Thread

    Good luck with the yota. I may be following you soon, still debating. At least with your new rig, the aftermarket is a little more robust.
  5. Citron

    New Thread Test

    Things seem to be working on my end.
  6. Since you have had no response, I will take a stab at it. I don't know the particulars of that engine, but the serpentine belt will have a tensioner on it somewhere. If you can locate that, then put a socket and breaker bar on the pulley bolt head and push it away from the belt to reduce belt tension. Hold the breaker there while popping the belt off with the other hand.
  7. Citron

    Ecu issues

    They will read all of the obdII codes, which should be all of the check engine lights. What the won't read is the manufacturer specific codes, which usually relate to manufacturer specific equipment.
  8. Citron

    Ecu issues

    For $25 buy a code reader.
  9. I had one with a mild turbo and it was still pretty gutless.
  10. Stock the 3.8 is pretty gutless. You would definitely need to take advantage of the aftermarket. I have always wanted to see a Ford 300 straight six put in a pathy. Talk about low rpm torque.
  11. Citron

    astrorami’s build thread

    Sounds like a good excuse to buy a cnc table.
  12. Citron

    Thank You!

  13. Citron

    Manual HVAC/Blower Motor Issues

    First step to electrical work is to buy a multi meter. You could test for voltage at the blower on hi setting, then work your way back until you find voltage. Then you would know which component was fried.
  14. Citron

    Rock sliders

    Yet another reason not to live in Canada.

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