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  1. Do you see anything out of place under the valve covers? I think in certain positions the cam gear will move slightly. Is there always play or can you turn everything and the play goes away? If there’s always play then something is possibly missing from the lifter assembly. Or the whole thing might be loose or something. I’d take a look under the valve covers and see where that play is coming from.
  2. R50 in the front WD21 in the back [emoji2962]
  3. That is awesome!! Lol that’s exactly how I treat mine hahaha
  4. That is a powerhouse amp and that sub looks beefier than a cow. What kind of box did you put it in? What frequency is it tuned at if it’s vented?? You’re going to need 0AWG wire for that amp. Check craigslist for used welding cable. You can find it sometimes with the jacket damaged for super cheap and since you’re just running 14V thru it you can fix it with electrical tape. Sometimes you can find nice runs of big wire at scrap metal places and if you ask the right person they’ll sell it to you. Upload a video to YouTube so we can see your truck flex and the sub excursion!
  5. Nissan Skyline Station Wagon
  6. Yeah, it’s true here also.. an immaculate 90’s model LC is $12-25K. You can find them that have been poorly taken care of for muuuuch less. I see them for $5000 often here in Georgia advertised as needing TLC and having 300K+ miles. I bet you can get a fair engine with the transmission attached for under $10K. I guess any way you look at it, it’s going to be a large investment of time and money.. It’s just a dream of mine and I admire those who are walking in that dream.
  7. My wife’s GX470 is a beast in fine clothes. My poor little 3.3 is far outdone by her V8, however I did tow 4700lbs the other day, buuuuuut it dealt the final blow to my suspension. Anyway I can vouch for the V8 4Runner/GX470, they’re awesome. But, if you’re going to buy a new rig and you’re looking at all option, you may consider a 1997 Toyota Land Cruiser. It’s the last year they put solid front axels in them and they last a long time, granted you should look for one that’s already had it’s mid life head gasket job done. Or better yet look for one with a blown head gasket and slap some MLS gaskets on there. Good luck man
  8. There is a self diagnosis function you should probably do. Do you have a FSM for your model?
  9. It wouldn’t be so bad if you didn’t have to rub your hands and arms all over that fiberglass on the firewall. It’s just the worst. I mean you’re stretched out with something poking you at all times while reaching into a very small space which you can barely see into and if you drop anything you have to slink down and crawl around under the truck in all the leaking fluids until you find it before you climb back to your awkward hurtful position to continue embedding fiberglass into your skin. I will say that it wouldn’t be quite as bad if you use the constant tension clamps that are on there originally... perhaps I shouldn’t have put worn gear clamps on there.
  10. “Rebuilt” passenger caliper which was really just replacing all the soft parts.. it’s going to be nice not having to add brake fluid every 12 hours!

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