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  1. Pathfinder65

    Good battery drags like a dead battery

    Sorry for the lack of updates, I've been sick and haven't had time to update what has happened. I went back to what I originally thought the problem was, the Starter, I took the starter off and had it tested. It was bad, but still under warranty so was able to replace free of charge. Once starter was replaced Pathy fired up like nothing was wrong. Too bad I couldn't get reimbursed for the headache and time I spent trying to trace down an electrical problem that didn't exist. Always trust your instincts. thanks for all the help everybody. It is much appreciated. If anybody has a link where to get a good instrument panel (Speedometer), or any parts for that matter, please let me know. V011797275
  2. Pathfinder65

    Good battery drags like a dead battery

    Only other battery is a side post, I'm really thinking it's in the starter. It's warm today so will pull the starter and see if there is anything going on there I cannot see from under the truck. Relay works fine, but starter will not turn when I cross it there. When it comes to any kind of electricity, I don't have to try hard to get a charge. I found out last time if you plug the coil wire in while leaning on the vehicle you can get a jolt. I did it twice, guess I didn't learn the first time.
  3. Pathfinder65

    Good battery drags like a dead battery

    I didn't get to work on the Pathy this weekend, was feeling under the weather a bit. As far as a weak battery, I was thinking that was the problem because of how it was acting, but it was put on a load tester and I was told the battery is good. I'm thinking there is a direct short somewhere, when I open the door I get a small static charge from the door. This didn't start until just about the time the truck began acting up. Idk if there is any correlation between the two or not, but starting to think it is. Will retrace wires tomorrow. I push started it to keep the battery charged just in case, started no problem that way, except the brake warning light stays on now. (new issue to deal with later). Going to park it on a hill so I can drive it in the morning since the heater in it works fine. Slartibartfast, crossing the wire under the clamshell only produces a click as well.
  4. Pathfinder65

    Good battery drags like a dead battery

    Pushing in on the key does not work. I'll have to wait until the weekend to take the column apart to get to the switch, only time I have free at the moment. I will keep checking back for additional suggestions and will update status as soon as I can. Electrical systems of a vehicle is not my forte, so thanks for all the help, it's much appreciated.
  5. Pathfinder65

    Good battery drags like a dead battery

    I checked the battery connections, alternator connections, and starter connections all were good with the exception of the negative cable end. I was wondering if the ignition switch could be the culprit, since it starts and runs fine when I push start it?
  6. Pathfinder65

    Good battery drags like a dead battery

    all connections were clean, negative cable was really loose, tightened it down still acts like the battery is dead
  7. Pathfinder65

    Good battery drags like a dead battery

    I thought about that last night, kinda looked over it on the side of the road, but a iPhone only gives off so much light. Besides I figures since all the lights were good and strong it was something else. I'll do that today as soon as I get back from my doctor appointment, I have a 92 Jimmy that's getting taken off the injury reserve until I get the Pathy fixed. Thanks for the suggestion
  8. Pathfinder65

    Hello from Tishomingo, Oklahoma

    Update - Link to my question http://www.nissanpathfinders.net/forum/topic/43818-good-battery-drags-like-a-dead-battery/
  9. I'm sure this has been posted somewhere, but I could not find it, I apologies in advance. The past couple days I noticed when I would start my 87 Pathy, time of day did not matter, the battery would lug down like it was about dead. Today I took it to the part store and had them check my battery and alternator. They told me the tester was showing the alternator, starter, and battery was all good. It did show the Battery had a surface charge on it, and he did not know why because that was usually a sign the alternator was bad, but that was not the case. I went to start it and it lugged all the way down to nothing. When I let off the key, he shook his head and said it may be the wires from the battery to the alternator. When I cranked it over again, the truck fired right up with out a problem, and did so the rest of the day until I tonight, I had to push start it (thank god for manual transmissions), now nothing happens when I turn it over. All electrical systems inside works fine from the Radio to the Dome light, headlights and and all outside lights come on without showing a sign of having a dead battery. I have no idea where to look first, so thank you for all the help and suggestions before hand.
  10. Hi everybody, My name is Robert, I own a 1987 Pathdriver XE 4x4 w/6-cyl. I've had it for a couple years now and have enjoyed owning it from the first day I bought it. Everybody says I paid too much for it, but it has been extremely reliable from day one and well worth it to me. I do have a problem now that I have no idea what the cause is. I will post the question in the appropriate place in the forum. Thanks for all the help in advance. I'm sure I will be surprised by the solution to this problem as I was when it came to fixing the sputtering I had last year. After replacing the fuel filter, fuel pump and distributor I found the diagnostic unit under the passenger seat and the code showed a bad Throttle Position Sensor. replace a $60 part from the local part store in about 30 min and problem was solved. At least I know all the other parts are new now, they were all original parts so would need replacing soon, and I might not have been able to affords them later (I keep telling myself that to justify spending $600 on parts that didn't fix the problem). Anyway all was good after that until today. Will update this post with a link to my question if that will be possible.
  11. Pathfinder65

    Ecu Self-diagnostics For 87-95 Pathfinder

    Thanks for the info provided in this post. I had no idea there was a unit under the passenger set. The last person who owned the vehicle put carpet over the unit and it could not be seen until I removed the front seat and pulled the carpet back. Code shows Crank Angle Sensor/Camshaft Position Sensor error (1-red, 1-green), after checking prices on the sensor, im hoping there is something else going on and it dont have to be replaced. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

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