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  1. Spring Break 2020 Meetup (South) https://r.tapatalk.com/shareLink?share_fid=45554&share_tid=45258&url=http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/index.php?/topic/45258-Spring-Break-2020-Meetup-%28South%29&share_type=t Welcome
  2. I got lucky pressing the tabs in with a flat head screw driver. I was not so lucky at the junk yard.. I lost my mind trying to remove the blasted thing and busted my knuckles pretty bad while I was freaking out. There’s blood all over that pathfinder lol people are going to think something bad happened in it! Mine was leaking a little all the time and began to really leak badly when you first started pressing the brake pedal and down to about half way. It made the engine start misfiring when it would leak badly and then the brakes would be extremely stiff to the point where I couldn’t stop quickly if I needed to.
  3. I’m not sure how different the WD21 and the R50 are but I forgot to put the gasket back on there and I don’t notice a difference at all. I don’t know about the spacer as I don’t think the R50 booster has any spacers. Where does the spacer go?
  4. My best friends dad is a master transmission guy and when my trans died (the first time [emoji17]) mine did that same thing, driving forward in park, and he said that the forward clutch had seized (or he may have said a different word— trashed, or broken..) and that it was toast. I found a junk yard trans for $6-700 that was literally perfect. And after I handed it’s butt to it I found another one for around the same price that’s pretty darn good also.
  5. Yes!!! B4574RD!!! Double B4574RD!!! That’s power steering fluid in the bottle BTW not pee... I’m not about that life anymore
  6. Hmmm.. with no code I think its leaning toward a fuel issue. I honestly dont know how to troubleshoot a fuel issue. Without googling it I'd say figure out a way to see if the fuel pump is actually sending fuel up front or not. May take the supply line off the fuel rail on the passenger side and hold a rag against it while someone turns the key to the on position. Or maybe you can rent some kind of fuel system test kit from Autozone.
  7. Last night one of the spring cups on my driver side drum came loose causing the drum to get smoking hot and the shoes to seize. Had to fix everything in the Kroger parking lot at 11pm in the freezing cold! Dang it!
  8. Take the distributor cap off and have someone try to crank it. Is the rotor turning?
  9. Yeah Slart is right. If the crank sprocket is clamping against the oil pump then something has happened.
  10. Seems like I remember the balancer had to be milled down for this very reason. Someone else will have to confirm but I think I remember that, in addition to the boar diameter, the mating surface had to come down also.
  11. The flood sensor is a cool idea and I’m interested to see what you come up with to get it working well.
  12. So what trails are we going to run? A great 3-4 hour run through north GA could be Dick's Creek(FSR164) to Popcorn Ridge(FSR163) to Charlies Creek and ending at Denton Branch Falls to camp. In the same area there is also Tray/Chimney Mountain and Indian Grave Gap. There is Cashes Valley Rd and Cooper Creek WMA a little further west. Then there are difficult trails like Beasly Knob and Nimblewill Gap where even Rubicons require winching. Heres a tour of the Dicks-Popcorn-Charlies-Denton run:

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