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  1. It was the damn inner wheel bearing... I took the axels out altogether while I was installing camber bolts and changing out my sway bar end links and the noise persisted. So aside from having to cut the friggin end links out I had to do the whole job over again plus a wheel bearing. I swear that bearing was fine a month ago. I think maybe I overtightened it after I repacked it. That means the other side is overtightened as well.. I have tried tightening to 80ft# then 18in# or whatever and that has never worked. I always end up with loose bearings a week or two later. Now I tighten to 80ft# and then probably 10ft# but that 10ft# was more like 30ft# that day. I guess I should loosen the other side a little bit..?
  2. I plan to do the same with a black pen if I get tired of the white letters. I kinda look like a race car and it’s funny since nothing is further from the truth!
  3. It won’t tear anything up removing that plate and driving around? If not then that’s exactly what I’ll do!
  4. A noise has revealed itself now that I have some tires that don’t howl. I thought it was just a harmonic of the howling from the tires but it’s not the case. The noise persists and sounds like the lowish hum of a persons voice. It follows wheel speed and peaks in intensity at about 50mph. It’s not the tires for sure. It’s the exact same noise that I thought was coming from the previous set. I really don’t believe it is the bearings because I just repacked them a couple weeks ago and they looked perfect and are completely solid. These CV axles are trashed though... the passenger pops like crazy in 4x4 under acceleration. The boots have been gone for years now and I just pack them with grease after it rains (or any water ingress) and at oil changes. I just put my vehicle up at the corners and ran it up to 60mph in 4x4 then I chocked each wheel to isolate each side and sure enough it’s coming from the front passenger side. Is it possible that a humming noise one might associate with a wheel bearing could come from a CV joint?? I’ve never heard of such a thing..
  5. I’m getting an alignment since I just changed inner/outer tie rods and then I’ll have some pictures. I am really happy with the look and performance (is pouring rain) as well as non existent road noise of these tires.
  6. I am going with white letters out. I’ll post pics tomorrow
  7. What do you think? White letters out or in?? I’ve got until Saturday to decide. Remember my r50 is pretty much completely black, wheels and all. My opinion is leaning toward white letters out.
  8. Nah bro you got this. So it turned over after you put the tconverter on and bolted the bellhousing to the engine?
  9. Yeah I don’t know why but Rockauto sometimes won’t display parts when you select “Infiniti QX4”. I usually check my exact vehicle first but if I don’t see the part I need then I check “Nissan Pathfinder”. https://www.rockauto.com/en/catalog/nissan,1997,pathfinder,3.3l+v6,1212051,suspension,coil+spring,7512 I got the moogs.. they were cheap and made in USA. My car drives completely different now. Taking curves, coming to a stop, and acceleration are very noticeably better.

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