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  1. We definitely need to go fishing man. My father-in-law’s cousin lives on Cedar Creek (see pic) and said that when they built Cedar Creek they made large underwater structures in certain places. Supposedly that’s where all the fish are and he is going to show me and my father-in-law where they’re at, then we can go catch some monsters!!! I actually moved a little further north [emoji23]
  2. It really is strange that 10w30 caused all kinds of valve train noise but 5w30 did not since 15w40 silenced the noise even further... I went to bobistheoilguy to inquire about how that is possible and was told that many times 5w30 is actually a thicker oil because they select on the thicker side of 30 base oils (30SAE has a range that is still considered a 30 oil) to mix with the viscosity modifiers used to make it a 5w. It was a great thread that eventually got deleted because one of the OG members had a nervous breakdown, thought I was a returning member who had previously been banned, and dug up my dad’s obituary as proof that I couldn’t be who I said I was... (he didn’t know that I am a Jr.) really a pretentious group of OG members.
  3. I was running low on oil in my 3.3 so I added one quart of 15w40 instead of 5w30 and my valve train noise disappeared... should have done this a long time ago.
  4. I havent been on here in a while and I thought i'd make a life/vehicle situation update. My best friend's Grandpa died in 2010 and his Granny has been driving the old mans truck (2003 Ford F-150 King Ranch 4x2 with the SOHC 2valve 5.4L Triton V8) ever since, basically as a grocery getter and doctor office transport. Well she is at the point where she has to have a chauffeur and so the truck has been sitting. They tried to drive it one day and the battery had died so she decided to sell it. I bought the truck @ 138,000 miles for $5,000. She told me that it was meticulously taken care of with dealership oil changes every 2500 miles since birth. I got a flipping deal... Looked inside the oil cap and theres not even a hint of varnish anywhere in sight. It drives incredibly well too, just the epitome of a blessing really. The cowhide leather is in good condition, no tears or anything! Literally one of those vehicles that an old couple took very good care of. In addition to the truck I also bought a house, no more renting! No more white walls!! And if that wasnt enough I also landed a new job getting paid correctly for what I do and with a real, funded, and staffed maintenance department. None of these things, I mean not one of them; the vehicle, the house, or the job could I have attained without supernatural help. The way everything came to be was legitimately miraculous.. or incredibly lucky... and someone came out of the blue and helped me on the down payment for the house...... which was a large sum of money...... I assure you, I have not been good enough to anyone ever (and really have mostly been the opposite of good to those closest to me) to deserve what has been done and it can only be explained by love from a higher place than this earth. Things fell into place that had to be set in motion long before I even asked or knew to ask for them. The Lord really is there, and He really does love us. So, the QX4 will now be my toy!!! Yay! I get to love my Nissan again lol! The engine needs to be replaced. The heads are absolutely trashed and the rods/mains are worn pretty severely (slight knocking at certain RPM has begun). I plan to replace the engine at some point and possibly stick a manual transmission in it. Then it will be driven every time I go fishing, which I hope starts to be more frequent than recently as I haven't been but one time this year and didnt catch anything. I will put 15w40 in it next to see how the knocking reacts. Anyway I miss getting on here and I hope to at some point contribute more content in the form of another engine replacement and also a auto/manual trans swap.
  5. I was just driving down the road, on the way back to my job with a smile on my face, and THUD....engine is dead. I coast into the turning lane and put it in park. Attempts to crank the engine all fail...the engine turns over and sounds completely normal but just will not crank! I get out and look under the hood for some time and cant locate a single thing that might be wrong. After sitting there a while and debating whether to walk back or call someone (just started a new job and didnt want them to think I suck at fixing things...if only they saw my transmission blunder hahahaha) I remembered that I have the OBDii scanner and so I ran a scan. "P1320 Primary Ignition Signal Fault" was the code.. After researching for a little while I settled on the coil pack inside the distributor. Damn! I work in the middle of Lawrenceville GA on highway 20 and there's a ton of traffic... I waited for a break in traffic far off in the distance and started pushing as hard as I could and when the break got to where I was I jerked the wheel and made it across the lanes into a small African produce store. I went inside the store and the kindest old African man not only let me leave my car in front of his store but also insisted on helping me fix the issue. The part wouldn't be there until much later that evening so I thanked him and walked back to work. A month or so prior my best friend and I went to a junkyard we found in the middle of Jefferson GA and I just so happened to find a pristine factory OEM Nissan distributor on a QX4 that just so happened to also have the rear wing that I'd been searching for since the beginning of this thread! I had my wife bring me the part and my vehicle fired right up! Woo! Now I have a waterfall of an oil leak coming from somewhere...better not be the heads! I believe its a camshaft seal or maybe the front crank seal. We shall see...I'm adding 2-3quarts a week at this point.
  6. production on that video was on point. i hope your channel keeps growing!
  7. I don’t know that I’ve been honked at but I can say that 95% of the time when taking off from a stop that I am an inconvenience due to being slower than nearly every other vehicle out there (aside from a loaded down tractor trailer). It’s definitely a pain to drive my VG33 QX4, my wife’s GX470 has so much more power it’s like night and day. I haven’t does this... but I often imagine opening my sunroof right when I leave the house and then flipping pennies out from below the plane of view at people that ride my ass. Then when they hop out at the next stop to do something about it— well the imagination goes on but I’ll leave it here.
  8. I went to a new junkyard the day before yesterday called Encore in Jefferson GA ( @03TroutFinder ), and it has pathfinders that are not raped to the bone. I found an OEM dizzy that looks pristine, it even had the original cap/rotor (I'm saving it for when I eventually need it). I also, after at least 10 trips to other junkyards, found a rear wing. Finally I grabbed a passenger side marker to replace the one that broke when that guy crashed into me and peace offered me a mcfish sandwich at 8am in the morning... So after acquiring the above mentioned parts I went to work and performed the following: new spark plugs new spark wires new dizzy cap new dizzy rotor fixed coolant leak under throttle body installed new to me passenger side marker installed new to me rear wing Happy New Year!!! _,,..--;;:::2021:::;;--..,,_
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