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  1. DIMAZ

    Speed sensor

    Thank you very much! Thanks for help! Yesterday I, again, found in the manual the speed sensor - rear revolution.
  2. DIMAZ

    Speed sensor

    Hello dears! Please tell me where is the speed sensor on the transmission nissan pathfinder r50 VQ35? I can't find it, and the speedometer doesn't work because of it.
  3. DIMAZ

    SAS r50 :)

    interesting project! I wish you success
  4. DIMAZ

    SAS r50 :)

    translator incorrectly translated my question)))))))))))))) 1. this axis is from what model of car? axle from a jeep cherokee? 2. what's her gear ratio?
  5. DIMAZ

    SAS r50 :)

    What's the front axle for? what car? Interesting project. Maybe implement this at home
  6. DIMAZ

    My Pathfinder from Russia

    The usual KYB excel G + extensions
  7. DIMAZ

    My Pathfinder from Russia

    Thank you! Dictionary incorrectly translated my words)) I wanted to say-dismountable In our countries, different currencies and imported goods are expensive for us. To make the maintenance process cheaper, you have to look for other options. Better in this case in a small price.
  8. Hi guys! Let me share a little bit of my experience with the R50. Familiarity with this model I had 3 years ago, then it was a Nissan Terrano (VG33). After a short drive I decided to modify it, install hubs, SFD 5", steel protection 5 mm, wheel 33*12,5*15 ET -25. What happened in the end. I drove it for 2.5 years and sold it and took a Nissan Pathfinder (VQ35). Having left winter and with approach of heat I undertook completion of the car. Was installed SMD 6", custom rear springs, 52 cm wheel 32*11,5*15 ET -28 steel protection 5 mm converted front shocks to portable, to install cartridges.
  9. DIMAZ

    Random picture of your R50

    SFD 6" 32*11.5*15 ET -28
  10. DIMAZ

    Random picture of your R50

    SFD 6", temporary on 29 wheels
  11. DIMAZ

    Random picture of your R50

    my new car after nissan terrano. In the near future will be installed SFD +6"
  12. DIMAZ

    Subframe drop

    1 2 3 4 I'm the only one in Russia to do these sets under the order))))

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