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  1. onespiritbrain

    Mystery Noise Under Hood

    I’m thinking it’s probably what Slartibartfast said then
  2. onespiritbrain

    Mystery Noise Under Hood

    Like this?
  3. onespiritbrain

    Mystery Noise Under Hood

    I bet what Slart said is more likely than what I’m about to say but from time to time when I shut off my engine after running the AC the low and high side will equalize and sometimes it makes a sound just like those little paper party blow horns that roll out like you’d see at a kids birthday party.
  4. onespiritbrain

    Upper Intake Press Fit Coolant Fitting VG33

    Boy.. that upper intake is a gigantic, huge, major pain, it’s enough to drive a man insane. I won’t rant.. but I am very displeased. Anyway, success! I was able to cut some threads into the hole left behind after I knocked the warped fitting out. The only tap I had at the shop was a 1/2 bspp which doesn’t have a taper but I used some high quality tape and I feel pretty confident it’ll hold up. Here’s pics :]
  5. onespiritbrain

    Mystery Noise Under Hood

    Were you running your A/C or defrost?
  6. onespiritbrain

    Upper Intake Press Fit Coolant Fitting VG33

    I think I’m going to try to pipe tap the hole to whatever’s closest 3/8 or 1/2 and slap a barbed fitting in there. Pictures and results tomorrow..
  7. Hey guys, I must have tweaked the fitting in the pictures below while I was tightening the big EGR flange nut. It’s leaking now and it looks like I’m going to have to replace the entire upper intake manifold...... I was wondering if anyone has dealt with this issue before and if it’s possible to heat that area up and knock a new fitting in? Also I am going to try and knock the current fitting back in place however I fear it will only worsen the leak. Any help or suggestion is greatly appreciated. Really don’t want to go to the junk yard for a whole new intake(my other intake has broken vacuum lines and that same fitting is warped)
  8. onespiritbrain

    Early sign of blown head gasket?

    Yeah I think it looks good haha I do think the brown coating it from running non-synthetic oil though. Not a particularly bad thing but an effect of dino oil for sure. With my old engine I only used havoline 10w30 dino oil and my cap looked just like that but worse. Dry looking light brown coating that could be scraped off into a powder. This is what a BHG looks like:
  9. onespiritbrain

    mjotrainbrain's Forbidden Build Thread

    Lol love the name of this thread Also I’m all for this build thread. You can take the Nissan away from the man but you can never take the Nissan out of him! Really though it’s the people of this forum that make it what it is and the way we treat each other. For instance, most places you can’t ask a freakin question without someone chastising you about using the search button. I swear, this forum is 50%(my entire suspension is in a mountain of boxes waiting to be replaced and I have to buy a shop press freakin never ends or it’s more like 25%) of why I like owning a Pathfinder. Anyway said all that to say that you’ve proved yourself a true part of this group of people and I’m excited to see your new venture!
  10. onespiritbrain

    Another new forum game - 2 words

    Sheet music
  11. onespiritbrain

    Replacing Head and Valve Cover Gaskets

    I don’t know about the VQ but I did head gaskets on my VG and it sucked. If I could go back I’d have just put some blue devil in it and drove it till it died. They say the HG sealer products, especially blue devil, work very well with seeping HGs or HG failures that are not very bad yet.. If you’re not a dumba$$ like me and manage not to destroy you’re transmission then you might just have a great time, even a fun time, doing the HGs. The thing was, for me at least, when I got into the heads I found that my cams and heads themselves were badly worn causing me to have to find replacements. Luckily I had a spare engine that I destroyed the year prior, did I mention I’m a dumba$$? Another thing for me was that every valve needed to be lapped something fierce and it was all more than I bargained for. You can do it, for sure.. but if you can find a nice junk yard motor for cheap it’ll be WAY easier to just swap it in. However I will admit having put this much work into my motor makes me love my vehicle even more.. Last thing, you are right to do this sort of thing while you’re off work. I had a huge project going on during my HG job and I about lost my mind between the two..
  12. onespiritbrain

    time for a new FORUM GAME

  13. onespiritbrain

    Another new forum game - 2 words

    Lucid dream
  14. onespiritbrain

    Another new forum game - 2 words

    Live on
  15. onespiritbrain

    time for a new FORUM GAME


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